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Sounds like fun! I'll be doing my part :)

Edit: Got myself a brand new T800 and the first job is complete!

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I see a Volvo VNL in the memorial paint job ;)

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Nice eye! That sneaky truck's been showing up in trailers for years, but SCS employees on their stream did mention that the new mystery ATS truck is almost done aside from some remaining legal work!

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None of the truck in that skin are in the game. Near to far: Pete 379, KW T-600, Volvo, Pete 379, FLD Condo. I'm sure it's just a random group of trucks from a stock photo or one taken by SCS staff on a trip.

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But...our conspiracy theory :(

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The more sound basis for conspiracy is the continuing presence of Volvo assets buried in ATS's game files

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look at the marked region. but it's not the 2018 VNL.

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2018 VNR maybe? They've got more angular headlights than the VNLs. That grille along with the general shape of the truck screams Volvo, although it's admittedly hard to make out many details, at least on my phone.

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Why would it be? The VNL was ready for release with the game back in '16, so that's likely the model year it would be released as.

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    Same picture as when I looked. The Volvo is in the skin, not wearing it.

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    So 500.000 delivers need to be made in total, 15 each, that's 33.333 people that need to make their deliveries to complete the task. That's a lot, about 1/6th of that is usually playing the game, so it will be interesting to see if the event is really completed.

    This is cool though, makes you feel like a part of a bigger cause, like your efforts really mean something. I hope we get more events like this, possibly even with active live stats about what's going on, that would be really cool to see :)

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    Already some 45k jobs done. It seems the community is fairly determined. And since ATS is on sale right now it's the perfect time for an event.

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    If you go beyond the required personal quota, your effort will still be counted towards the community goal completion.

    Really you just need like 10k people to do 50 deliveries each to meet the goal.

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    The plush excavator is so adorable!

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    Just a few days ago I discovered the landslide and wondered why SCS would do that, making a whole (beautiful!) road completely useless. Now I know why!

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    I believe they did it because it actually happened. It did add realism to the game map, as real truckers had to avoid it. At least that's what I recall reading when it was first implemented.

    I don't think they added it solely for an event like this, but I am glad they're using it.


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    For you and /u/tgluhu, here's the blog post when they first announced its closure: http://blog.scssoft.com/2017/07/closing-part-of-californias-highway-1.html

    For the first year and a half of ATS's existence, this road was open. Honestly, this reopening feels like the end of an era, it's been so long since this road has been open and able to be driven end-to-end.

    The detour mentioned near the end of the article is the nearby stretch of US 101. That segment of road wasn't there prior to 1.28!

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    Well, you could take US 101 from San Luis Obispo (The scenery city CA 1 meets US 101 at) to Santa Cruz, but US 101 used to stop in Santa Cruz prior to 1.28

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    Indeed, and in 1.29 they added the stretch of US 101 south of San Francisco. You almost have to wonder if we'd have US 101 as a continuous stretch as early as we do now if not for the Big Sur landslide.

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    Well literally from the rescale to 1.28 you'd take the road south of San Fran and then 101 would take you all the way to Oxnard. So I'm not sure how much of a difference it made.

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    No distant limit or city limit it seems ! Yay !

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    When does this event end?

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    I was wondering that too.

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    Guess I will be trucking today :)

    Deliver 15 cargos of material and equipment either TO or FROM Big Sur Landslide on California's Highway 1

    Do you need to go through all the jobs listed to find one that goes to a certain location or is there a quick way to locate jobs that are going to a location?

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    Look for the new company called Mud Creek Slide in external contracts. It only exists at the landslide site.

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    Too bad you can't find it by search box.

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    IIRC it's tied to Santa Maria.

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    I believe the other, northern lot is tied to Santa Cruz, the other closest city.

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    This sounds class! Gonna get stuck in asap.

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    Time to get my tires dirty!

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    Is VR updated to the the big sur update?

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    Doesn't look like it. :( But I have faith that their VR Dude is on it - it's only a couple days behind the main branch.

    Thanks for all you do for us virtual truckers, VR Dude!

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    Anyone know when the event ends? Can't see a date anywhere...

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    That's what I came here to find out. Seems like a pretty vital piece of information to just leave out.

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    Sounds like it's not a date, but whenever they get to 500,000 loads completed.

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    Dang, I really should have started playing ATS already. Been playing ETS2 and bought ATS at the same time, but I get the feeling I wouldn't be able to earn a strong enough truck before this event ends.

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    Depending on your available play time you can get to level 10 and a decent truck in a rather short period of time. Just level up your long haul to 4 and then toss a star in each of the specialty skills and you'll rapidly escalate your money income. I'd say 1 or 2 days of consistent driving is plenty to get a decent truck for it.

    One quirk about the western US that ats reflects pretty well is that compared to ets2 the cities are more scattered and the roads tend to be straighter which makes long haul driving much easier.

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    I'm going to give it a shot. According to the Rock Paper Shotgun article, the event isn't going to end until we actually clear it so I probalby have time to earn up a good truck and start helping out.

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    I would also point out that if you convert the $/us gallon to euros/liter, the fuel efficiency skill is not as valuable in ats so I focus on long haul. Level 4 will cover most of the ats map at this point so 5 and 6 can be postponed until later.. New Mexico to Oregon may need 5 but it's kinda useless now

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    I love the scenic bumpy road, feels even better than Rusmap :)

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    just a question from a new trucker. is it posible to do these jobs with every truck?

    Or do i need a specific one? or just one with god damn horsepowers?