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In April, a freshman at Woodcreek told district officials that Mason had massaged her shoulders regularly, pulled an ankle-length skirt up to her knee, winked at her flirtatiously during class and asked that she call him during the summer so he could hear her voice, according to district documents. The student and her parents have requested anonymity to protect her.

On one occasion, according to the teen, Mason grabbed her hands, pulled her close and essentially told her that he loved her. He also complimented her appearance, telling her “You look awesome” and “Oh, you are so fit,” according to the documents.

The student told investigators that Mason’s behavior had made it difficult for her to concentrate in class, especially when other students commented about how he treated her, according to documents. She said she often worried about how to avoid having him massage her shoulders or touch her. She said she worried that Mason would try and lock her in the classroom.

An initial investigation by the school district concluded that Mason’s conduct violated professional standards and that the girl’s concerns were reasonable.

But they say it's not "sexual harassment", because:

The district, as one justification for its conclusion, said that although Mason’s behavior made her feel “creepy” and generally uncomfortable in class, it did not affect her grade, according to the letter.

So you can be a 56 year old teacher with a history of being disciplined for inappropriate behavior towards staff and students, and creep on a 14 year old girl in front of her peers, just make sure you give her a good grade. Then you can rub your hands on her body against her will without any consequences!

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Ok. This is the type of thing we should be taking action against.

This kinda stuff makes me wish I could shoot out porcupine quills if ever somebody tried to touch me.

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I bet her grades would have been affected if she had have told him to fuck off every time he touched her.

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This is why community self-defense is much more effective than the state and legality could ever be.

If her classmates would organise her defence (walk her to and from class, stand up to phisicaly block this scum from getting closer than 3 steps) this would create a culture of collective responcebillity for your peers and signal that this behavior Will not be tolerated by society.

The state is useless, we should all defend ourselves and eachother

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And then they get in trouble for being disrespectful of the teacher. Students are (wrongfully) led to believe they have no rights or power.

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Not if enough students stand together.

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Every human has a right to self-determination, and has agency, a vioce and more power than they realize, if they get in trouble for protecting there peers than they need to take the fight to the schoolboard, go massage the shoulders of the dean and it is amazing how quickly a situation can escalate

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So... appeal to a higher state authority?

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No, I don't think the state has Any.

Organise with the people around you to make the world around you a better, more equal, pleasant and safe place without resorting to hyrarchy or dominance. You defend, feed and house yourself as a community and look after eachother on a basis of fundemental human equality and respect

That is practically what anarchism comes down to

(Note: I mean practicallity in the literal sense)

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Fuck that man. Get some adults together with some hoods on and jump this cunt. He's a pedophile and may have already sexually assaulted someone. If he hasn't, well, these are definitely the fucking signs that he is leading up to it.

I don't understand why people are so passive against this stuff. He's a pedophile. He's physically harassing a 14 year old girl. At school. We have good people starving around the world, dying in war zones, dying in poverty (even in first world countries), etc. A piece of shit like this isn't worth caring about.

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The state is useless, we should all defend ourselves and eachother

A.k.a. vigilante justice. That's never problematic.

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Community organised anarchism, completely different.

I did not advocate for violent castration, yet some statist finds a way to turn my words around, those boots you lick must be snakeskin

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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

What is the state but community organized tyranny? A person is smart; people are dumb. Fuck the state, but fuck community organized ANYTHING, much less anarchism. Oh ya, and fuck you.

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Maybe learn to write a a coherent reply first

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I could not have been more clear if I tried. You're just an idiot with an indefensible agenda.

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You can either ask me to clarify my position you clearly don't understand, or you can go eat a nice and hard dick

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I agree vigilante “justice” is a problem, but it also tends to be an indication that the official brand is lacking.

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Idk how people can read that and not assume a union is involved with him retaining his job and being moved around the district.

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...so glad my husband isn't her father. He'd be in jail right now.

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...so glad my husband isn't her father. He'd be in jail right now.

He being your husband.

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It's ridiculous that this asshole is still allowed around children. Hell, I say he should also be on the sex offenders list. And the superintendent and assistant superintendent need to be booted out because they clearly lack good judgment.

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Why do you think that is? Could it be he has a union that makes it difficult to terminate bad employees?

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IDK. A union offers representation to members and ensures there is a fair trial if a grievance is filed, but the school district would have to agree to the contracted terms. It wouldn't be in best interest of the district to agree to terms that would shelter bad employees. Why would they want to jeopardize the district's reputation and risk losing students? Then again, bullshit happens.

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He's probably been doing this for years and she's the first student to actually report it. This man is obviously a pervert and should not be around children.

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Why do you suppose they don't fire him but instead choose to just move him around the district to possibly harass more students who have no knowledge of his history of being handsy?

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The same reason the Catholic church does this with all their priests who molest children, to cover it up. Eventually the public story will fade and he'll quietly start doing it again. Who knows how long before another student actually reports him. It would prove the school and school district is incompetent and possibly has been covering up these stories for years.

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Hypothetically, what if he was already working at all three schools when he was let go from one? Do schools have any kind of accountability system to track violations by current employees? I know a lot of local schools that hire part-time aids who have multiple, separate jobs at different local schools.

While stuff like this should be found in the interview process, if someone already works for you it's not like you're going to call up their references to check on them 5 years later.

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I wonder if there is an organization that works with the staff across the district and would be aware of such troubled histories? I suppose there could be but then it might also be that organizations job to keep the teachers out of trouble.

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Meanwhile, I was "non-elected for rehire" as a second year teacher for literally no reason.

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The other candidates had more seniority in the union.

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I’m pretty sure there are more than enough people qualified and willing to teach high school health, that have preyed on 0 (zero) of their students. Why not terminate after such serious offenses is beyond me

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No idea about this, but teachers sometimes have strong unions

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How dare you! You should be downvoted for even thinking a union would try to help a habitual sexual harasser their job!

But ya you're probably right.

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Why didn’t her father fuck this guy up?

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I have 2 daughters. It would be difficult for me to restrain myself from doing just that.

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Especially when you see no repricussions effecting the perpetrator.

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Because having her father get arrested would just make this whole thing even more traumatic for the girl involved?

It also sends a bad message. If I knew coming forward about sexual harassment would cause my dad to flip out and get arrested, I would keep my mouth shut for the sake of my family. That's really not what we want.

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This shit is pretty typical of coaches who teach. They get a pass for some reason when they make fun of or are harassing students. The fact that he was sexually harassing her just boils my blood.

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This is a dangerous comment. There literally thousands of male coaches who teach. Just because we hear the horrible exploits of a fraction of them doesn’t mean that it’s typical of the majority.

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I wonder if the Commission for Teacher Credentialing can strip him of his credentials.

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Not without a fight from a certain organization.

Edit: I see I'm downvoted, but am I wrong?

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I read this as “teacher regularly harassed by 14-year old girl.” Totally different story.

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I'm the Username Detective. Please come with me.

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It seems that if we have proof of these quotes, he needs to NOT be teaching anymore and needs to get help. I'm wouldn't say he should go to jail, but he needs to be removed from the classroom.

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Maybe the union is making it difficult to fire him?

Downvotes: but no explication on why that thinking is wrong?