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It's not though the ocean is well defined and makes up most of the area below the horizon.

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But the ocean is not land, it's water. We require at least some speck of visible land and there's none in your shot so it's better suited for those other subs, sorry.

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Beautiful photo. Where is this taken?

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Thank you it was taken at Port Waikato in New Zealand. That's the mouth of the Waikato river down there.

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Awesome. I'm still blown away by the beauty of our country.

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Oh you're a kiwi aye? Yep our country sure makes it easy for us photographers.

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Wow. Things can get repetitive in this sub, but this is awesome. There isnt too much like it

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Thank you glad you liked it! I was helped out by the fact there is a steel mill down the bottom and whenever they dump steel in the cooling ponds it makes the sky light up magnificently.

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This was taken at Port Waikato on the west coast of New Zealand. The reason for the orange glow is because there is a steel mill near by that dumps hot steel into cooling ponds occasionally though the night.

Settings: 20" f/3.5 ISO 3200 Canon 70D

This is part of a time-lapse that is on instagram if anyone is interested.


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Even crazier! So you planned for this?