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Here's a thought: When registering to reddit you accept their terms and conditions, right? If they change those terms and conditions, shouldn't they ask you to agree to them again, before they try and ban you?

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Not nessacarily. Especially in this case, when there's an option to give an email... those that did though are, I believe, entitled to a notification (depends on country). However the user agreement IS a 2-way street.

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Don't forget one very important thing folks. User Agreements are a 2-way street. They can violate THEIR end of the bargain so if they cross a line do NOT hesitate to make them pay for it :)

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idk, it seems very broadly written:

Without advance notice and at any time, we may, for violations of this agreement or for any other reason we choose: (1) suspend your access to reddit, (2) suspend or terminate Your Account or reddit gold membership, and/or (3) remove any of your User Content from reddit.