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New York has been awarded a federal grant of just over $200 million to fight homelessness.

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So.... Are they going to have housing for them, or is the money going to be spent on the cops to go after the homeless?

Not even kidding. I have known Federal money to be misused very badly before.

Plane tickets to send them to Chicago and LA


I seriously don’t trust government red tape to make sure this gets spent properly.

just ship them to California.

I think that one of the issues with the homeless in NYC is that many of them tend to be mentally unstable and many are drug addicts. You can not forcibly medicate these people and many of them will end up on the street again. Many homeless do not want to stay in shelters as they got robbed or assaulted in the shelters. This is a large problem and I don’t believe money can solve it.

Well I hope the Clintons aren’t in charge of the money.

I’d fight the homeless for a beer.

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I think homelessness has always been a problem in every society. There will always be a segment of the population that lives totally outside normal society because they choose to. People who are temporarily homeless due to circumstance will easily fit into any government program. There isn't a solution for people who refuse shelter because you can't violate their civil rights. We have no mental institutions anymore. We have no way to take care of these people. That is why they will always be on the streets. How many years has New York been fighting homelessness? Throwing more money at it has never been the solution before, I doubt it will change much now.

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