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Watch Icarus on Netflix. Holy shit what a ride.

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I'm a documentary hound and while bored one late evening in October I put it on thinking it was just an account of some cyclist's experiment with doping. Well, I ended up glued to the television in shock and awe.

It was truly sensational.

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I put it on thinking it was just an account of some cyclist's experiment with doping.

That's what the documentarian himself thought it was going to be.

Then he met Rodchenko and it went to 11.

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Unrelated to OP but since you said you like docs, there’s an incredible documentary you should look into called The Green Prince. It’s about the son of a Hamas leader, who was recruited to work in secret with Mossad (Israeli CIA) for 10 years against Hamas but ended up fleeing for the States. Honestly one of the best docs I’ve seen. You can watch it free on YouTube

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Thanks. I'll put it in the queue! :)

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Same here. I was pleasantly surprised. I think I read that they may be working on a follow up / sequel, given that the fallout is still ongoing.

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Pretty sure I’m alone in this because it got amazing reviews but I’ll say it anyway... I wasn’t that impressed. I guess the big reveal wasn’t super shocking to me (because it’s Russia). Sure it was interesting that the scandal was unfolding in “real time” but not enough to make it a great movie.

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"let's all downvote this guy to teach him not to share his reasonable opinion of a movie when it differs with ours"

Here have an upvote for contributing meaningful content. Reddit may have forgotten what downvotes are for.

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Or we know Russian propaganda when we see it.

Having the KGB being directed by Putin's subordinates to cheat in the Sochi Olympics, breaking the testing system by replacing dirty urines with clean urines by buying a neighboring condo, filling it with clean urines, and passing them through a hole where a power outlet should be, "wasn't super shocking."

Come the fuck on.

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May be propaganda reply, dunno. Didn't see the movie, so I don't know how shocking it's supposed to be. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Russia does dirty underhanded shit all the time, so I could understand if someone wasn't blown away when the big reveal of the movie was Russia doing more dirty underhanded shit.

Edit: I also don't know to what lengths the Russians go to make their Reddit propaganda credible, but u/thatpaperclip sure went to great lengths to post lots of pertinent comments in a variety of subreddits over the course of months just to drop in a subtle negative movie review...

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I’m confused... if I were a Russian propagandist I wouldn’t be saying that the Russian government doing sneaky underhanded shit is unsurprising right? Is my original comment being misunderstood?

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Edit: double post

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I think they assume you saying something negative about a film portraying Russia negatively means you must be part of the Russian Reddit gaslight effort. They didn't read too deeply into the fact that your experience with the film actually stems from the common knowledge that Russians do crooked shit all the time.

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Sounds on par with what I expect out of Russia.

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To clarify, I think it’s “not super shocking” because I expect the Russians to be up to shady shit like this. Not sure how that comes off as Russian propaganda.

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If the goal is to get people to not watch the documentary

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Appreciate it but I knew what I was signing up for when I commented.

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The threat of suicide is a national issue with most countries. Don't single out Russia. Also, the threat of dying due to falling several times, eating Polonium, or being mugged by skittish armed assailants is the kind of thing that can happen anywhere. Be safe, Grig!

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He might fall off a very high building, and on to a couple of bullets.

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and into a suitcase

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How that case was ruled a suicide I'll never know.

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..... Because the Russian government makes the American government look like Norways government in comparison.

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In Russia, suicide kills you... Wait, that seems about right which is almost a first for Russia.

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Why does literally every thread about Russia need some stupid ass comment about "guys Russia isn't the only one that does it". Ok? We're having a conversation about Russia

I don't open up threads about Japan and see random comments "Ya China too", only happens with Russia

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Wikipedia keeps a list of Russian Journalists killed under Putin. He kills his critics. My point, "don't single Russia out." was to point out that other than al-Assad in Syria or Turkey's Erdogan, no one kills their citizens like Russia. Russia's posture, moves, and intentions are destabilizing because that is how they create marketplaces and propaganda. Blaming internal problems on external issues is how dictators keep a firm grip on the reigns. My point was that this guy needs to get his affairs in order. If Putin or his extended network of benefactors wants Grigory dead, then Grigory is going to die.

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Drop some dirt about a country that is run by an ex-spy doing spy stuff in other countries? I'm sure he has nothing to worry about.

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Might be best he's allowed to testify from a remote location. Just to be sure.

If I had to guess, the man partially responsible for getting Russia banned from the Olympics is probably pretty high on the "must kill before I retire" list.

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You can say a lot of things about Russians but you gotta admit they’re some fearless motherfuckers. Putin will never be able to contain people who are ready and willing to die to stop him indefinitely. The Russian people will eventually eat him alive.

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And then another more ruthless dictator will take his place. Russia has a really messed up history. I feel bad for the ordinary citizens just trying to live their life.

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Your right. They are a future vision of what our lives would become under continual Republican fascism. It’s incredibly depressing.

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Yeah and socialist liberals are attempting to control the nation and not allow any free speech. See how easy that was to say? Doesn't make it true in the slightest. Get out of here with your inflammatory bullshit.

Edit: I was going to vote for Bernie. I'm not a Republican. I'm just not an idiot that demonizes the other side and equates them to Hitler every single time I don't agree with them and who also realizes that my side has just as many problems.

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The Russian people will eventually eat him alive.

No, they won't. Most Russians love Putin. He's literally seen as the savior that dug them out of the disaster Boris Yeltzin caused. Think Trump has a lot of support? He doesn't have shit on Putin. Putin isn't going anywhere.

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Putin controls the Russian media and he's clamped down on polling operations in the country. Don't believe claims of Putin's popularity. The sentiment is literally Putin's top domestic propaganda priority.

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Think Trump has a lot of support?

Trump only has a 35% approval rating. He does not have "a lot of support."

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While I won't deny that Putin is popular in parts of Russian society, you need to be more careful about how you greedily you devour this sort of propaganda. Russians can't express dissent freely. How can you make judgments on the popularity of the government in a society like that?

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Yet sadly it wasn't Boris's fault he took over after a entire system had collapsed. The poor bastard wasn't even a drinker before taking over.

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He was still seen by the Russian people as the reason for the collapse. He was also buddies with Bill Clinton, whom the Russians hated with a passion. Boris Yeltzin was seen as the belligerent drunk moron who tried (and failed) to westernize Russia.

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The Russian people might want to dig a little deeper to see what led to the collapse. Like how the Soviet economic model was a farce and the economy has collapsed years earlier.

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I feel bad for this dude... I feel like it is almost certain they will kill him eventually. Can you imagine living under that constant threat of death, not knowing when a knock on your door or a person walking towards you could be your assassin?

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Smoking polonium is bad for your health comrade.

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Surprised Putin hasn't had him killed yet.

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I don't see why sworn statements wouldn't work. Anybody can make one of those at any time instead of literally testifying

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Good on him for not being murdered so far!

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Just fucking tell Russia if he's dead under any circumstances or disappears they are banned from the olympics for life. Ffs they should not be putting up with this type of strongarming.

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For how long? A year? 5 years? A decade? It’s impossible because as mentioned in the doc and anywhere else, it can be made difficult to prove a “natural” death vs otherwise. And so, an assassination can be made to look natural and a natural death can be made to look like a murder. So, to mandate that this one person’s wellbeing, when it can be interpreted in so many ways no matter what, dictate the future of an entire country’s international athletics org is a bit to blunt/heavy handed and lacks control.

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I hope he doesn't have a sudden heart attack like his former boss did.

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With modern forensics it's near impossible to make a death seem natural. Frankly a ban like that should be threatened, but your right might be to heavy as a permanent ban. Say until the current regime in Russia gets replaced.