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I remember when he was fired from Community, my favorite show at the time. All us Human Beings were sure Sony suits were just stupid and thought they fired him for being difficult to work with. I had no idea until I saw this headline that he deserved to be fired for moral failings rather than for having a clearly-defined artistic vision for the show that didn't sit well with garbage person business majors.

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I don't think it was the sexual harassment that got him fired but his ratings truly. At the time this #metoo movement didn't exist and execs didn't give a shit about employee treatment as long as they got their profits. They saw he wasn't getting the ratings with an outdated system and decided to let him go and see if they could continue it without him.

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I'm sure the pills and alcoholism didn't help things.

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Pills? He was definitely an alcoholic but I don't think he was on pills. And again the execs don't care as long as ratings and revenue are coming in.

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He mentions pills in the article being linked to. The one we all just read before we commented here.

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he's been open about abusing adderall claiming that it was the only reason season 2 of Rick and Morty got written.

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Dan Harmon is rarely fired for his ideas for the shows he's been fired from(every one except Rick and Morty, so far), they fire him for being impossible to work with. Which he characterized as how he tried to control his vision for these shows and taking too long trying to come up with perfect scripts. Now we have a clearer picture that not only is he a tool about his ideas but he is also predatory and abusive to his staff.

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He’s so close but the idea is basically there - all this harm comes from not acknowledging, communicating, and dealing with emotions.

We are first and foremost emotional beings. When finally get intelligent about this, then we will be able to stop the abuse. Until then, we are fucked.

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that's an insane 180° he did in half a decade. I'm sad he fucked up. He's still quite naive about how to interact with women in society but hes seemingly making progress. I guess the Exploitative Bossman type are dime a dozen. This apology, probably in retroaction to #metoo, will help educate potential aggressors.

In light of this, I wish the gas leak year fared better so there might've been a life after Harmon for Community.

The later seasons did feel unhinged but I thought it was because it was "post gas leak year" and yahoo acquired it. maybe they used the writers strike as a motivation for more creative freedom... but maybe they started day drinking in the series really to illustrate the state of the moods in the production crew.

edit, do note that I said life for community after Harmon and not life after community.

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What did he do? No mention in the article. I am drunk so maybe I missed it?

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Neither of them have revealed what he did. It seems like he made a lot of uncomfortable advances and at one point even broke up with a girl for her, and when she turned him down he started acting "creepy" (Dan Harmon's own words) towards her, and singled her out for rejecting him. Apparently his actions had a lot of impact on Community as well but I'm not sure what they were as I've not watched the show.

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Apparently his actions had a lot of impact on Community as well but I'm not sure what they were as I've not watched the show.

He got fired, the next season was not very good at all, and the show was dropped, picked up by Yahoo!, and never fully recovered. I was a massive fan, seen all the first few seasons a bajillion times, and I don't think I've even seen all the Yahoo! episodes.

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Was that before or after he released that voicemail from Chevy Chase? It seems like around that time Dan Harmon was kind of terrorizing a lot of people, which makes sense. I've always heard he's kind of a drunk. Not using that to justify his behavior, but the man is the epitome of 'troubled genius'. Community was and still is one of my favorite shows ever. But Dan Harmon has a lot of problems.

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When I was watching HarmonQuest, I kept getting the impression that he's a big gaping asshole.

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Listen to the Harmontown podcasts. Those can get weird when he goes off on a self deprecating rants.

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Harmontown proved he's a galaxy sized asshole, especially if you listen to the tour show where he is drunk and abusive to his then girlfriend now ex-wife, Erin Mcgathy.

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Yeah. It was uncomfortable listening to that build up then disintegrate.

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I've always heard he's kind of a drunk.

Apparently, the reason R+M is on hiatus is because harmon and Roiland have just been partying and drinking with no semblance of a work ethic.

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Important to emphasize he purposely sabotaged her career after being rejected

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So is that why community started to suck?

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Community after the first three seasons was just an explosion of reasons for a show to suck. There is no one reason.

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In his latest podcast on Harmontown he says it. Starts around 18:30

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Harmon was attracted to another writer and he abused his position and harassed her

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I read his apology in full yesterday. Possibly the best response I've seen outside of two months ago when a friend (unprompted) admitted to being a dickhead to a mutual friend a few years back.

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As an aside, I thought Louis CK’s apology was pretty solid, too. He admitted what he did and why it was hurtful. He examined the long-lasting impact of his actions. He didn’t just hurt them once, but continued hurting them long after he stopped masturbating at them, just because of who he is and what role he played in their lives. He apologized, but didn’t insist on forgiveness. He didn’t deflect, minimize, or rationalize.

In retrospect, it’s a little depressing that thoughtful, honest apologies seem so refreshing.

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I thought Louis CK’s apology was pretty solid, too

Read it again. He never actually apologises or says he's sorry. It's page after page all about him. It's weird and makes him sound like a sociopath.

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I have to disagree. He doesn't use the phrase "I apologize" or "I'm sorry", but he expresses both sentiments. He does use a lot of "I" statements, but it's hardly all about him. He spends the entire apology talking about the people he hurt and how, specifically, he hurt them. He begins and ends the statement by putting the focus on the people he hurt.

It's also about a page and a half long..

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It's hardly all about him

Except for all the times me mentions how much he was respected by his victims, and the way he manages to mention every project he's working on by name.

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He also mentions all of his victims, by name. Except for the one who doesn’t want to be named.

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Which is a pretty classic power move. Especially when never actually connected to the literal words "I'm sorry."

You can still like him and defend him all you want, but that wasn't an apology.

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It's a power move to acknowledge who you hurt, and how you hurt them, and to respect those who wish to preserve their privacy? It's not an apology because he expressed remorse without using the magic talisman "I'm sorry"?

Yeah, I'm way done arguing with you.

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That's fine; we don't need to agree.

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I didn't think we did. :)

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Most celebrities are self centered sociopaths and even their altruism seems self serving.

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The thing I didn't like was that his idea of him being wrong because the women were impressed by him became normalized in our society. He made this argument because he didn't have professional power over some of the complainants.

Now I hear people use that point in their arguments. This is, of course, madness, because the only people in the world you're ever going to be able to date are people who are impressed by you.

Most of what CK was accused of isn't even wrong in my opinion. He asked permission every time except I guess once when he jacked off on the phone. One thing he was crucified for was asking permission, getting denied, and then saying "OK no problem. I won't."

I'm not even a big Louis CK fan. Seen his specials. Haven't watched the show.

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Louis ck lied and called those women liars for years. He made his apology when it was no longer possible to dismiss and belittle his victims. His apology is artful, but sincere? Actions speak louder than words.

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I didn't know he lied in the past, sorry. Of course I hesitate to judge him for lying to get out of some shit. I like to think of myself as a good person, but I'm not totally sure I'd fall on my own sword and eviscerate my career if I could avoid it. Mercifully, I've never done anything that could end my career. So at least I've got that going for me.

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Watching it live was pretty awesome. His words mean a lot more when you can see his actual facial and body expressions. He clearly feels bad about it, and it's actually something he brought up before as well in an earlier podcast.

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Megan Ganz was my favourite writer on community, Cooperative Caligraphy being my favourite episode of community, one of my favourite episodes of any comedy show. Hearing how Dan treated her has really bummed me out. I remember back in the day it being a known thing that Megan Ganz was "his number 2" or whatever on the writing team. Knowing his motivations for this sucks, alot. It really is true that you should never learn anything about your favourite celebrities.

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I mean yeah it sucks but that doesn't mean we should shun them forever for making mistakes. Emotions are tricky as fuck and it's stupid easy to fall into a spot where you "fall" for someone. And he's made it clear he's not the most emotionally stable guy. So sure be upset now but don't let it prevent you from forgiving him. It's like when Sarah Silverman said "Can you love someone who did bad things?"

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It's not just that he fell for her it's that after he did,

A) First he gave her special treatment which made it impossible for her to feel comfortable and singled her out


B) After he was finally totally rejected, he sabotaged her career.

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FWIW, this clip from his podcast Harmontown clearly shows his breaking up with his then-girlfriend Erin (whom he left to pursue Megan). It really shows his misogyny, which he now admits was responsible for his sexual harassment.

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Watch the Harmontown documentary. The dude flat out emotionally lashes at her for no fucking reason. Roughly sayinf "some times I do things to hurt people and I don't know why." The guy is an asshole.

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I must have missed something.....Which part of that was misogynistic?

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I am no fan of Trump, but the way that Harmon goes after the president and utterly berates his (albeit potentially shortsighted) voters as Nazis that must be purged from society... it's all a little too zealous. I think it's called virtue signalling, and it always seems to be the result of some skeletons in the closet.

It's like a new twist on "The lady doth protest too much...", like as much as I consider Trump a boor, it's insane how often those who really go all balls-out in attacking him non-stop always turn out to be creepy perverts. Same issue with "male feminists" who despite their high-and-might act, always seem to come with a history of sexual harassment or a couple rapes under their belt.

Around the self-righteous, it's always worth it to be a bit skeptical.

Harmon helps produce some great series, but the man is a grade-A piece of shit.

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I think we need to stop thinking that because someone makes good art that means we are gonna like them as a person. I like Sam Peckinpah films but i wouldn't wanna hang out with him. It was common knowledge he was a drunk asshole. It's like that, making great art you like doesn't mean the person making it is gonna turn out to be a potential best friend.

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... but he made Rick and Morty. He can do no wrong. /s

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Dude i think Rick and Morty is awesome but to be honest that doesn't mean i expect artist i think are great to be angels or people who i look on to how to behave.

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Maybe a lot of the asshole in Rick is the asshole in Dan Harmon getting out.

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The 'asshole' bit of Rick is not a product of Dan Harmon. Justin Roiland used to do a flash animation called "Doc and Mahti which is obviously the origin of Rick and Morty.

I know its fun to rip into Harmon and 'meme' around all day about how lame Rick and Morty is because its popular but at least give credit to the right person.

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He didn't create Rick and Morty, it's so shitty that the public gives him credit for Justin Roiland creation.

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They're credited as co-creators everywhere I look.

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the characters and premise were created by Roiland, Harmon was able to get a co-creator credit by being head writer and having the connections to get the show made.

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So Roiland is responsible creating the characters, and Harmon is responsible for creating the show... I don't get why your trying to say Harmon wasn't a creator then.

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When harmon's main contribution to the creation is "Hey this should be a 1/2 hour show, let's call shop it to some networks" I tend to not consider it creator status and is really a executive producer credit.

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I think the problem for a lot of people is that they perceive something in the creator through what they have created and feel like that means they can identify with the creator. In their show you might see certain bits as a commentary you agree with or that it comes from a perspective that you understand. So when you then see that the creator isn't at all the person you thought they were it damages your view of the creation you loved. It's no longer the same thing--the things you liked become meaningless coincidence, mockery, or cheap entertainment.

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Same issue with "male feminists" who despite their high-and-might act, always seem to come with a history of sexual harassment or a couple rapes under their belt.

Are you surprised? I mean, modern feminism requires you buy into a great deal of misandrist bullshit, including but not limited to Schrodinger's Rapist, the M&M Test, etc.

Any man getting on board with that and calling himself a feminist agrees that treating all men as rapists-in-waiting is a valid way of thinking about the world.

So "Male Feminist" is label that man gives to himself when he believes that he should be treated as a rapist.

I think people should start listening.

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That's a reasonable point. I've always seen it as have to do with guilt-ridden rapists who have a "change of heart" and wish to atone for their crimes (through activism, of course -- not actually turning themselves in to law enforcement), and project their own misogyny and sexual deviancy on all other men. If all other men are as vile as they are (or were) themselves, of course men need to always be treated as potential rapists or poison M&Ms.

No one innocent of sexual harassment/assault is going to subscribe to an ideology that says all men are sexual harassers.

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Hows the weather in St. Petersberg this time of year? If you're not there maybe you could go and tell us how it is? I know truth is something hard for you to understand, but maybe some time alone in the snow would do you well. It'd do everyone a favor, including yourself! Maybe you'd stop implying that men who stick up for women are rapists.

That should be important to you to stop doing.

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Off topic but I just noticed that Dan Harmon looks just like Slavoj Zizek.

Cudos on the decent apology and self reflection, Harmon.

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Slavoj Zizek

Speaking of the metoo movement...

I wonder when his day of reckoning will come.

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Oh shit, what'd he do? I'm out of the loop. I'll see if I can look it up.

[–]hesh582 8 points9 points  (1 child)

I was mostly being facetious, he's not done anything that I know of.

But he's an older blowhard, who's notorious for seducing dramatically younger fans, a manipulative bully, etc.

That, and he's spent the better part of a few decades writing about how "consent culture" is destroying sexuality, how violence and power are integral parts of sex, how the basic modern concept of sexual harassment is suspect, and so forth.

[–]captainmaryjaneway 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ah, I wasn't aware of his reputation except for maybe cocaine use. I don't pay that much attention to him and his philosophising, although some of it isn't bad.

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Dan Harmon is a drunk

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Bugs Bunny is a cartoon rabbit.

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I think Dan Harmon just expertly articulated what most of us already knew; that we boys often get weird when we become infatuated by girls.

I'm sure these last few months have caused a great deal of us to look back over our lives and reassess how we've behaved towards woman. I certainly have. They may be painful lessons to learn, but learn them we must. And, hopefully, impart better values onto younger generations.

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Eh, fucking life is a learning process. I'm sure many of us in our thirties hated the person we were in our 20s. Thats the good thing about life, were not always doomed to be that person we don't like.

I mean, in reality of course. I know on the internet if you said a bad thing 7 years ago some asshole will throw it in your face like you just said it... which is retarded but thats the culture we live in.

Gotta believe in 2nd chances.

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i dont disagree with any of that. And, as a man in his thirties, can confirm I cringe at who I was in my (early) twenties.

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Right you are. Sadly the ability to identify where you've fucked up in the past and move forward as a wiser and better person requires humility, something a lot of people completely lack. It looks like Harmon has found some.

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Did Anyone else notice him say he has no respect for women? Did I read that wrong? Not trying to stir the pot, j/w?

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He did say that. But it's not, "Oh, haha, I have no respect for women, lol lol." It seems like after some self-reflection, he realized that he was unknowingly sexist. It isn't something that he's proud of, and based on this apology and some other things I've seen, something he's actively attempting to change. It's not an overnight thing, but he's moving forward. I wish more dudes had the insight to recognize it in themselves. I hope the metoo movement catalyzes that.

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This thread has been brigaded. Perfectly logical comments are being downvoted to oblivion because they counter feminist orthodoxy. This place is cancer.

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How big of a part does he play in the success of Rick and Morty?