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And according to this comment by David Braben in his last AMA, they are looking at them:

We have been balancing our effort across many different kinds of gameplay, 'quality of life' updates, and so on. I am personally a huge fan of the science elements, and we will continue to move forwards on them. Black holes, accretion discs, exotic star types like Beta Lyrae stars, and many other elements and features are on our list for attention, in no particular order.
So yes, there are plans, but no promises as to when.

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If i had to guess this may (OR MAY NOT) have some of these implemented with the exploration changes and lighting changes in chapter 4

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It's not like Frontier can pop to the shops and get detailed information of distant stars. This sort if research takes time, translating it into gameplay takes even longer.

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Oh, I'm just giving them a hard time. Braben loves to tease.

I wouldn't mind a little more basic detail on the black holes, though. They seem so underdeveloped compared to the stars and planets. In due time, I suppose. Glad to know he's thinking about them specifically.

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I'd dig it 👍