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on the subject - heart disease might be a sulfate deficiency problem http://blog.newsinnutrition.com/2017/06/heart-disease-is-a-sulfate-deficiency-problem/

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I never paid attention to my nutrients until I started keto, especially because I recently experienced the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. Does keto somehow enhance nutrient deficiency or have I just gotten more sensitive to it?

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We generally say you need more salt on keto. If you get keto flu, add more salt to your meals. But most meat is nutritionally complete, you don’t really even need veggies.

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You could up your green leafy vegetables and/or cocoa. Nutrients are of course important but wether you should count them like people would count calories is really useless. Eat nutrient dense food and plenty of it. If your kidneys function properly, it is their job to excrete what you have too much of. But your body has a problem with shortage. Some nutrients also require a certain ratio. Also here, shortage will be a problem. So just make sure you get plenty of all.

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From what I remember, the bodies ability to preserve salts depends on glucose. Ketoers tend to pee out more minerals. Hence the need to supplement (or make sure your diet contains enough of the right foods)

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Higher circulating insulin increases sodium retention. It does not depend on glucose.