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Aww, Bitch.

237 points · 5 months ago

Don't even trip, dog.

We got you dog

34 points · 5 months ago


Thank you bitch.

You can run...

But you cannot hide bitch !

Wait wait wait, since when did we take this guys's advice on anything?

We don't give advice we take it bitch!

Aww it's you guys

Hey yo scary t, don’t even trip about your pants, dawg.

Lol scary terry

Out there! NOT in here.

Came here for this comment

Welcome to prime time, bitch.

Ah jeez!

God damnit you beat me to it

41 points · 5 months ago


thought this was r/fallout for a moment

He needed a chem break.

they just don't get it ya know?

But his dream is to chase others in their dreams.

I thought it was kiddy-diddling. . .

That’s only in the remake. In the original he was innocent and trying to get revenge.

Incorrect, friend. Freddy was definitely not innocent in the original. “The lawyers got fat and the judge got famous but someone forgot to sign the search warrant in the right place and Freddy was free just like that” is what Nancy’s mom says. As far as kiddie diddling, also no. He was a child murderer in the original movies. They added the diddling part to make it “edgier”. Sigh.

they never say he was innocent of being a child killer at the very least. He was found innocent on a technicality and the parents took justice into their own hands by burning him in his house. The jump rope girls that sing that creepy ass song are some of his victims. Even though it`s never said outright, child molestation is heavily suggested.

Unclear what indicates that molestation was suggested heavily. In Freddy v Jason the little girl says he especially likes to kill girls, which is a possible indication but otherwise he’s just a murderer.. that is until the remake



Are there t shirts for this already? Who can I give my money to?

AND even if you go deeper I bet the guy in the costume dreamed of being an actor, so... yano, bam.

I thought something didn’t make sense about what I was seeing and reading, couldn’t put my finger on it. Thank you.

You know what Freddy could use about now? An unexpected encounter with Keanu "Cyber-Jesus" Reeves to brighten his spirits!

Who's? Keanu's not the one who should be scared...

There’s never been a better “Cyber-Jesus”. You’re now the virgin “Govinda74” who gave birth to cyber-Jesus, forgive me, I’ve been drinking

It's been hard ever since the smoothskins kicked me outta diamond city.

slav squat

Look at the back heel...imposter!

western spy exposed


Hang in there, Sharp Hand Joe!

Where did ya come from, where did ya go? I sliced kids long time ago...

If I would wake up and see Freddy smoking in front of my bed. I would do two things: piss myself and stop smoking because I would be dead

Or you just make him breakfast and tell him that you have to get ready for work.

"Aww, bitch!"

It’s never too late Freddy!

Gallagher really changed after the accident.

Eithan from h3h3 makes a cameo in that video.

Showed my wife this and she asked if he was deadpool. 😥

Slavy Krueger

He's a western spy... all slavs squat with the whole feet down!

“Why do I have to do all the chasing? Why can’t someone chase me for once?”

When they hide and don’t run, bitch

I knew i would find you all bitching here

You can't hide from me bitch!

I've seen this reposted at least 4 times. It's time to stop.

Where is this pic from, dude looks a little bit like the guy from the Kodaline "All I Want" music video, but I don't remember a scene like this tho it is possible

It's the Freddy Krueger actor (nightmare on elm street) taking a break.

3 points · 5 months ago

Robert Englund.

The long-ish nose tells me it's Englund.

I went back and double checked. Hayley’s Face was not at all symmetrical like Englund’s. It’s absolutely Englund.

Okay, thanks,I have heard of that, but never seen it.

Maybe he found out he wants to dream they dream.

Twist, that was his dream.

Does he know that smoking is bad for his ski-... nevermind.

If you hard.

Then you hard.


damn son

Ahh, dragoncon.

And what’s your dream Freddy?

World peace, u know.. doing something positive in the world..

So funny yet so deep..

The actor that plays Freddy lived in my hometown growing up. Weird seeing him getting an iced coffee at Starbucks every now and then.

Regretty Krueger

Heels in the sky, western spy.

Cyka feet must flat when do slav squat

I thought that WAS his dream.

I sympathize with this on so many levels


Freddy’s seen some shit!

I know it's supposed to be funny but that's exactly how I feel right now... at 29. It's a tough and shitty feeling starting over and sometimes feel like you cannot win. But I'm trying to keep my heads up and run.

I didn't that know he was Russian

Straight up, self.savage.

I hope you find peace.

Expecting the Fat Jewish to post this on his insta any moment.

Spent so much time reposting other people's meme I forgot to make my own.


This is such an old shitty meme

Good meme, but it's been on every meme subreddit since the beginning of 2017

This is Reposted every two weeks ...please stop, being so unoriginal for karma isn't worth it


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