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Netherlands faces a shortage of developers. Join Honeypot - a developer exclusive job-platform where companies apply to you. Get multiple offers.

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10 points · 1 month ago

You need to add an explanation why your system is better than the current recruiter system (where the middle-man at least tries to match appropriate profiles actively). In developer's eyes any middle-man is bad, as it raises expectations due to increased fees and the overall end result is less income for the developer him/herself.

There's a big flaw in this system as the most important advice for developers themselves is always checking at companies themselves that they're interested in. So developers don't have a need to join Honeypot.

The reason our country is now filled with probably more recruiters than actual developers is because companies are not prepared to suddenly hire more capacity in a short period and are forced to use recruiters. The most common thing every company says is "even if we want to directly hire someone, where do we even start?". Thus, they resort to recruiters because they are pretty much full-time doing just that (and they have spammed all vacancy sites so no developer nor company can get in touch with each other directly), which increases the speed of search.

What does your platform solve? Does it help companies? Probably not, the same real world competition still exists but now in a smaller scale on your platform. Does it help developers? I don't see how, we barely have to blink to get another job. Might as well go without a middle-man leeching from our salary.

17 points · 2 months ago

For better chances, apply directly to the company you are interested into, not through these websites.

source: I'm involved in the selection process of developers in a big company

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Bullshit. I have had a profile there for years, never had any response whatsoever.

It's The Netherlands.

Netherlands is like saying Unite State Murca.

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Ik zal deze mogelijkheid benutten om r/Cirkeltrek te promoten.

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My country :)

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