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Just because you don't like somebody doesn't mean their posts are spam. Also the "report" button isn't a "super-downvote" - all it does is flag the post for our attention. We're going to look at it, and we're going to approve it unless it's actually spam. It doesn't even make the user's posts go away in the interim.

So please, reconsider before using the spam button.

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I'll piggyback on this and add that just because you don't like someone, or their opinion, that doesn't make them a troll. For the love of god people, learn what words mean before you use them.

Even that paranoid-whackjob-MRA douche that was posting all the insane threads last week isn't a troll. He's just a moron (or a reeeeeeally good troll).

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Nah, he was a troll. Not because of his opinion, but his posts were obvious bait. And he deleted and recreated his account multiple times without having been banned on any of them. He was doing it "for the lulz"