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I feel like they're the type of people who would dispose of large bags of personal garbage at convenience stores.

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What do you mean by that statement?

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What do you mean what do I think?

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you proud? Ashamed? Genki?

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Confused :-(

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It feels like a place where unrealistic weeb pipe dreams go to die.

If you can't keep your shit together simply reading the text comments of a bunch of jaded expats, you're not gonna fare too well when faced with the harsh realities of living in Japan.

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It's a mix of some gaijin who live in Japan, and a lot of people who haven't spent much or any time there who have a romanticized idea of what it is. Which really, is what most gaijin who live there were like before they moved to Japan and a lot of them hate seeing what naive twats they used to be.

Mostly they play nice though, which is why it's fun to come in these other subs where one is encouraged to let the twisted inner naijin out.