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their high incomes — both make in the six figures — enabled their high savings rate, as did the fact that they have no children.

Well, that about rules out most of us. If my wife and I had a combined minimum income of $200K, then I'd surely be able to save at least 1/2 my income.

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Blah, blah, blah, six figure incomes, no children, full stop.

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Give us the REAL NUMBERS or this is just useless. How much were their salaries, how much were they saving, how much is their nest egg and how is that calculated to last "forever" ? I'll give 2 to 1 these two are back in the workforce in 5 years.

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Spoiler alert-they didn't have kids.

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The aim for 50% is a great tip, if not a highly practical one. I myself manage about 30%, without children, and the fact that im incredibly self-sufficient. AKA, I have a DiY 3D printer that I spend most of my time trying to operate/fix/maintain.... thus I make savings by being 24/7 frustrated. The day that printer works and without daily struggles... I shall become a poor man.

As for the rest of this, totally useless read that's not appropriate to 99% of the population. they both have 6 figure salaries, yet only manage to save 50%? They must have a pretty flash lifestyle already with a lot of lifestyle creep. AKA. If I can make do on like spending £24,000 a year (I earn 33,000 and save roughly 30%), then earning £100,000 would allow me to save like 75%.

Secondly, If you earn such a high wage, pay off your mortgage ASAP, you then no longer have a 50% deduction going to bills, and you can save that anyway?

want a saving tip that trumps all of this entire article: Sleep on it

if you still desperately need it in 24 hours, then you can consider buying it. Cut out impulse purchasing and you'll save a bucket.

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What about housing? Two people making 6 figure each...uhm yeah you got money. Show me a couple make 39,000 combined with 1-2 kids and how they retired early.

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"spend plenty of time hiking" basically a pair of cheap boring people.

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They retired early by having little expenses and large incomes. Shock and Awe!