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111 points · 5 months ago

Alaska can come too.

Where's Liberty Prime when we need one, against the Chinese invasion?

A Fallout set in Alaska would be...interesting.

Wasn't this a DLC for 3?

That actually happened (sort of)

I like to imagine in this game Hawaii suffered absolutely no effect from the war that ended the world and everyone is just super chill.

As someone who lives in hawaii, probably if they only hit the mainland.

But if any hit us, litterally 0 people would be left alive by the end of the war.

-D.W. Archer

You’ll have an unused vault that you spent your life savings on, and the game is your journey to recoup your losses. All while being the ridicule of the entire island

Can we all just agree that Fallout: Paradise would be an awesome name for a fallout game

-7 points · 5 months ago(4 children)

You know except for the part that doesnt.

1 point · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

I kinda see it with the whole "3 out of 4 syllables are the same" thing. Edit: yeah mistake pointed out, I'm leaving it.

4 out of 5, even.

Shhhhh bb it's okay

Ive actually considered a Hawaii based Fallout game before. If hawaii did survive the nuclear war depicted in Fallout, litterally all the major factions wouldnt be there. The BOS, NCR, Enclave, Legion, etc. As they all formed on the US mainland. Unless the BOS could fly across the pacific or build a ship capable of sailing most likely highly irratiated waters, there is no chance any one them would be there.

Id imagine the factions that ARE there would be very primal/native themed. There would also be some sort of millitary focused faction, considering the navy and airfoce bases we have (along with the army base). But even they might not resemble anything like the NCR.

Next would probably be the weapons. There would be the staples, just because there are military bases, but because of the native factions there would also be some primal weapons too. Bows, spears, clubs. You may also have the ability to set traps more than just land mines.

Then, the enemies. There would obviously be humans, but hawaii doesnt have alot of fauna. Bloat flies and mirelurks would turn up, but the deathclaw may be entirely absent from the game. Rad roaches would also be turning up MUCH more than in previous titles, and there could also be rad scorpions on the dry sides. One thing we do have am abundance of is birds, so maybe there would be something interesting coming from that. The same goes for fish. But most importantly, who wouldnt want to see a radiated shark mutant?

The map would also be a bit different. Where all the other fallout games take place in pretty land locked locations, Hawaii is an archipelago, or string of islands. The entire map COULD take place on just the big island (and for those who dont know, it is just called The Big Island. Its actual name is Hawaii, but it gets confusing), or they could do it on Maui, Oahu, and maybe Kuai. In doing so, there would need to be a mode of transportation to go between these islands. Boats, ships, etc, which means there would be more aquatic focused areas and locations.

Finally, the most important part: the story. Fallouts stories have usually revolved around the vaults (minus new vegas). Getting the water chip for you vault, getting the GECK from a vault, leaving the vault for the first time, and going into cryo inside a vault before emerging 200 years later. This brings up the next question of is there even a vault on hawaii? If there is, then maybe the vault could be the only true paradise in hawaii, as the rest has to deal with the wild wasteland. If there isnt one, you could be a primal explorer, in search of something to complete your trials for your tribe. These are just off the top ideas, but it could go deeper.

Thats really all I know to cover for this. One things for sure, a Fallout in Hawaii would be pretty cool. -D.W. Archer

Bloatflies are awful, worse than deathclaws. If they were about a lot id be so fucked off

Bloatflies are nasty, and ugly - especially in VR. But Deathclaws are goddamn terrifying and nearly impossible to kill unless you got a fat man handy.

Played Fallout 4 earlier today and killed 2 death claws in the glowing sea with a .50 combat sniper rifle before they could even find me. I was expecting more difficulty. Are these deathclaws weaker than others ?

Deathclaws in Fallout 4 were severely weakened compared to the ones in 3 and NV. You had to run, have a .50 cal sniper (took me literal hours to clear out the Quarry in NV with the .50 cal) with hella ammo, or have a high melee build combined with lots of chems (buffout, med x, psycho) to survive those Deathclaws.

I've been playing in VR and currently scopes for sniper rifles are not working (a patch is expected) so I can't use that trick. I can kill them would power armor and also without, but it takes effort and some tries and my best guns. In VR it's harder to do a constantly running backwards jumping over any hurdle in your way type of kiting that some people would use to fight one. Also they look scarier so there's a bit more panicking being done.

Is there vats in vr?


Yes there is, but its a bit wonky. It greatly slows time, and you can move during it using little teleport-hops. If you aim at an enemy, a limb or whatever will be targeted with a percentage chance to hit displayed and you can shoot that part of them - though the targeting of specific ones is hard as the one selected tends to change very frequently and seems to be only loosely connected to where you are aiming your gun. But you can use it to teleport close to an enemy then end VATS and give them a combat shotgun to the face. It's one of the least well implemented parts of the game in the VR port. But playing FO4 in VR is pretty damn amazing.

Hehe. Not if you have a fully upgraded XO1Power Armor and an Explosive Automatic Combat Shotgun. :D

Original Poster10 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

It would be awesome if one of the tribes you can ally yourself with has a leader who believes himself to be the reincarnation of king kamehameha who is destined to unite the island under one rule and are opposed mainly by the remnants of the old military (pearl harbor), similar to how new vegas did it.

Imagine the possibilities for questlines as well. New zealand during world war 2 had tsunami generating nukes that they almost deployed in Japan. Imagine if you stumbled upon a plot to use these devices to wipeout the locals for the enclave to set up shop

As for vaults imagine one build at the side of a volcano that runs on geothermal. With the remnants the uber wealthy types who tend to live in hawaii

I like the idea. Though a bit same-ie in some senses, its still good and fits with hawaii. -D.W. Archer

Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Are you affiliated with bethesda by any chance?

You mentioned considering a fallout hawaii

I am not, just mearly had my own thoughts and ideas. If I was though, my biggest push would be seeing the fallout universe from the oposing side of The Great War! -D.W. Archer

If I were

Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

If i was though

If i was though

If i was though

If I were

Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

If i was

there would need to be a parrothead faction.

4 points · 5 months ago

First of all at least the Enclave would be there, they of any faction would have control of the seas, their main base was an oil rig for some time.

Second Hawaii would have been the closest and most valuable target for the Chinese, its cliche but pearl harbor is still our largest base in the pacific they would have targeted it heavily.

Third, the universe Fallout is in there is no controls over the number of nuclear weapons deployable. So the idea of it is that not only is there enough nuclear weapons to hit every military target but also every civilian city over 50,000 people. It was really an apocalypse on a level we couldn't imagine. In which case hawaii would not be spared.

Third, I think Hawaii would actually be an excellent place to have a Fallout game, limited area, heavy military presence in some areas, variable environment, areas can be cut off from each other forcing you to progress in in story/level to get to them (other islands), and ofcorse its closer to chinese mainland so you can introduce that faction somehow. maybe invaders at first but once they realize the there is nothing to fight for since every government was destroyed they created a community on one island.

Could make for an interesting game.

First, I didnt know much about the Enclave so I assumed that they were like most of the rest of the factions. But they also never had a massive presence (except for 1 and 2 I think) so it would be cool to see them take a spotlight.

Second, although Hawaii would be close, in the Fallout universe the Chinese were invading through Alaska and Canada, so although it would make sense to attack Hawaii as a blind side, they were already making a push.

Third, although you are right about the possibly unlimited amount of nukes, it would only take one or two to cripple the entire state, and thats only on Oahu and Maui most likely. The Big Island, Molokai, Kuai, and the other islands would most likely be spared from a direct hit, though the radiation would still affect them especially because of the trade winds blowing it around.

Fourth, it would be VERY interesting to see a Fallout game in Hawaii. I never thought of the Chinese having a presence, but one thing that brings to mind, and correct me if im wrong, but Hawaii is basically absent from Fallout lore. Whos to say that in the universe, Hawaii was actually owned by the Chinese? Or even a third party? Another possibility is it seceded completely, possibly to stay out of the war.

Interesting game indeed. -D.W. Archer

Ive always wanted to see some story line involving a different country, the US has super mutants and vaults that fuck up their recovery whats everyone else doing?

The thing about the Fallout universe is it jumps around in timelines, the 3, NV, and 4 timelines where after the 1 and 2 timelines. in 1 and 2 basically the canon was that the enclave as a massive cohesive force was destroyed. 3 basically destroyed the last power base. A new game could could be at any point in the timeline though, so the Enclave could still be powerful, or nonexistent. Hell they could make the canon that the enclave becomes as powerful as the NCR and there is a cross pacific struggle in the game after between the two, who knows. The thing about the universe is its so rich and full of possibilities that anything is possible.

The Chinese ATTEMPTED to invade through Alaska, the US annexed Canada for security reasons so they could move troops through and access oil supplies. The Chinese where repelled but desperate times call for desperate measures i.e. nuclear war. They wouldn't have targeted Hawaii directly because they wanted to invade, but simply because it was an important strategic target considering its proximity to china and its naval capabilities.

The dramatic change in global temperatures would have probably devastated their tropical forests and agriculture. Hawaii would probably possess more shrubs and look relatively barren, if you ever played the DLC for New Vegas you'll understand that the nuclear war caused seismic and volcanic events in the Fallout universe too, so Hawaii being a volcanic island chain it might be an issue.

You and me know they will create a new fallout, and we both know it wont be Hawaii. You are right though even though we differ on how it would be presented Hawaii would be interesting, absolutely.

Is D.W. Archer somebody special or do you sign all your posts for some reason?

This is a joint account for the Blue Protocol game dev team, so I do it to identify myself. So far, only I use it, but very rarely. Hopefully within the next few months we'll have presentable content and more of the team will use it!

-D.W. Archer

Ooohhhh, cool. BlueProtocol, I think I remember seeing a thread but I don't recall. What are you making?

An indie dev game. I did post an ad to r/INAT and r/gamedevclassifieds a week ago or so.

Read the ad. I found myself excited, and I think I'm gonna go learn Unity. Knowing C++ it cannot be that bad.

One of our members learned Unreal (C++) and started learning Unity with us, and he's been breezing through. All you need is someone to show you the logic and you can get it easily!

-D.W. Archer

Suppose I'll find out in two weeks when I can get access to my computer. If it's simple, I might see about applying to help with the project. It's been a long time since I've worked on anything like that.

We already got the position filled, but dont let that stop you! Programmers are always wanted when it comes to game devs!

-D.W. Archer

I hope the game goes well.

I've been thinking about Fallout in Hawaii for a while now, too. Beach settings, city settings, island hopping. Deep sea, interior lakes, hills and volcanoes to descend into and explore. Natives struggling for independence and other military factions. A vibrant, colorful setting with an island-themed/luau style soundtrack. You could incorporate Brittish companions and lore since the islands were under Brittish protection for a time. Incorporating Asiatic influences is a no-brainer. Also, the religion is predominately Catholic which could be fun to work with its iconography and imagery. Inject massive tourism into gameplay and the possibilities for NPC's are endless.

I really like this idea.

I think Oahu would be the best choice because it has the biggest prewar city as well as pearl harbour quest potential... because pearl harbour is quite literally the source location for most of everything that has happened since 1941

I agree completely. Pearl harbor would be te new vegas of the game essentially. Though, it would be nice to throw some of the islands in there just because of the environmental oportunities. -D.W. Archer

Vault-Tec did make 122 vaults, but i doubt they bothered with Hawaii, so i imagine it'd be more homemade bomb shelter type thing

-13 points · 5 months ago(0 children)

I haven't heard about this Hawaii stuff, what's going on with it?

We had the nuke alarms go off. False alarm though


It took 40 minutes before we knew it was false

What did you do in that time??

Honestly I wasn’t to scared. I’m on the Big Island, which is out of range of a nuke if they were to boom Honolulu. But I prepared my survival supplies, before I got a call from my friend who works with Tulsi Gubbard who said it was a false alarm (about 10 minutes after) but for most people they had 50 minutes of unknowingness

Feels bad

A faulty alert was sent out to the state telling them that a ballistic missile was inbound to them and it wasn’t a drill.

7 points · 5 months ago

I bet there was at least one guy who saw that message and said "Oh Boy!", grabbed a rifle, a box of ammo, some bottles of coke, and headed to his basement to wait for the fun to start.

I was just thinking- when the end of the world does come... How long will it take for someone to start a livestream of the various footage of nuclear bombs going off around the world alongside fallout music

What happened in Hawaii?

That's what I was wondering

somehow a balistic missile warning went out over their Emergency Alert System, it even had "This isn't a drill" in it, so naturally people thought WWIII had started

I'd buy it if Obsidian were involved.

Original Poster3 points · 5 months ago

Imagine the factions man...

Tribal kings vs old military ala new vegas

Versus the descendants of Mahalo Rewards Card members

2 points · 5 months ago

I've been playing too much fucking Pokemon. I misread that as "Alola Fallout Paradise". God damnit.

That’s not true, Hawaii was fucking for 45 minutes

October is gonna be full of babies in Hawaii

Yeah I wonder how many "its the end of the world let's fuck" instances happened and what happened after. How many people did stupid shit because they thought it was the end of the world and how did that go down

Original Poster0 points · 5 months ago


I wonder if we'll ever get a non-american Fallout.

2 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Britain pls.

Intro music could be Stop the Cavalry, intro video would be a wintery, blasted London (you'd have to release around xmas, of course).

Factions could be tribes of primitive cockneys, some sort of posh absolute monarchists with a controversial claimant to the throne, and maybe some angry Scots or Vikings invading from the north?

You could call it Fallout: New England. But maybe that would be a little too ambiguous...

I vote Australia

There's already Mad Max.

Pearl Harbor 2: Electric Boogaloo

Looking back, Dead Island was pretty comfortable.

I'd play it for sure.

heck id be happy to see a fallout game that remembered there are colours other than muted browns and tans

Fallout 6 Hawaii confirmed

That would be a pretty fun game, and the soundtrack would be all Elvis

Too soon. RIP Hawaii

Hawai‘i is fine. Source: I live in Hawai‘i.

Ho fuk bra wut island? -D.W. Archer

Who is D.W Archer? Big Island

This is a joint account for my game dev team, so I do that to identify myself.

And sweet, same here! -D.W. Archer

Ahh okay, what game developer team? Honestly it wasn’t that scary because I heard within 8ish minutes that it was a false alarm, but still pretty crazy

Blue Protocol. I started the team a couple months ago, so we havent done anything major, just working on our first project.

I was a bit scared, just because I didnt know how to react. It wasnt until abour half an hour or so when it was called out to be a false alarm. -D.W. Archer

I don’t want to set the world on fire...

I would play this.


I’d play that

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