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Maybe it's the lighting but that doesn't look shop quality.

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nah it's really not. place was OK when it started by now, for what it is and in a city like Chicago, it's not really worth it. was super disappointed the last couple times I went.

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It's literally the only shop in Chicago that makes its own noodles daily. Their pork broth is also made with a 48 hour boil of Berkshire pork bones. I've been to every decent ramen place in Chicago and just as many outside of Chicago. There's a reason why Strings make national top ten lists. You are high.

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That ain't true, other shops in Chicago make their own noodles. What about Furious Spoon or Slurping Turtle?

I don't think making your own noodles suddenly means you're a great ramen shop. Technique is so critical; doesn't matter what your ingredients are if you execute poorly.

We can argue about what we like and dislike, this is all personal preference here, but let's be sure, making your own noodles means nothing to the quality of a ramen shop, because those noodles often have the capacity to be worse than those outsourced to a factory like Sun. Particularly in the US, where flour milling is much less sophisticated and chemicals like potassium carbonate are harder to come by at food-grade levels.

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If a bowl looking like that makes the top ten then it's a pretty sad indication of what's on offer

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That's a shitty picture and it's already been dug into. That is absolutely not what they put on the table when serving.

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Well one would hope not.

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lol if he was high, wouldn't this taste pretty great even if it was bad?

I've heard of Strings and while it's definitely a lighting thing, I think it's entirely possible to create a shitty looking bowl with a 48 hour boil and Berkshire bones. The quality of the broth is hard to discern with that much added spice.

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Again, that bowl is not what they bring to your table. From the picture you can see it's already been dug into. At Strings, your spoon and sticks are not brought out with the bowl, they're already on the table. So again, that dude is high. Probably some wannabe Chicagoan transplant from Ohio. We'll all be better off when he takes a job closer to home in Columbus.