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The ad on reddit told me this would be a subreddit where experts share financial tips. And then I see this.. Disappointed

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All of these "If you'd bought X BTC Y Years ago you'd have Z gains" posts are cancerous. 99% of the people who would have bought in would have sold within the year on a low to recoup costs or on a peak for a profit.

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But a short-term Bitcoin investor, who spent or sold their Bitcoin within a year of first buying it, they’d be taxed at the ordinary income tax rate, which can be as high as 39.6%. Capital gains taxes max out at a lower 20%.

This is how we win. Hold or get taxed out the ass. MUHAHAHA

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For this reason, I'm out.

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The primary utility of cryptocurrencies is facilitating illegal transactions and ponzi-like speculation. I bought Bitcoin in 2014 for research reasons, but I did not invest for reasons I still consider reasonable and ethical.