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a moment of silence for Golf guy.................................

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LOL that ending hahaha, now that's a defeated man...

take note, once your married or in relationship with a female, your social status turns into slave. "will not LET me.."

the actual fuck?

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Most men are weak faggots

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I just wonder when she started her controlling behavior. Prior to the marriage or after?

I don't know how men allow this. It is sad. And even sadder that women engage in this behavior.

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Once the ring was on.

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That makes me sick to my stomach. Poor guy.

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More like once his name was on the dotted line...

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They always start it a few months in with me. That's when the inevitable breakup occurs.

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Marriage is just an excuse for women to act like cunts.

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when he put the ring (shackle) on.

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"will not LET me.."

Pretty much every single married guy at my work has used this phrasing at some point. Working with married people was when the harsh reality of what marriage is really like clicked for me.

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I have colleagues who basically need to submit a leave application to their wives in triplicate a week early if they want to come out for a drink or something.

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'well it's probably his own fault, he should have ditched her, this will not happen to me'

-any man who believes he found a unicorn

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He should go play golf and wait to be served, better do it now than later.

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The day after my ex and I seperated I went golfing. 18 holes no nagging wife calling me. "This isn't bad" I thought.

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How do I up ore this more than once

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I don't understand why he doesn't just leave. He clearly knows what's up.

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He's probably afraid of being divorce raped, and rightly so.

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Hint at how he said the money will go towards buying my wife new shit, it's obvious she dosent work so being alimony raped from a parasite is most likely the reason he stays married

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She doesn't let him golf. In Australia under a new law that would be domestic violence.

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It would be domestic violence for a man to say he wants to golf. And women wonder why men dare say they want rights.

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The most infuriating thing here is the whole my wife wont "let me" thing is a bluff. An act. She stamps her foot and the threat of no access to the holy vag is all it takes for some (most?) guys to fold.

She actually has no real power or strength to enforce anything - its all bluff and emotion whos influence gradually fades as she ages. But the self-imposed chains are on by this point.

Ever noticed in a social setting how other mens wives have no power over you? They henpeck their man but you seem totally immune to them?

The solution is simple - whatever you desire will have power over you. Don't desire them.

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Ugh. Reminds me about the other day when I was in line at Frys....I heard on of the workers making small talk with a customer and I guess the topic of being engaged came up. Then, the worker (clearly bluepill since he was extremely overweight and had a shit 1990 goatee that emphasized his double chin) said, "I'm married and the key is 'happy wife, happy life'."

I threw up a little in my mouth when I heard it.

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Make master happy and you'll be happy.

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Happy wife, of course, is a myth. However, it's now known by the correct term: "wife (happy or otherwise), no life"

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Yeah I always reply with:

"Nope. Happy spouse - happy house."

It take both partners into account.

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"I'm married and the key is 'happy wife, happy life'."





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You know, there is a tiny bit of truth in the phrase. But it's not what anyone thinks. A happy woman is a dominated one, one with a strong man, one who isn't wearing the pants.

But everyone means placating bullshit. So fuck that noise.

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Im convinced women love when you treat them and deal with them in an aggressive borderline sociopath esque nature, the same way they act toward men/other female.s

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There was a similar ad just yesterday on r/ funny about a guy who "had" to sell his car for very similar reasons.

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Subaru guy. A moment of silence for our fallen brethren. May they rise again like the Phoenix

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It's odd. Most guys wouldn't be friends with another guy who controlled their relationship like that, right? And aren't you supposed to "marry your best friend." It's like most men are logical thinkers right up until women.

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Pussy makes a man do crazy things

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women have vaginas

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These are fake. Usually its a scam to make people think they are getting good golf clubs for cheap

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Talk about being cucked. Jeez.

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Whole generation of untermensch.

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I don't know how many times I have to say it... never commit to a woman because shit like this is almost certain to happen. You will tire of that pussy (and not miss it) but you will never tire of your freedom (and you will miss it every single day).

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She will cut off the access to the pussy soon enough anyway.

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not sure if srs

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still sounds like he enjoys getting teated like a slave

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I doubt that's legit.

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Why is that?

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Thats not a very good answer

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I'll report to the principals office first thing Monday morning.

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No no, the principals office is for when you eat the rest of your bag of Skittles infront of the teacher, and then smile and say "mmmmm", after said teacher asked you to give up your precious candy snack.

You, my friend, should report to English class. They arent having any of that one word answer bull lol.

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Lmao, fair enough. In all honesty, I don't know shit but I am predisposed to thinking that ad is a fake made by a mgtow dude. I just think someone with that level of awareness would not be giving in. And especially not admit it so blatantly. The way people work psychologically dictates that they need to sell themselves a story to avoid cognitive dissonance- that ad does the opposite. It's a dissonance missile (if real).

There, can I go home now? Power Rangers is on soon.

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I don't understand how people's default attitude to this kind of behavior isn't "she'll get over it".

What is she going to do? Divorce you because you played golf? Not likely if you have any value as a man. Then again if the only thing you have to offer your woman is your paycheck and subservience then I can see how you'd be worried about her leaving for bucking the saddle.

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Why someone has to drop their hobby after marriage makes perfect sense. He has become a full time servant.

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I used to boo at weddings when pros would say "happy wife, happy life". Fuck that noise.

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