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Trailer Park Boys
6 months ago

'Lady Dynamite' Cancelled at Netflix

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for y'all who didn't click through:

Netflix is not moving forward with more episodes of “Lady Dynamite,” Variety has confirmed.

The network did not comment on a reason for this decision. However, series star Maria Bamford, like her character, is living with bipolar disorder, and late last year she told Variety she has had to adjust the schedule of shooting the show to make sure she stays healthy.

“With the TV show, that was generally more than I could do,” Bamford said. “I had a 12-hour turnaround last time, and doing that on such heavy psychiatric meds, I was just half-asleep almost the entire day. They did such a beautiful job last year — they made me a “Bam-cave” that I could shut myself into so I could shut out the noise and take a nap. And I got to take a full hour for lunch. They were very kind.”

Bamford also said she had expressed that if she were to do a third season, she would have needed “children’s hours.”

I have so much respect for Maria Bamford. Her mental health is her number one priority and I love her for that.

I think mental health sometimes makes itself the number one priority wether you want it to or not. She is a gem and I hope for her the best.

Same here. She deserves to be more well known than she is. She is an amazing comic.

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Aw darn. She made a fun, original show though, definitely be rpoud of that accomplishment.

What a darn shame..

Really sad to see it go but I really don't think any other networks/streaming services would've given a show like this two seasons. Excited to see what Maria Bamford does next, I hope she makes another special!

Same. I absolutely loved this show - was incredibly strange/hilarious, and turned me on to Maria Bamford. Will happily be following her career going forward.

She released a special on Netflix last year, if you haven't seen it yet I highly recommend it. It's fantastic

Completely unsurprised, but still sad to see this headline. The final episode actually makes for quite a good series finale.

Maria Bamford is still uproariously funny and I hope we keep seeing her in different projects.

Probably for the best. Somehow, thanks to Peak TV and Moneybags Netflix we were blessed with 20 episodes of this incredibly strange, beautiful, compassionate show. That's still amazing to me.

Here's to Maria Bamford being freed to do what's best for her health.

10 points · 6 months ago

Very creative and unique series, sad to see it go. Bamford is a great comedian!

Terrible! I thought Season 2 was even better than the first.

I have to admit to being a bit crushed by this news. Lady Dynamite is one of the funniest, most poignant & stigma defying shows out there. As many people have stated I’m not surprised it was cancelled due to how insanely weird it is but that doesn’t make me any less sad to see it go.

Great while we had it though

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I loved S1. But season 2 just didn’t really capture me in the same way. It felt like it was making a lot of crazy stuff just for the sake of it and it completely derailed. And not in a good way.

Sad to see it go but not surprised at all.

2 points · 6 months ago

Season 1 was crappy, but season 2 was actually pretty good. Shame.

5 points · 6 months ago

I felt the opposite. Season 1 is great, S2 lost me completely. I do like Maria Bamford and I hope she finds another project, or at least does some more stand up.


2 points · 6 months ago

Ooooommmm goes the dynamite

I wasn't a fan, but the show proves Netflix is making content nobody else is making right now. One of the weirdest and fastest moving shows you'll ever see.

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I had a feeling this would happen, but at least the show ended on a happy note. Plus I got to see Maria Bamford naked. :P

Im more bummed for Maria than the show, I hope she find other endeavors, she’s a gem.

I'm really sad to see this show go. It was refreshingly different and seriously laugh-out-loud funny for me. But I respect Maria's decision.

Does it conclude properly ? Or does it end on a cliffhanger ?

3 points · 6 months ago

It ends in a perfectly satisfactory way.

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I didn't find it funny at all

I remember reading that the first season took a lot out of Maria Bamford, so I wouldn't be surprised if she is kind of relieved that Netflix didn't order a third season.

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I love her comedy but the show sucked. Too weird for me, like a bad acid trip.

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You’re fucking incorrectly.

I'm sorry someone was making you watch it. :(

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I loved the show, it reminded me a bit of 30 rock but this was even crazier

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