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A big hearty thank you to everybody here that contributed, commented and upvoted this campaign or shared it with others. When you step back and think about how many people’s lives were forever changed due to the kindness of strangers on the internet banding together to help them, it is pretty amazing.

We’re going to keep the campaign link in the sidebar for the time being, and will continue to encourage people seeking ways to help others to consider sponsoring a patient featured on the site. Here’s the link for those looking for it:


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i cant imagine what it would be like to be blind and then- suddenly, be able to see.. I remember a guy in the UK who went completely blind when he was a small boy, they couldnt figure out why. 50 years later, the guy is walking with his guide dog in a field, something spooks the dog and it pulled at the leash, the guy lost his balance, fell and bashed his head on a rock. when he came round, he started to see light, withing 12 hours he could see quite well, and within 24 hours almost perfectly . he didnt sleep for a couple of days because he was afraid he would loose his sight again. thats the way i remember the story anyway, i`ll see if i can find a link to it.