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TIL one person in four is a 'supertaster', who experience the sensation of tasting more intensely. Supertasters have a high density of taste cells on their tongue, but are likely to have a distaste for beer.

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Original Poster2.0k points · 6 months ago

Relevant text from source article:

Most humans can be placed into three major categories of tasters—nontasters, tasters, and supertasters, roughly in the ratio of 25 percent: 50 percent: 25 percent.

You might think that a supertaster would have a lot of fun eating and drinking, but it’s more like the opposite. Because supertasters experience tastes more intensely than nontasters and tasters, the effects of different tastes detected by tongues of supertasters are amplified relative to the nontasters and tasters.

Supertasters find beer incredibly bitter, so much so that they will avoid drinking hoppy beers like IPAs and will not be too terribly enamored of even mildly hopped beers, like most lagers.

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This makes me think I’m a supertaster. How does one check? Although I am not one who tastes soap in cilantro, I fucking love cilantro.

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Because apparently no one wants to answer your question:

The density of papillae on the tongue is directly correlated to being a supertaster. Swirl red wine in the mouth and over the tongue. If done correctly, you will be able to see little lumps of tissue on the tongue that are the papillae. Next, take a piece of three-hole notebook paper. The punched holes are about 6 or so millimeters in diameter, and a piece of paper torn off with one of these holes can be placed over the darkened tongue. Now simply count the number of papillae you see in the punched hole. If you have fewer than 4 papillae, you are more than likely a nontaster, whereas from 4 to 8 papillae would suggest that you are a taster. Anything over 8 would indicate that you are a supertaster or a super-supertaster.

I don't like beer... but I also don't like red wine. I guess I can give it a try for science.

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You just need the stain... a blue lollipop will work.

What about Jello? Shit stains your mouth like crazy...


I'm a humble supertaster.



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Gatorade should work too.

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Supertasters tend to not like alcohol in general actually. Wines with a bit of sugar, ciders or mixed drinks with more balanced flavor would be preferred.

Yep. An mixed drink: this tastes like a root beer float! This tastes like horchata! This tastes like koolaid!

No, it tastes like alcohol with some flavoring that might make it tolerable if I’m lucky.

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Of all the alcohols I've drank, the only two I've consistently liked were screwdrivers and Rumchata, which tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk.

I used to like whiskey, but now it tastes like cough syrup. All beers are bitter and awful. Last time I had one I ran to the sink to wash out my mouth with water.

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It at least guarantees I'm not ever really gonna overdrink. I can only take so much.

When I'm just looking to get drunk, I usually do shots of rum chased by chocolate milk. The flavors don't mesh at all, but all alcohol stuff tastes awful anyway, and I found a good, thick chocolate milk to most quickly coat the mouth and get rid of the taste.

That sounds like an awful night waiting to happen. How much milk do you drink to chase your liquor?

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I don't like alcohol taste at all. Wine and champagner tastes like rotten sugar, beer is way too bitter and the average alcohol taste is just everytime the same ugly after-taste if I try to drink anything like rum, vodka, whiskey, ect. Am I just a alcohol ignorant rat?

Do you like alcopops? e.g. stuff that tastes like soda or fruit juice?

10 points · 6 months ago

Nope, I dont like the alcohol taste : I Or in "Radler" the beer taste : I

I guess it's just not for you then. Not a bad thing really, you'll save a ton of money in your lifetime!

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I don't like beer... but I also don't like red wine.

My problem is that I don't like paper...

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Thanks for the buzz kill. Everyone was a super hero for a moment, until you came along with your "science".

Science can help you become a superhero! The research papers I've read all concur that you need either direct radiation, or an animal exposed to radiation.

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I took AP Biology in high school, and we did the taste experiment with phenylthiocarbamide. I could taste it, and it was one of the most disgusting things I've ever put in my mouth.

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My husband ordered this test for us to try. He thought he was a super taster. He goes first and thought the test was a dud. I try it and start dry heaving and drooling. He was kinda bummed that he had average tastebuds. That stuff was beyond vile.

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I’ve seen that the phenylthiocarbamide test is actually separate than the Supertaster test, which does relate to number of puplillae? But it also just seems like there’s a lot of contradictory shit out there r.e. taste science

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IM A MOTHER FUCKING SUPER TASTER. Always have hated beer with a passion. Knew I wasn’t just a big ol pussy.


It’s not true Steve.

Insufficient evidence at this time.

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Now instead of judging you for not liking beer, people will just judge you for being a NERD!

For real, the worse part is when I drink it taste so fucking bad the whole time I'm drinking, its like the taste lingers in my mouth. And dont get me started on liqour, I can't get drunk off it because I feel sick to my stomach from the taste before even getting tipsy.

Try explaining that to your father-in-law though. I just told mine and he looked at me like I was wearing a skirt with a pink shirt in Texas.

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Super-super? Well fuck gotta check now.

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Interestingly, hate for cilantro stems (haha) from a gene that's either expressed or not. A taste for that commonly hated vegetable is decided in your DNA.

i don't taste soap in cilantro but i still fucking hate cilantro. what am i.


it just tastes like mint but if mint had a really strong political opinion that informed everything it did and it wouldnt shut the fuck up about it

Mint better than soap at least.

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When you try a sip of coffee is the only thing you taste bitter?

That's the way it is for me. Beer is pretty gross too, but that I can actually... lets go with tolerate.

Cilantro is fantastic. I think thats a genetic thing, because I don't taste the soap either.

394 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I don’t think that coffee and beer test holds water. Almost everyone hates their first sip of beer and coffee but grow to love it.

Edit: “almost everyone” refereed to the folks who like beer & coffee now. Very Few people jump into coffee & beer & immediately start liking it. I get that plenty of people hate it at the onset & never acquire the taste.

122 points · 6 months ago

Does the defenses case hold water.


56 points · 6 months ago

I always throw out the “Are you suuuure?” hoping for a reply of, “I’m positive.”

Happens less often than I’d like.

23 points · 6 months ago

Probably 3 times a week I say “are you sure about that 5 mins”

22 points · 6 months ago

Hahahah magic grits

8 points · 6 months ago

I was just down south last week and ordered grits and wanted to say what exactly is a grit but knew I would have people actually try to explain what it is. Also key west may not be the best place for grits. Too watery and not creamy enough.

No, key west is not your ideal testing ground for grits.

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And I think it does hold water. Every beer I've ever tasted is disgustingly bitter. Completely intolerable. Regular, plain ol' black coffee is also bitter to the point that I cannot tolerate it. After 30+ years, I have never grown to love either. They both taste just as bad as the first time I've tried them.

Do you consider yourself a "supertaster"? Because if not, how would you know?

i'd like to know too. too me, coffee tastes like burnt dirt and I can't get over it.

27 points · 6 months ago

I thought I was the only one! Everyone acts like I'm nuts or lying, but I can't stand the taste of coffee, even coffee flavoured chocolate. It just tastes like chocolate that someone ruined by adding burnt dirt.

Me, too. I hate it when people say, "But you won't taste the coffee!" Yes, I will. And it will be bad.

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I feel like most coffee tastes like burnt sugar to me, and beer is exceedingly difficult for me to drink. I'm the type that would chase a drink of beer with a sip of whiskey to get rid of the taste.

Or you might just not like the taste. In general I like everything with alcohol in it except for beer. The basic taste is just not my thing regardless of the microbrew concoction. I even like cheap whisky better. It in a super taster and don't realize it

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130 points · 6 months ago

Exactly this. I have friends that are “beer connoisseurs” that get me to try all kinds of beer. They all taste exactly the same, incredibly bitter. I have never found one that is tolerable enough to drink. Same thing with coffee. I’ve never been able to tolerate its bitterness.

I had a similar experience with wine tasting. Notes of citrus and hickory my ass. Tastes like alcohol with low notes of alcohol.

Hmm, That's got sort of an oaky afterbirth.

Omg forgot about wine. Same thing. Notes of pear and a persimmon finish? No it’s rotten eggs and alcohol.

30 points · 6 months ago

To me it all tastes and smells like vinegar. "Oh, this one's sweet! You'll like it!". And every single time it's like I took a sip of vinegar.

does wine not taste like vinegar to everybody? I always thought people that like wine just push through that and learn to love the vinegar taste

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"This beer is so much better than all those others you'll definitely like this one."

Nope. For the hundredth time, nope.

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coffee needs to be about 1/3 cream, and with a several spoonfuls of sugar, and to be a medium or light roast.

Then it has an acceptable bitter taste.

Light roast with a scoopful of hot chocolate mix here. Discount mochas. :9

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I still hate beer

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You’re right about cilantro being a genetic thing. I think it happens in around 10% of people.

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Pretty much. Unless it has lots of sugar and milk it's undrinkable

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10 points · 6 months ago

I can't stand beer and especially can't stand coffee.

I love cilantro, but there are different levels of cilantro. Some cilantro smells like celery to me when i smell it at the supermarket, this is the bad stuff.

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32 points · 6 months ago

The article suggests "dying" your tongue with something like red wine, making the papillea darker/more visible. Then take a 3 hole punched paper, and use the holes (about 6mm) to measure. Hold the hole to your tongue and count how many papillea are within one hole. I think it said 4 papillea is non taster, 4-8 is taster, more than 8.. then you super, baby.

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If I remember correctly cilantro liking is genetic. Some people just hate it.

I hate beer and coffee. They are both so bitter that I can't stand them. However, cilantro tastes like nothing to me. I can't understand why it's such a big topic of debate.I can eat a whole leaf of it, and it has no flavor.

I once had a green salsa, thinking it was avacado based, and I was complaining to my wife that it had no flavor. She tasted some and was disgusted because it tasted like cilantro. Apparently it was a cilantro based salsa.

36 points · 6 months ago

When I have a burrito and I ask for no cilantro, sometimes a small speck of a leaf gets into one small area of it, and it’s the only thing I can taste. Soap. It’s probably one of the strongest flavours I can think of next to cucumber, or watermelon.

Cucumber also tastes like nothing. Watermelons are supposed to have flavor, but almost all of them taste like water that has somehow gone stale except in the very center.

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Watermelon tastes like almost nothing to me. So weak it’s almost gross.

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Some people have a gene that makes cilantro taste like soap, doesn't seem like it has anything to do with being a supertaster or not

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173 points · 6 months ago

I could never get into IPAs even though everyone seems to rave about them, they taste like pine tar extract to me. It's gross.

71 points · 6 months ago

Yes, wow I have been claiming for years and years that ipa tastes like pine needles and everyone just kind of shrugs their shoulders. This is the first time I've read a comment or heard someone say something similar. I literally cannot drink a hoppy beer if given to me for free.

Comment deleted6 months ago(8 children)

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I dated a supertaster. It's miserable going to restaurants with them. Nothing is good and they want the same thing all the time. I call them koala bears. Never let them dictate what's on the menu.

I’m a super taster and this is hilarious being called a koala bear.

But I know what beer you will like that's not bitter: Newcastle's Brown Ale.

Its easy not to taste bitter when it barely tastes like anything at all.

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Nothing is good and they want the same thing all the time.

I thought I was just picky. Maybe I'm a supertaster.

Well my understanding is there are different kinds of tasters, and then there are folks who acclimate themselves to only a few kinds of food and as a result don't like anything and has nothing to do with actual tastebuds. For instance, many people who eat too much sugar find they don't like anything unless it is sugary.

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26 points · 6 months ago

Being picky is not the same as being a super taster.

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Makes me think I'm a super taster....

Bitter things are BITTER, sweet things are far too sweet, tart things too tart, salty things too salty.

But most food tastes strongly, and some things taste almost heavenly... It makes it very hard not to gorge myself on some common foods.

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TIL it's quite possible I'm a supertaster.

33 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

This is me. There is a test where there is a buttering agent placed on a paper in a certain concentration and you eat the paper. If you taste it you are a "super taster." It isn't fun at all. It is very hard for me to find food I like and I can rarely swallow food made by others. My mom once cooked chicken noodle soup and though she could get away with just a little celery in it. I ate a bite and nearly puked.

Edit: oddly enough, I'm also one of those weird people who can't smell most perfumes, collogne, body sprays, hand soaps, body washes, shampoos, etc. But man do I love outside smells.

I'm the opposite; i did the paper test with a friend. I'm the "least taster" and they were the "super taster."

It's ridiculous how "picky" they seemed before this. Couldn't eat some foods without gagging, and I could eat basically anything and it was fine.

Personally, I'm stoked my taste is how it is. I can eat pretty much anything, and even the worst stuff isn't that bad. Good stuff still tastes really good, but i think the "highs and lows" of my tastes are just more leveled out than my friends.

I have always thought it may be a bit beneficial to be on the low end of tasting things. It's sad, but my tasting has effectively ruined the enjoyment of eating for me. Most things taste bad so I've turned into a "food is fuel" type. I

36 points · 6 months ago

I have the same issues and it’s incredibly frustrating. Do you often get people bitching about you just ‘being picky’ when in reality it’s making you physically ill to try and eat? I get made fun of often at work for sticking to simple grilled cheese/fries when I go out to lunch with them.

My inability to eat most things has been a problem my whole life. It used to be hard for me to make friends because I couldn't eat if I was over for a meal so I was labeled the weird kid for that. It has always been hard for me to eat most things my girlfriend likes so that is an issue too (same with friends). Recently my family has taken to making a huge deal about my eating at functions. Christmas, thanksgiving, and new years all had 20+ minute blocks of time dedicated to treating me like a mental patient or drug addict. Really, I would go as far as to say that it has been quite detrimental to my quality of life.

28 points · 6 months ago

You are not alone dude, for the longest time I've just bought in to the same shit my family said, that I was just picky and acting like a kid. Did not find out that some people are actually more sensitive to taste until recently. I will never understand why it's such a big hang up for most people, I'm 28 years old, why does everyone care about what I choose to eat? If I'm with a group I'll go wherever they'd like to eat, if I can't find anything on the menu I'll happily sit with some water - I can eat later. Apparently that's 100% unacceptable and it's better to just not invite me out or you get the big fit about "well we better make sure ruckt_ will like the food". No mother fucker, pick where you all want to eat, I just wanted to hangout with friends, my food choices don't need to be the topic for the next hour.

13 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I'm actually laughing out loud reading this post because I'm relating to it so hard. Everything /u/onefinedjentleman said as well. Chicken noodle soup in particular was a risky meal for me too. I could count the amount of foods that were "acceptable" to me on one hand.

Everything always had to be plain, mild, and inoffensive. Little to no mixing of flavors. And if there were clashing textures, I'd probably vomit and lose my appetite for the rest of the day.

As a kid, it was the biggest pain in the ass to my parents and everyone else. If I'd refuse to eat something my mom or dad cooked/bought for the family, then it was my fault for costing them the time/effort/money because I was such a "picky eater".

I ended up internalizing that sense of failure (which came from more than just my eating habits) which resulted in a lot of unjustified self-hate and insecurity for the majority of my life.

It felt like food was just something that only served to drive me apart from other people. I hated fancy restaurants, and I fucking hated when my family would make a big deal out of me not wanting to eat anything.

I was going to have a shitty time regardless, I just wanted to be left alone at that point, since no one believed I wasn't crazy for not wanting to eat

Now that I'm older and more aware of it, this kind of thing doesn't bother me as much anymore. But it's still there.

Beer and drinking culture is totally lost on me. I have zero inclination to ever drink, which is wonderful, but I can't rely on it as a form of social glue.

11 points · 6 months ago

Now why do you have to bring up texture changes, I'm right there with you on losing the appetite. Years ago, friend made a pineapple upside cake with slices baked into the cake, told me it was just sponge cake. I almost lost a friend that day.

It's fucked up but you and I are quite similar on the self hate topic. Thinking about it randomly, it seems absurd that food could have such a huge psychological impact but living through it with friends/family, it really did a number on how I saw/treated myself.

Personally anymore, I just avoid social eating situations unless I know and trust the person to not be a dick about it. I can handle joking and whatnot just fine, it's just been such a major staple and joke for my entire life and it's easier to just avoid all of it.

The big thing that sucks in adult life is being expected to go to suit and tie events or fancy meetings where you definitely don't want to be the center of attention for not touching your 200$ plate after telling the damn waiter "NO THANK YOU I'M NOT HUNGRY" 5 goddamn times, seriously dude work with me here.

Drinking is meh for me as well, I don't mind higher end scotch, took getting used to but I can sip it without hating my life. Beer though... it's difficult to get through, I will never in my life understand the appeal of IPA's specifically.

I've been feeling this a lot lately. I get really anxious going to restaurants or having someone cook dinner for me because I simply can't stomach certain foods, spices, textures etc. But I don't want to be rude, so I always try anyway and it usually backfires. It's been playing into some serious self-hate recently.

Your story is kind of funny to me because I love pineapple but I would've cringed at the concept of sponge cake. Coconut is the worst for me. Cilantro doesn't taste like soap, it tastes like cilantro, and that's bad enough. So many spices outright ruin meals for me.

The only time I've ever understood drinking is when I managed to suffer through enough that the alcohol stops tasting like alcohol. This doesn't just ruin alcohol for me, but also for the people around me if I ever get to that point. So I don't really drink.

Oddly enough, I'm a big fan of the trend towards adding fruit to everything. Fruit makes leafy salads palatable, cranberry sauce makes turkey palatable, and dare I say it pineapple makes pizza palatable.

I gag at the smell of a ceaser salad but I'll gladly eat a monstrosity of a sandwich containing turkey, cranberries, spinach and apple slices.

Sorry for the ramble lol

Well said. I think people make food out to be some big important thing because of how most of us are raised to treat meals like the most important thing you do as a family. When people like us come around and disrupt that ritual, people take it as an insult. Maybe to them it is like we think they aren't important because we aren't eating? It doesn't make sense to me, but it seems that way.

4 points · 6 months ago

That's very true, now that you say it I do recall several people stating that they see meals as a time of bonding. While I can respect that, I wish they'd respect that I grew up being legitimately scared of meal time.

my husband is a "supertaster", and now my daughter is too. they both eat in what i call, "shades of beige". lol besides fruit, i cannot get either of them to try "new" foods. my daughter is young so we are working on getting her to at least sample things... but its very hard to cook a meal. i cook for one. then cut up cheese and chicken nuggets for both hubby and kiddo. :( i used to get so angry with my husband, but he has been like that his whole life... so i am learning to understand it. plus, i dont want my daughter to have a scared relationship with food.

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1.5k points · 6 months ago

ITT: Everyone hating beer to be recognized as a supertaster

Added bonus that the majority of these commenters are probably Caucasian males, but:

Supertasters are mostly women, and people of European ancestry are usually not supertasters.

Being a supertaster sounds like it would suck. Trying new foods is one my favorite hobbies, give me allll the flavors!

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I mean the article says one in four people, so it's not like it's a massive stretch.

426 points · 6 months ago

I'm convinced that people only pretend to like beer because they think it makes them look hard, or for hipster reasons. It tastes horrible and makes you feel horrible and you all know it!

I hate beer, not sure if I'm a super taster or not though. I might buy some of these strips.

117 points · 6 months ago

I don't know man, I thought so too but I started trying some lighter beer or some sweeter brews and now I actually kinda like it

IPAs for me. I used to be able to drink Coors every day but now it just tastes like piss

I still like a coors banquet every now and then, I think I could use coors light to wash my dishes though.

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Even when there's no social aspect, beer still tastes good.

I drink beer by myself. X10 better after a long run or bike ride.

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Well you're wrong. I think beer tastes great, and it only makes you feel bad if you overindulge, just like pretty much any other food on the planet.

Yeah, you might not like beer and you might not be able to handle your booze, but that doesn't mean nobody else does/can either.

38 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Just wondering what about the taste do you actually find appealing? Lets assume beer doesnt get you drunk, are you saying you would drink it anyway, because you enjoy the taste?

edit: hand me some good beer recc. I only drink plattys because its double the alc but doesnt taste so shit I can actally get drunk

There are as many types of beer as there are wine, all with different characteristics. Im not a fan of bitter, I usually stick with porters and stouts, which are dark, rich, and have notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. I would absolutely drink them if they were non-alcoholic.

The majority of time I drink beer, I don't actually get drunk. I might get mildly buzzed, if that. But mostly it's just because it tastes good.

There's a whole world of beer outside the Coors, Bud, generic lager crap.

I'm drinking an oatmeal stout tonight, it's delicious.

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"I don't like it, therefore it's horrible, and no one can like it, and people only pretend."

Your comment is as stupid as someone who is allergic to peanuts saying everyone else pretends to not be allergic and is good at hiding their reaction.

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Aquired taste are very much real. I slowly trained myself to drink green tea without sugar. I stopped after a while and can't stand it anymore. Also your brain responds to positive association. Like classical condition.

Also, if alcohol makes you feel horrible you're either drinking too much or I feel real bad for your unfortunate body chemistry. You might be allergic to alcohol.

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698 points · 6 months ago

What an interesting new thing for all of reddit to self diagnose themselves with.

Supertaster = grew up in the Midwest and thinks salt is a tad too spicy

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Until they realize it tends to mean a dislike for chocolate, wine, beer, etc. Yeah, no thanks

literally everything that people say is associated with supertasters has been true for me. At what point am I the 25%

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16 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

I’m just impressed that every other comment thread proves you right.

“I licked some paper because a website told me to, now I should be smug for the rest of my life”

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Yeah I just think I don't like Beer/Wine

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Super tasters also tend to have a strong aversion to higher fat meats and leafy greens

145 points · 6 months ago


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Only Monika

39 points · 6 months ago


Only just

Little bit of Monika on my mind

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Being a super taster sounds pretty sucky. I love beer, drink coffee black, and eat leafy greens/veggies every day and love it.

Agreed. "Super taster" sounds more like "Shafted taster" to me.

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12 points · 6 months ago

People are equating being extremely picky to being a super taster. You can be a super taster and not have literally everything but the plainest of things make you gag.

It's a hard life. I really wish my taste buds weren't so damn picky. We have a pizza day at work and I'm just like "no thanks guys I don't like pizza". People judge and give me weird looks.

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42 points · 6 months ago

Me in a nutshell. Leafy greens have always had a 'slightly metallic' taste to them I simply have trouble getting around. And I avoid red meat when possible, even leaner cuts, so I can get more chicken and fish. Plus the whole despising beer and coffee thing. So bitter!

It's all that iron 😩. I enjoy red mest myself but avoid the fat completely (others tell me the fats apparently the best part).

I can get over the texture of fat. If it's rendered properly sure but a majority of the time it isn't and it is like chewing a piece of tire.

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Most boring DC Comics movie so far.

I dunno, have you seen Green Lantern?

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But enough content for a They Might Be Giants song.

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My dad is one. When my mom started putting veggies in brownies and stuff to get us to eat them, he could tell.

Your mom is a monster.

23 points · 6 months ago

She's broken the Geneva convention.

How could anyone not notice vegetables in their brownies?

Pot brownies

They'd Definitely notice that

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What? Carrot cake only barley gets a pass because carrots themselves are sort of sweet. What is she putting in brownies? Like peas and chard?

AFAIK you can make decent brownies with beets.

Ok, Dwight.

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Misread 'supertaster' as 'superstar' at first.

Then I'm like, "Hold on, I'm a Superstar and I love beer...ohhhhhh, I get it now"

Must be the beer reading for me

I read it as super tater.

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I'm a supertaster! Genotyped myself. Although I hate beer, I'm not a picky eater at all, oddly enough.

I’m a broken supertaster. Tested positive for the gene, but I’m a culinary dumpster. There’s just such a range of great flavors!

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TIL I am not a supertaster.

And that being a supertaster would suck.

That’s the biggest take away for me! Being a super taster sucks dick.

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Imagine sucking dick as a supertaster

That would suck even more dick

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Haha seriously. I love beer, coffee, fatty meats (pork belly!) and leafy greens.

I lost my sense of taste and I hate you all.

Honest question - do you eat more healthy and nutritious foods, or do textures still matter?

I lost my sense of taste due to having surgery on my middle ear, where the taste nerve runs through.

I don’t eat more healthily, because texture is a HUGE part of it. I can still remember what food I didn’t like taste like, so it’s like this weird mental thing I have to overcome. And I’m trying to. But ugh, tomatoes and okra are so slimy and onions have a weird crunch. And pudding still makes me gag.

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I learned this a while ago from They Might Be Giants. Very interesting!

Relevant song:

The album in which this song appeared, "No", is a must for any TMBG fans who are parents of young children.

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Came here for this thanks

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People might also not know that Master Sommeliers (those people that allegedly know everything about beer, spirits, wine, and cigars; they did pass a test where they blindly describe the origin and vintage of a flight of wines with high accuracy) fall on the spectrum of having the fewest taste cells and the most. Some are super-tasters and others are not, so number of taste buds doesn’t necessarily mean you taste any “better” or “worse.”

Interestingly, alcohol is supposed to taste more bitter to super-tasters and some people think that the recent explosion of markets like sweet moscato and the desire for sweeter drinks might indicate that those people are super-tasters.

Edit: Just an added thought for people that appear curious to diagnose themselves one way or another. You can (allegedly) determine if you are a super-taster through a simple test with some blue food coloring and a binder ring reinforcing circle (those little white circular stickers used for keeping papers in binders from ripping), put a drop of blue food coloring on your tongue and get it soaked in, this allows the taste buds to be more visible because they don’t absorb as much of the blue color, then place the ring on your tongue somewhere toward the front and count all the pale dots you see, average is something like 10ish, low end is 5, and super-taster is about 15-20 or more (src: a wine sensory analysis class at a university).

I never performed the test myself, but it sounds easier than buying some of these strips that people are talking about, with weirder chemicals, and licking them, but who knows, adhesive and blue food coloring could be just as disagreeable.

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I’m a supertaster, and I’m picky as hell. I thought it just meant i tasted bitter things far more though, and i thought it was 20% of the population. My ex is a chef and noticed my likes and dislikes, and bought these test strips that lets you know if you’re a super taster or not.

I like beer, just not hoppy beer.

The strips you're probably referring to contain a chemical known as PTC. Tasting that is only part of being a supertaster, and about 65% of people can supposedly taste it to some degree. Could have also been the related molecule PROP, which about 25% of people taste strongly but another 50% can taste a bit.

Those test strips are like licking the end of a charged D battery. Intense and disgusting, leaves a nasty flavor in your mouth for hours later. Tried it with many Co workers, relatively few had same reaction, others chewed on them and tested nothing, others in between.

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As a "supertaster" do you enjoy more bland food? I have weird taste buds and am super picky, I hate IPA's and not a big fan of beer in general. I tend to eat really simple food with minimal spices and condiments. I like spicy food though but most of the time I keep it super simple because a lot of food just tastes terrible to me. So much so going to eat at gfs house is a nightmare cuz chances are I won't like it.

I love spicy food, but i don’t like peppers by themselves. I wouldn’t say i prefer bland food, but i do prefer simple food, or not a ton of distinct flavors.

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Do you know whether or not this relates to texture preferences? Like I hate mushrooms, which is primarily texture, but I don’t like the actual flavor either, though everybody says mushrooms don’t taste like anything.

I would say that shrooms definitely have a taste. Usually ranging to kind of funky like a good cheese to slightly meaty. I personally love morels, they taste like oysters especially if you fry them.

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I don’t know, but I also have huge texture issues.

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Cool, now instead of sounding like a pussy when I say I don't like beer I can just be like, "...because I'm a SUPER taster!"

Just tell them, "My mom says I'm a Supertaster".

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I’m apparently a super taster. Somebody better quickly hire me before I get scooped up by competition.

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Black coffee perhaps?

Poor bastards

Right? Being a supertaster sounds kinda terrible...

It is. Most people's food dislikes are an itemized list. Mine is more like an Excel spreadsheet with multiple sheets and complex formulas.

I don't know if I'm a supertaster or not, but my Excel spreadsheet would be more of a small list of... Things I like.

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Mmmmmm, I hate beer. Can't stand it. I wonder..............

Do you wonder what's in a wonder ball?

Cause mayyyyybe, you're gonna be the ones that saaaaves me

Anyway, here's Wonderball.

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Appletini plz

Supertaster here. As an adult, it sucks. I hate pretty much everything. I get teased for having a toddler's palate. And then there are the annoying people who do the whole, "Well you haven't had MY fill-in-the-blank".

There are so many foods that I think smell and look delicious. Then it goes in my mouth and I'm either trying to gag it down or spitting it into a napkin.

For those that are curious if they are in fact a supertaster, there are strips you can buy (pretty cheap) that you put in your mouth. If it's bitter, you're most likely a supertaster.

The first time I checked was about 20 years ago...I used one of those hole protector stickers (that you'd stick around the hole of a piece of paper to keep it from tearing) and put a very small dab of food coloring on my tongue. If you only have a few taste buds within the hole, you're most likely a non-taster or regular taster. If there are bunches, congrats, you're a supertaster.

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Had "John Lee Supertaster" on for my kid earlier, and I come on to see this. Strangest instance of Baader-Meinhof phenomenon for me yet.

I am a supertaster! A researcher at my uni was doing some tests and I went along. I had a very strong reaction to the paper strip test, which has a bitter chemical that tasters and supertasters detect and non-tasters do not. The guy next to me during the experiment thought it was just a piece of plain paper while I had to spit it out almost immediatly.

It really is bitter things that I can't do: beer, coffee, grapefruit. I also used to dislike tea, salad dressings and rocket/arugula, and various other bitter foods, but have gotten more used to them over time. It is so interesting knowing that the tastes I experience could be completly different to someone elses experience.

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I like fresh coffee . Hate Starbucks however. IPA beer tastes like battery acid to me. Like a nice Porter or Stout.

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God tongue?

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I know one and cooking for them is a pain in the ass

I wonder if this also influences whether or not you think the frosting on store-bought cakes tastes disgusting? Because I've noticed it's a pretty divisive thing--some people I know will scrape all the frosting off a cake if it's store-bought, claiming has a nasty bitter undertone. Hmm...

Depends on what the frosting is. The really cheap basically all sugar icing, yes tastes like death to me. A good cream cheese icing they use on the slightly more expensive cakes, heaven. Sugar cookies are 50-50 for me. Some have good frosting some taste like sugar and soap.

Depends what food colorant is in it for me. There's some food colourants I've found terribly bitter and disgusting. Usually was when it was obviously airbrushed color on cakes but sometimes blended in. On the airbrushed ones I could eat the white sugar/fat concoction fine but that color? Made me retch. Buuut I've strangely not run into that problem since I've moved to the eu. ... I also despise stuff I can taste canola oil in. Which took me ages to pinpoint and started after moving to the eu...

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This seems impressively non-scientific

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I hate beer. I don't like the yeasty flavor, or the hops. My favorite drink is gin and tonic.

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I was tested a few years ago and I'm a supertaster! My husband makes fun of me all the time for it. I like plain food... the supertaster thing explains a lot. I also dislike beer despite trying to enjoy it for years and years.

Edit: in case anyone is wondering how they test for this... they put some sort of blue dye on your tongue and then they used something that looks like a paper hole reinforcer (like these: Then they count the tastebuds in that small area in the circle. At least that's how they tested me. There was also some sort of tasting strip involved but that part is less clear in my memory (it was like, 8 years ago)

TIL I'm probably a nontaster because I'll shovel pretty much anything down my gullet

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