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Connie Kreski, 1969

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She is very pretty but that Shelby!

Amen to that.

January 1968 Playmate with the Shelby Mustang GT-500 she got for being selected Playmate of the Year for 1969. Unfortunately she died relatively young of a blocked carotid artery on March 21, 1995 in Beverly Hills, California at the age of 48.

Look at those nipples!

Dave Chappelle?

Wow! She’s cute!

The car is very cool.

I hope the car is in better shape than her now.

she is dead.

Point proven.

Nah just needs a new timing belt

"Do you come with the car?" "Oh you"

“Do you come with the car?” “Oh you”

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Both the gal and the car are stunning!

that is a beautiful car!

nice girl too.

Was she in the car toe business?

Headlights on for safety.

I would bleed through that white bodysuit so fast. Disaster waiting to happen

I'll take both please.

holy schnikies...

Sand Dollars....

I can't believe somebody actually painted a Shelby Cobra pink.

Factory color on mustangs till about 70ish.

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