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When someone asked this before, a commentator stated that the movie studios don't get as high of a percentage of revenue from foreign films as they do for domestic films. For example, a movie that grosses $70M in the U.S. may net the studio $35M in profit while the same movie grossing $70M in China may net the studio $5M in profit (numbers made up for illustration).

I have no knowledge how true this is, but that explanation made sense to me when wondering why studios care more about domestic numbers!

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Not every movie opens in worldwide market at the same time.

Ill give you an example.

Lets take Interstellar and Big Hero Six. Both movies opened at the same time domestically, but interstellar had a worldwide opening at the same time as well; whereas Big Hero 6 opened in different markets sometimes weeks apart.

So while compering Interstellar would dominate simply because it is more accessible to a larger audience.

That's why, to keep it fair box office numbers are focused on domestic gross.

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Box office numbers focus more on domestic until those numbers are disappointing... and then they focus on worldwide. It's all just part of the spin cycle.

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That's very vague...gotta give me a bit more

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They don't. That's why.