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When I was in high school I thought it would be realy funny to buy a dildo from Spencers as a gag joke. The joke was funny asf within my group of friends for like a month or so.

And then I was just a random owner of a dildo

I knew I needed to get rid of it cause I would have probably killed myself if my parents found it in my room. I knew that after school there were always a group of kids who worked out in our school gym, and they would leave their backpacks wide open in the locker room, so when everyone left I put the dildo in a random kids bag.

I honestly just wish I got to see his reaction when he got home.

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Tips om snel veel geld te verdienen!!!

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OG r/

We talked to the teacher and principal. They have been less than helpful to say the least.

There has been some back and forth via emails and visiting the school and the principal has been mostly hands off and the teacher has retaliated against our daughter.

I don't think the the specifics are super important but in the end we asked "perhaps seating be rearranged". The teacher decided to announce to the class that our daughter was "afraid" of the boy and moved her to a desk next to her desk. Like, literally next to hers, facing the rest of the class. My daughter is mortified and has said she will never tell us about anything ever again. My daughter is "safe" but at what cost? Have we taught our girl that reporting sexual is assault is not worth it? We've destroyed her trust in us and the school/teacher. The vindictive part of me almost wants to pursue the assault charges just to teach these assholes a lesson.


I died from second hand embarrassment and I'm typing this as a ghost.


I was on my lunch break and decided to go to the local supermarket to buy something quick to eat. I wear black trousers and black fleece with my yellow work logo on it and a name tag. the super market staff wear all black and green fleeces and black trousers so i can see why anyone would get confused if they arent paying full attention.

I was in the chilled aisle looking for the pre made pasta and an old lady was pushing her trolly behind a staff member who was stocking the fridge and said "Where is the butter?"and kept repeating it over and over getting more and more annoyed as the staff member wasnt aware of her. I walked past and then the woman grabbed my arm.

OW - Old Woman
B - Me


B - Sorry I don't work here, but it should be in one of these fridge aisles.

OW - You should know exactly where things are if you work here! and why is that boy ignoring me?

B - I dont work here, I work for (alteration shop)

OW - This isnt good enough. I want to speak to your manager, what your name and that boys name!

B - Look I don't work here. I've told you this a few times now. the butter should be around this aisle as the milk is right there.

I started to walk away as I had to get back to work soon so I walked in the direction of the fridge stocker.

Just then the store manager comes around the corner and starts to use sign language with the other guy stocking the fridge. Just then I turned and saw the old womans face turn bright red. Straight away she walked the other direction away from them and she even managed to find the butter around 5 feet from where she was standing.

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Hello everyone! Here was my previous post:

So, it has been about two weeks since I learned about what happened before our first date. She and another man had sex immediately before I picked her up, and something about it irked me.

While the last post was full of people just in it to mock me, a few users did post very helpful advice. Another user sent me some private messages telling me how I can get over the issue.

One thing that really resounded true with me was that I was strongly thinking about how I felt about the situation, but not about how she felt. There wasn't exactly a wedding ring on her finger when she had sex with the other man. At no point in time do I have claim over her body and her choices, especially not when we weren't even in a committed relationship yet.

I talked with her about the issue and how she felt about it, and at first she was hesitant, but eventually she opened up and told me that she was looking for some sort of connection. To be honest I felt really sad that she hadn't given me a chance to fill that role for her (not even on a physical but emotional level) before calling some guy from Tinder over, but I feel like I understand her better now. More than anything, I realized the pressing need for me to come to terms with my own issues, and the social conditioning I've had that made me borderline shame her for having sex. If she felt good, and if he felt good about the encounter, calling myself a victim for it is ridiculous and entitled.

Right now I'm looking through therapists in my area to see if I can't take a more proactive approach to my personal issues.

Thank you all for the helpful advice, even those of you who laughed at me. For anyone who cares, I'm working through it and things are looking up!

tl;dr: I've decided to work on myself instead of concentrating so much on my S/O's behavior before we were even committed.


Throwaway account, because that matters I guess.

So, I (24F) met this guy (29M) at work and we've hung out a few times at office parties. He's a super nice guy and a looker, but nobody knows what hes all about. Thats kind of what attracts me to him. Thursday he asked me out for drinks for Friday, I could tell he was wicked nervous because he kept tripping over his words and whatnot.

Anyway, last night rolls around and I meet him at the bar. I could tell he'd already had a few drinks, but he wasn't drunk, maybe a little buzzed. We get chatting and he breaks the touch barrier almost immediately. Not in a creepy way or anything though, just innocent touches on my arm or hands. After about two hours of just talking, the bar is getting noisy so we decide to go back to his place.

He has a beautiful house which I was really surprised by. A cute puppy too that makes my heart melt. But we talk in his living room for a while and after a few more drinks he starts really putting the moves on me. We kiss for a few minutes, and eventually end up in the bedroom.

This is the wicked sad part. All on his nightstand are pictures of him with some woman. Wedding photos and what look like vacation photos too. Starting to get a little creeped out, I hold the presses and ask if he's married or something. He kind of freaks out and tucks the pictures away in a drawer and tells me he's widowed. I'm taken aback because nobody knew that about him at work. He gets weird and keeps apologizing for not telling me but I tell him I'm fine. He works himself up and starts bawling. I try to comfort him, but he just tells me I should go.

I leave and my God I've never felt so bad in my life. I don't know if I should have stayed or if I did the right thing. I texted him this morning and I haven't gotten a text back, I feel so shitty. Should I go back and check on him or something? I feel really bad.

Edit: Wow I didn't know this would blow up! Thank you all for the advice!


Just happened. My father in law died two years ago. Mother in law is getting remarried today and the pastor announces that we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of “MIL” and “dead for two years FIL”. The entire church gasped. To be fair, they had been married 30+ years and the pastor knew them well and I’m sure it just rolled off the tongue.


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