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Well he's got a mean crossover move

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Scooby Doo Meets The Harlem Globetrotters and The Pope.

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Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

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And Knuckles

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New funky mode!

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"Do u kno I am da wae, da troot, and da light?"

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Yet bender still isnt

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Bubblegum: Bender, you can talk trash, you can handle the ball, but look in your heart and ask yourself...are you funky enough to be a Globe Trotter? Are you?

Bender: Yes.

Bubblegum: Are you?

Bender: I mean, with time, my funk level could...

Bubblegum: Are you?!

Bender: No.

Bubblegum: Deal with it.

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Too late hot plate

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Came here to say this...poor Bender.

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Somebody say I'm great?

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Ball so hard mothafuckas wanna follow me

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But first they gotta’ find me.

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Harlem Popetrotters

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The Pope can talk trash, handle the ball, and has a high enough flunk level... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6aKVFE4SMeI

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So was John Paul II. But not Benedict XVI; he wasn't good enough.

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whats the globet rotters?

Edit: look at the article check out the picture there jackets are poorly designed

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They're called the Glob etrotters, and they obviously etrott Glob

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oh right, my bad!

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♫♪(Sweet Georgia Brown)♪♫

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So that's what Manu is doing in his spare time

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I think this year the Washington Protestants are going all the way.

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the picture on the right side looks like it was photoshopped by the onion.

i'm not into religion, but this is really dope!

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I'm a Catholic and a Generals fan.

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OP is Sheldon Cooper.

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Ball So Hard

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Pope's got hops.

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they just wanted someone with a big dick on the team.

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Bitch ain't honorary, Pretty sure he's starting next week.

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Both organizations encourage children to handle balls.

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They drafted Trump too

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Pope got the step back jimbo taught by Jesus his self