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No and fuck your directed ads. and fuck you

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No. I never buy anything from ads because I don't want to incentivize the use of ads because ads suck. The bombardment of ads and humanization of brands and companies are disgusting ways to try to make more money at the cost of people's well being.

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I respect your efforts...but actually never. Usually I see ads after I've already found a shopping place and bought what I'm looking for. I've found myself conditioned to ignore ads at best, and boycott the businesses when they annoy me.

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No, shut up

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I mean reddit is great and all, but I think we can all agree fuck ads.

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I have clicked on ads but I have never spent money on anything.

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Nope. I never buy anything advertised online, i wonder why they bother since i see people usually avoid companies they see using aggressive advertising.

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Bill Clinton is a Rapist

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No ofc not. It's fucking reddit after all lol

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No. Post ads worth something. Half price stuff or better.

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Nope, advertising a thing actively makes me not want to buy that thing.

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Oh yeah everyone clicks on ads. That's why ads have a single digits response rate.

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I haven't. I've clicked on a few over the years out of interest, but it's never led to a purchase.

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No. Fuck ads and fuck capitalism.

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Nope. Generally by the time I see a targeted ad it's because I've already purchased said Item online cheaper -from a site that I've already established trust and business with. And as for all the military recruitment ads I've been seeing on Reddit, especially on Conspiracy, that's insulting as fuck.