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Posted byToronto Blue Jays1 month ago

David Ortiz's wife wants him to try the Tom Brady diet, but Red Sox legend isn't budging: 'I'm gonna enjoy life'

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Milwaukee Brewers1.1k points·1 month ago

This is a good attitude to have. Gotta eat healthy, but even that should be in moderation. I once overheard a really fit guy at the gym say, "Life is too short to not have a piece of pie once in a while." Those are words to live by.

Miami Marlins657 points·1 month ago

A comedian who I can't remember once said this: "Jack Lalanne was a fitness and health guru. He exercised with weights daily, swam daily, watched his diet like a hawk, all for over 80 years. And he still died."

Toronto Blue Jays232 points·1 month ago

That's not the point though. There's a decent chance you might live about as long as someone who didn't take care of themselves or eat right, and just got lucky, but your last 10-15 years will be leaps and bounds more enjoyable and graceful than theirs 100% of the time.

Yea, there is a big difference between being in pain everyday and being mobile and mostly healthy. It's definitely not just about how long you live overall.

Toronto Blue Jays28 points·1 month ago

Nail on the head.

"We all die eventually! You should love yourself more instead of putting yourself through that"

Is one of the most ignorant things people say to me. I do love myself, that's why I'll never stop exercising and eating right. I want to be able to get through my day without taking painkillers and I want to chase my kids around and wrestle with them.

your last 10-15 years will be leaps and bounds more enjoyable and graceful than theirs 100% of the time

It's all fun and games until obesity becomes the third worst thing happening to your body while simultaneously being a significantly bigger problem on its own than it's ever been.

Texas Rangers85 points·1 month ago

Not only the last 10-15 years though, you will enjoy the rest of your life more as well. Yes there is pleasure in eating cake but there is also pleasure in feeling lighter, having more energy, being generally healthier etc.

New York Yankees24 points·1 month ago

Exactly. I've only really been hitting the gym hard for a week now, but I feel TONS better than I did before.

St. Louis Cardinals9 points·1 month ago

Keep it up bro

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Psssttt... You can do both.

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Atlanta Braves3 points·1 month ago

Brb going to the gym.

Not even the later years. Your life will improve immediately and continue to improve if you live a healthy lifestyle.

Edit: seems others have said this already.

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Had to look this guy up...from the wiki:

LaLanne died of respiratory failure due to pneumonia at his home on 23 January 2011. He was 96. According to his family, he had been sick for a week, but refused to see a doctor. They added that he had been performing his daily workout routine the day before his death.[35][36] He was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, California.

What an absolute legend.

San Diego Padres2 points·29 days ago
Boston Red Sox69 points·1 month ago

Bill hicks

San Francisco Giants80 points·1 month ago

Hicks died like 20 years before LaLanne did, so it ain't him

Boston Red Sox28 points·1 month ago

I was thinking about his bit about Jim Fixx.

Everyone steals bill hick's jokes

Boston Brock Holts57 points·1 month ago

Today a young man on the internet realized that all Reddit is merely upvotes condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one account experiencing Reddit subjectively, there is no such thing as a shadowban, r/baseball is only a dream, and we are the imagination of the mods. Here's r/andyman171 with the weather.


Well done

Thank you

Houston Astros3 points·1 month ago

This deeply upsets me

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Boston Red Sox9 points·1 month ago

I knew Dennis Leary stole this joke but I didn't realize it was almost word for fucking word.

His joke? Dennis Leary stole Hick’s whole fucking act.

St. Louis Cardinals7 points·1 month ago

As the bit goes:

"Why is Denis Leary a star while Bill Hicks is unknown?"

"Because there's no cure for cancer"

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Texas Rangers6 points·1 month ago

He's Alex Jones now

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Chicago Cubs4 points·1 month ago

Bill Brasky

Chicago Cubs4 points·1 month ago

"Non-smokers die every day."

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New York Yankees3 points·1 month ago

Carlin told a variation of this joke in the 70s/80s so it's not exactly original

Minnesota Twins13 points·1 month ago

Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly, Rhaegar fought honorably, Rhaegar ate his broccoli. And Rhaegar died.

The question is of quality rather than quantity sometimes.

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Toronto Blue Jays22 points·1 month ago

I don’t think he’s planning on having pie once in a while lol.....

San Francisco Giants19 points·1 month ago

And when he eats that pie people will say "I wish I could eat like that and be thin". I'm not super ripped or anything, but I have to hear that anytime there's free pizza or cake in the office.

Chicago Cubs11 points·1 month ago

I'm decently fit and really it's not all that difficult to accommodate "unhealthy" food once in a while this is especially true if you're not super concerned about being near "stage ready" body fat levels year round. For me at 5'11" 205lbs and lifting heavy a few times a week I maintain around 2800 calories which leaves me a lot of wiggle room for the occasional donuts or pie or whatever. If I were sedentary or a smaller person it becomes increasingly more difficult to find those "extra" calories

Montreal Expos60 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

I've once heard a really fit dude at the gym say: "nothing tastes as good as fit feels" so there's that.

Kate Moss said nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Montreal Expos69 points·1 month ago

She's never had poutine

Los Angeles Dodgers17 points·1 month ago

Flair checks out

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Houston Astros9 points·1 month ago

According to her, I guess cocaine smells as good

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Boston Red Sox20 points·1 month ago

Everything in moderation. Even moderation

New York Yankees9 points·1 month ago

~ Julia Child

Boston Red Sox3 points·1 month ago

-Michael Scott

New York Yankees2 points·1 month ago

-Kristaps Porzingis

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Cleveland Indians306 points·1 month ago

He gonna enjoy that mofongo. He gonna enjoy that waka kaka con queso frito.

New York Highlanders94 points·1 month ago


Houston Astros71 points·1 month ago



New York Yankees17 points·1 month ago
Houston Astros7 points·1 month ago

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New York Yankees10 points·1 month ago

Keenan Thompson is a national goddamned treasure.

New York Yankees8 points·1 month ago

I was legit eating mangu con queso Frito when I read that

Boston Red Sox7 points·1 month ago

Is that not a made up dish? What's it in english?

New York Yankees4 points·1 month ago

Mashed plantains with Dominican fried cheese though I'd Google mangu because there's a specific way if making it. Amazing breakfast, usually add salami and eggs

Boston Red Sox2 points·1 month ago

I thought I'd hate plantains when a Cuban friend asked me to try them because I don't like bananas.

I'm glad my stomach overruled my brain (as it often does) because plantains are delicious. Salami and eggs sound awesome with them!!

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Seattle Mariners121 points·1 month ago

The Big J journo’s are on a roll

Atlanta Braves57 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

slight hiccup with the whole Steven Segal being a rapist thing, but the guys did good to get out in front of it. PR 101.

Boston Red Sox22 points·1 month ago

Suck my dick

Hey, we don’t say that anymore!

Boston Red Sox24 points·1 month ago

Well if I could have given him a Busch Light I would have

Just a couple of Big J Journalists pulling big headlines.

Chicago Cubs181 points·1 month ago

the Dominican way lol

Seattle Mariners133 points·1 month ago

He’s gonna have a BEEEEG lunch

Boston Red Sox95 points·1 month ago

he's gonna have mofongo...lechon asado...pastelito con BISTEC.

Los Angeles Dodgers23 points·1 month ago

Just a smidgeon of pigeon.

Toronto Blue Jays3 points·1 month ago


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Cincinnati Reds3 points·1 month ago

I always forget that he's Dominican and basically expect him to talk like Big Smoke

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Oakland Athletics79 points·1 month ago

Sticking with the Pablo Sandoval diet? Let's see how this pans out.

Montreal Expos33 points·1 month ago

Hey man Pablo is actually in pretty decent shape this spring, by Pablo standards of course but still.

Los Angeles Dodgers110 points·1 month ago

Round is a shape

Boston Red Sox5 points·1 month ago

Round is an improvement over some Pablo spring training appearances, whoch could be described as blobs.

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New York Yankees1.2k points·1 month ago

Given how unbelievably stupid Tom Brady is on stuff like this.....

He literally thinks drinking water prevents sunburn. He's a moron, maybe don't take advice from him.

Chicago White Sox769 points·1 month ago

He has the worst hot takes about things, if he wasn't a world class football player he'd be that guy on Facebook who takes all his pictures in a truck

Jackie Robinson113 points·1 month ago

He does have a pretty sweet truck tbh

Chicago Cubs6 points·1 month ago

Well if I were a kajillionaire I'd have a sweet truck too.

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Los Angeles Dodgers181 points·1 month ago

He literally thinks drinking water prevents sunburn

wtf? Really?

Los Angeles Dodgers103 points·1 month ago

okay yeah, he's an idiot

Boston Red Sox78 points·1 month ago

But he's our idiot

Toronto Blue Jays22 points·1 month ago

You could say the same thing about Kyrie.

Washington Nationals16 points·1 month ago

Brady is a dumb weirdo, but being a flat earther is a whole different level of stupid

Why are there so many god damn morons in Bost... Wait, that was a really dumb question.

Los Angeles Dodgers40 points·1 month ago

I feel the same way about Yasiel Puig except it's a different brand of idiocy.

Philadelphia Phillies23 points·1 month ago

tons of athletes believe in lots of weird religious shit but I still love them.

New York Yankees23 points·1 month ago

like Gabe Kapler who believes tanning naked to increase testosterone.

Philadelphia Phillies31 points·1 month ago

how dare you question him. go bathe in coconut oil to absolve yourself

Boston Red Sox21 points·1 month ago

Hmm. Isn't Gabe Kapler bald and really jacked? I guess maybe it's working for him.

Boston Red Sox :bos2:11 points·1 month ago

Yeah I remember he looked like Mr Clean

Well as long as he drinks enough water to not get sunburned.

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people take things out of context all the time. I just read his comment...As a fair skinned irish person myself, the reason we can't get tan is because our skin flakes/peels off constantly rotating back to the pasty white. All he was saying is he hydrates more so after being in the sun he builds up a tolerance it all just doesn't flake off.

I don't even like Brady I am a Giants fan but I always see this type of shit on Reddit.

New York Yankees27 points·1 month ago

It's even more odd because drinking water does have an effect on reducing sunburns. Sunburns cause vasodilation, which drinking additional water can make up for. He never says "water prevents sunburns," he's only saying that drinking water helps him reduce his sunburns.

And Thank You. Finally some sanity in here.

Are you accusing people on reddit of making snap judgments about things they have no knowledge of outside of the short, inaccurate sentence they read ten seconds ago?

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Baltimore Orioles10 points·1 month ago

He reminds me of some affable moron that Matt Damon would portray in a movie.

Boston Red Sox3 points·1 month ago

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San Francisco Giants247 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Google Alex Guerrero Tom Brady.

Honestly, Brady was a fairly normal guy before he met Gisele and before he got into this pseudoscience shit because he can't give up football.

There's an NFL Films video about the Tuck Rule Game where he's interviewed maybe a few months after it happened. He's wearing a Guinness t-shirt and a backwards Giants hat. Compare that to the Tom Brady you see today.

edit: here's the video. Fackin' Touchdown Tommy wearing a flat cap and a leather jacket like he's going to audition for Boondock Saints 2: The Boondockining and then the Guinness t-shirt and that unmistakeable orange and black batterman a few seconds later. He had a real New Era 59/50 fetish for years, he was always wearing them. Even when that might be a bad idea.

Kiddo was straight out of central casting for "Irish-American Frat Boy" and now he's extolling the virtues of water for sunburns.

Montreal Expos196 points·1 month ago

Gisele had nothing to do with it. Alex Guerrero was Willie McGinest's personal trainer, and in 2004, Brady was complaining to McGinest about how he was never healthy in training camp, so McGinest told him he needed to hook up with Guerrero.

Also, Boondock Saints 2 was subtitled "All Saints Day."

San Francisco Giants92 points·1 month ago

Gisele certainly was involved with the fashion choices.

Also, I can't believe you felt the need to correct me over the name of the Boondock Saints sequel.

Montreal Expos51 points·1 month ago

He was already starting to dress up because of Moynihan, but yeah, Gisele upped his wardrobe game substantially. That's a benign thing, though... the woo shit is far more troubling.

As far as the Boondock Saints go, I honestly wasn't sure that you knew there was a second Boondock Saints. It sucked, by the way.

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Boston Red Sox7 points·1 month ago

I thought it was called "Electric Douche-a-loo" in honor of its fans.

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Boston Red Sox71 points·1 month ago

He was also 22 during the tuck rule game. Most people's fashion sense changes from 22 to 40, as well as the person as a whole.

Boston Red Sox39 points·1 month ago

You aren't same person you were 18 years ago?

Boston Red Sox24 points·1 month ago

Same person, but dressed differently.

Cleveland Indians12 points·1 month ago

But are you a different animal, and the same beast?

Baltimore Orioles6 points·1 month ago

What the fuck does that mean u/No32?

Cleveland Indians5 points·1 month ago

You're welcome.

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Colorado Rockies87 points·1 month ago

Of all the things you could make a case about Brady being weird you chose what he wore in his early 20s compared to at 40.

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New York Yankees42 points·1 month ago

Brady in a yankees hat makes me want to vomit, he fuck right off with that

Boston Red Sox58 points·1 month ago

I feel the same way, but for opposite reasons.

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San Francisco Giants6 points·1 month ago

That video infuriates me as a Raider fan, but I love the beginning. Brady: "It definitely looked like a forward pass." Woodson: "That was the worst call in all of sports."

Boston Red Sox2 points·1 month ago

Yeah he was a normal guy then, but hes said before that his body was killing him and he couldn't even raise his arm from the pain.

I think a lot of what he's done works.

San Francisco Giants4 points·1 month ago

In general the focusing on flexibility over muscle mass and looking after his diet works, I think the specifics about the water intake and nightshades and stuff is mumbo jumbo.

He also was never Michael Vick out there, he’s always been a pocket passer and those guys last longer than the scramblers. I guarantee Marino wasn’t giving up tomatoes and he was still good when he retired at 38.

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I love Tom Brady but the man is in a cult. I don’t care as long as he continues to deliver what ever works works

New York Yankees13 points·1 month ago

His fault for not choosing Ahmen as his lord

Atlanta Braves3 points·1 month ago

Holy shit this spread fast

Atlanta Braves2 points·1 month ago

Praise be to Lord Ahmen only $100 a month non refundable

He also french kisses his children. He's one sick fuck.

Boston Red Sox39 points·1 month ago

Uh. Wut?

New York Yankees100 points·1 month ago

He also cups his Center's balls for good luck on the first drive of each half

Boston Red Sox11 points·1 month ago

I guess football players have their superstitions too...

They're just a lot rapey-er than OCD glove checks and swinging at air.

San Francisco Giants48 points·1 month ago

Here's video of Tom Brady kissing his 11-year-old son on the mouth with a curious intensity for a concerningly long time.

Boston Red Sox41 points·1 month ago

Holy shit. That's awkward as fuck.

What a weird dude.

New York Yankees18 points·1 month ago

you hear what that sick fuck said? "That was just a peck" "Everything has a cost" he wanted him to come back and give him that long of a kiss.

Cincinnati Reds11 points·1 month ago

What in the fucking hell

Texas Rangers5 points·1 month ago

There were a lot of people on r/NFL defending him on this. I kid you not.

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Toronto Blue Jays25 points·1 month ago

Roll Tide

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Toronto Blue Jays69 points·1 month ago

The diet overall has good core principles, like eat lots of vegetables, lean proteins, avoid bad carbs. And also some ridiculous things like no nightshades (tomatoes, egg plants) for inflammation?? wtf? If thats what Tom likes then all the power to him, but other people should follow the more normal parts of it if they're looking for a solid plan.

Kansas City Royals18 points·1 month ago

He does all the right things by accident because of all the crazy effort he puts into doing crazy things.

New York Yankees34 points·1 month ago

Avoiding nightshades is also a paleo thing, even though they are unprocessed plants

Tampa Bay Rays28 points·1 month ago

Huh, two strange diet cults sharing common principles

Texas Rangers8 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

If you don't include weird eccentric rules to your "diet" then eccentric people won't glom on to them. That's half the reason they like being on them. Feeling like they know something someone else doesn't.

And also some ridiculous things like no nightshades (tomatoes, egg plants) for inflammation?? wtf?

That actually is a thing, for people with autoimmune diseases.

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New York Yankees16 points·1 month ago

He's also never eaten a strawberry.

Boston Red Sox2 points·1 month ago

So like Charlie Kelly?

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Cincinnati Reds17 points·1 month ago

He literally thinks drinking water prevents sunburn.

Lol, what? I'd like Tom Brady to see how quickly my skin gets roasted after being in the sun for a minute with or without drinking water.

Los Angeles Dodgers10 points·1 month ago

My sister is the palest ginger on the face of the planet. I'd like to see her reaction to being told that she could have avoided all those sunburns at the beach if she had just stayed hydrated. She'll be amazed!

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That was taken out of control text. Read above he didn’t actually say that.

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There is an actual correlation between sunburns and dehydration, so its not that far-fetched of a comment.

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New York Yankees33 points·1 month ago

I don’t know about the water and sunburn thing but his diet works for me

Toronto Blue Jays85 points·1 month ago

flair absolutely does not check out

Detroit Tigers36 points·1 month ago

maybe hes from Conneticut

New York Yankees :nyy3:35 points·1 month ago

the sunken place.... the combinations of fandom you get between the bruins, rangers, yanks, sox, pats, and giants are hilarious

New York Yankees :nyy2:45 points·1 month ago

I have a friend who is a Yankees/Patriots fan, while the rest of his family are Red Sox/Giants fans.

New York Yankees58 points·1 month ago


New York Yankees :nyy2:27 points·1 month ago

I know right? That's almost as weird as being a Yankees fan who lives in Boston hahahahaha how weird is that hahahahahahaha

New York Yankees30 points·1 month ago


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New York Mets27 points·1 month ago

God I can't stand Pats/Yanks fans. Most are Celtics fans too of course, can't be rooting for a bad team like the nets or knicks. Most entitled fans I've ever met. On the other hand I know some Mets/Jets/Nets fans and I just feel bad for the infinite sadness they must feel.

Chicago Cubs :chc3:31 points·1 month ago

On the brightside, all their team names rhyme. So that's neat.

San Francisco Giants7 points·1 month ago

Good thing they're completely fucked on hockey

New York Yankees5 points·1 month ago


Toronto Blue Jays3 points·1 month ago

You can just call them Etsies

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Kansas City Royals6 points·1 month ago

I never understood shit like this. Like was your friend just an obnoxious twerp growing up who just wanted to be different from his family? How did his parents not sit him down and have a talk with him about the evils of his ways before it was too late?

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Boston Red Sox3 points·1 month ago

Pliability checks out though

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Is anecodtal evidence reliable? One man says "yes".

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Cleveland Indians13 points·1 month ago

Can we broaden this sentiment to "only take nutritional advice from doctors, nutritionists, medical scientists, and other people who know what the fuck they're talking about?"

Seattle Mariners34 points·1 month ago

Nutritionist is a meaningless title anyone can call themselves (in most places). "Dietician" is the protected title that one has to become certified to get.

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New York Yankees11 points·1 month ago

most of them don't or are paid by different food companies. I grew up in the 80's when the low fat fad began to take off. Even then I remember an interview on CNN where some guy said it was a bunch of BS because there were only two thickeners. Fat and sugar. And guess what was in all the low fat stuff.

Next thing you know obesity and and diabetes rates take off.

Now there is all kinds of research coming out how fats are in fact really good for you and all the bad stuff blamed on fat 30 years ago is really because of sugar

Cleveland Indians7 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Yeah, that stuff was largely pushed by the sugar industry too. I suspect the reason is that when you eat 500 calories worth of fat, you feel full, whereas you can drink 500 calories of sugar and still feel starving.

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Boston Red Sox14 points·1 month ago

fyi there's legit science to the water sunburn thing.

Water helps keep your skin hydrated which makes you less prone to getting sunburns but also improves the healing process in the event of getting one.

It doesn't "prevent" sunburns but proper hydration does make your skin a bit more resistant to it.

TLDR: Dry skin, easier to burn. Smooth skin, harder to burn.

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He literally does not ever once say you should not use sun screen. He simply is saying hydration helps skin condition, and for those of us who are white and easily burnt this DOES help maintain a base later of tanned skin, which in fact does help prevent sun burns.

You guys love to shit on this but nbidy ever thinks it thru

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Chicago White Sox :cws3:103 points·1 month ago

You do you Papi

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Cincinnati Reds18 points·1 month ago

Credit PMT

Toronto Blue Jays59 points·1 month ago
  1. Become Biggest Papi.

  2. Contain the universe.

Via pardon my take

New York Yankees9 points·1 month ago

Did you know Josh Allen is tall?

I heard his hands are huge.

Atlanta Braves2 points·29 days ago

Looks great in shorts

The Big J journo’s are on a roll

Cleveland Indians39 points·1 month ago

the Tom Brady Diet

is this just kissing your son opened-mouth?

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New York Yankees7 points·1 month ago

Holy shit. Some actually credited Pardon My Take. Take a lesson, ESPN.

Florida Marlins25 points·1 month ago

Not enough wasakaka con queso frito in the Tom Brady diet

New York Highlanders14 points·1 month ago


Florida Marlins22 points·1 month ago

Can’t forget the mafongo

New York Yankees :nyy2:9 points·1 month ago


Los Angeles Dodgers10 points·1 month ago

whenever Keenan did these sketches I fucking laughed so damned hard

Big Papi’s wife: Sup?

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“Are you gonna turn into Brady’s wife?...I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing”

New York Yankees30 points·1 month ago

I really hope he gets to the bottom of it.

18 points·1 month ago

I wish people wouldn’t fall so hard for celebrity and recognizable names, because that’s literally the only thing the Brady diet has going for it. Everyone who knows about diets and workouts will tell you his system is basically nonsense and you can get a better plan anywhere that you don’t have to pay Tom Brady for.

It’s pretty clear the whole things a money-making scheme when you go on the website to see what it says and it keeps aggressively telling you that you need to hire a “TB12 certified personal trainer” or you’re not doing it right.

New York Yankees13 points·1 month ago

it takes about 5 minutes to get most of the diet by googling it on the internet and without buying anything

New York Yankees3 points·1 month ago

People who grew up in the pre-Internet era are more likely to fall for the "If it works for a legend like Tom Brady, it will work for me". Infomercials revolved around that kind of logic.

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Detroit Tigers7 points·1 month ago

This guy, unlike football players, diet all year, for their entire career, because they play 162 times a year.

After an entire career of dieting, I would imagine that when the cuffs come off, it's buffet time, every time.

i dont know, from what ive gathered baseball players are notorious for performing with terrible diets. Especially if your a power hitter like Big Papi. No source on that, but I do remember an article about a pitcher who use to eat In n Out 4x4, animal style fries and a shake everyday. lol I feel like baseball is the only pro sport where you can have a dad bod and still be phenomenal.

Kansas City Royals2 points·1 month ago

Unless you're Michael Phelps

Before Beijing he was eating 12,000 calories a day which included

Breakfast: Three fried egg sandwiches, two cups of coffee, five egg omelet bowl, grits, three slices of french toast and three chocolate chip pancakes.

Lunch: A pound of pasta, two ham and cheese sandwiches, and 1k calories of energy drinks

Dinner: 1 pound of pasta and a whole Pizza and another 1k calories of energy drinks

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New York Yankees43 points·1 month ago

Ortiz already learned his lesson about putting weird stuff into his body.

Classic case of denial.

Arizona Diamondbacks8 points·1 month ago

I freaking love this gif <3

I laughed

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1 more reply

I hate Pig Sloppi but why in the hell would a fat athlete go on an extreme diet AFTER his career?

Washington Nationals3 points·29 days ago

Ortiz was like, "I can't do roids anymore?" And then smashed the phone

Chicago Cubs8 points·1 month ago

Cocaine and strippers isn't the Brady way. It is the Papi way tho, and that's why I love him

Florida Marlins2 points·1 month ago

Good luck convincing a Dominican to go on a diet

Studies show that occasional refeed days(cheat days) have almost no impact on the success of body fat loss and as such should be implemented in order to improve quality of life and the longevity of a healthy diet.

Relevant study: role of leptin Shows refeeding and fasting effect on plasma leptin levels.

Boston Red Sox2 points·1 month ago

Eat right, exercise, everything in moderation. There is no secret.

2 points·1 month ago

Seriously,the Tom Brady diet does not sound fun. Then again, neither does Tom Brady.

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