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‘The Jungle Book 2’ Will Resurrect Unused Disney Ideas, Explore More Rudyard Kipling Stories

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I read the book as a kid - there is certainly more story to explore, specifically how Mowgli adjusts to life in the village & how he still feels the jungle calling to him. I liked the book back then, so I'm down to see Favreau continue this story.

In the books Mowgli doesn't stay in the village all that long. He basically gets blamed for being a witch after he calls out the village priest and main hunter for being full of shit. They try to kill him and his adoptive parents so Mowgli gets his animal friends to destroy the entire place.

And Shere Khan survives his first encounter with Mowgli as a child to fight him again...

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Isn’t Disney’s version pretty different from the book though? I remember hearing Serkis’ version is going to be closer to the book

Yeah they kept the characters and some events but changed alot of stuff. The movies swapped Baloo and Bagerra's personalities, In the book Baloo is a stern and serious teacher while Bagerra is a cool laid back hunter. The movies also made Kaa the snake a secondary villain while in the books he is Mowgli's 2nd best friend after Bagerra.

The only thing I liked that the movies added was King Louie, In the books the monkeys are just sort of a chaotic force of nature. I think Baloo says at one point that they would be the most powerful people of the jungle if they weren't so stupid.

IIRC too, in the books, Bagerra was the strongest, most feared, hunter of the jungle - more than Shere Khan in terms of raw power. If Bagerra wanted you dead, you were dead. But he respected the Law of the Jungle, whereas the maimed tiger did not.

Kaa was also an immensely powerful force, among the oldest of the Jungle, and certainly one of the wisest.

Yeah Shere Khan was pretty much just an old angry cripple that only fallowed the law when it suited him.

Part of Kaa being evil was from reusing footage of Sir Hiss in Robin Hood.

It's the other around. Sir Hiss was recycled from Kaa.

It has the same broad story strokes of the first third of the book, as did the original cartoon version.

He doesn't even go to the village in the first live action movie. So I'm sure that'll be something they'll explore for this sequel.

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It's crazy that Disney's Jungle Book sequel is going into production before Andy Serkis' even... what? I read something a few months ago about it. It's still supposed to be getting made I think.

It's been filmed in mocap. Voices done and everything, they're just doing the rest

My brother works for Framestore who are doing some of the post visual fx for Serkis’ version, it is back in production.

It’s releasing this fall. They had to separate them far enough away from Disney’s.

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So, did Christian Bale and the other actors mocap for that film or are they just doing the voices while someone else mocaps?

They did the mocap, expect more videos of Benedict Cumberbatch crawling around on the floor growling

That sound you hear is the collective Sherlock fanbase having an orgasm.

What about the story of Jungle Book makes directors go "hey I should make sure I win a VFX Oscar"

Serkis' is due to release in October. It's just had an absurd post production, so long in fact that Serkis' actually made his official directorial debate after finishing principal photography.

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So Rikki Tikki Tavi when?

That was my first thought. I loved the cartoon as a kid.

"A wolf-boy, a young spy, and a curiously friendly mongoose come together to face an ancient mystic threat to British India. This Thanksgiving, witness the magical friendship of Mowgli, Kim, and Rikki Tikki Tavi, in, 'The Great Game: Mystery of the Lost Temple'!"

The Jungle Book 2: Wrath of the Awakened Saxon

The 2016 version is the best version of The Jungle Book in my opinion. It was absolutely wonderful.


With due respect, I personally feel the Shonen Mowgli Jungle Book was the best, at least in my country. Too many of my gen grew up with it and it still has a cult following here.

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I have a hunch they might skip "The White Man's Burden."

They should explore The White Man's Burden.

Song of the South? Zip a dee doo dah zip a dee day

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The tonal shift in Kipling's book when Baloo bought his first airplane was revolutionary to the world of litterature and I can't wait to see it come to life on the big screen.

I get this reference.

I'm excited. Favs' remake was an unexpectedly wonderful adventure film in its own right. I never really cared much for the old animated film, but this version was really solid. I want more.

The Jungle Book II: Journey to the Bottom of the Barrel

El Psy Congroo

“Explore More Rudyard Kipling Stories”

Suuuure. Because the first one was such a great representation of the source material.

Can we still have a vulture voiced by Phil Collins?

Bring on Riki Tiki Tavi!

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That seems pretty cool.

Jungle Book 2: This Time it's Porno

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I mean to some extent this comment makes a certain kind of sense. WB seems to be going for these more book accurate adaptations and the books are supposedly darker than the Disney versions. Thus I imagine movies like this and the recent Tarzan don't have the same Disney feels and won't be as popular when audiences have something to compare it to. Idk. I could be totally wrong. But I remember a lot of people being rather appalled by this grim dark version of Tarzan(the trailers) as the Disney movie is what most people know Tarzan from

i dont know why people are butthurt. i want WBs jungle book to succeed since its directed by andy serkis, but its not being helped by disney's version. and WBs tarzan wasnt bad either.

So, your issue is that one giant multimedia corporation beat another giant multimedia corporation to the punch?

well the whole "beaten to the punch" thing sort of is why its frustrating actually. Or concerning rather. I want it to be successful too because of Andy Serkis(not to mention the rest of the great cast it has), but also because I am interested seeing another version of the story. The visuals will also likely be phenomenal. I just think it is unfortunate that a lot of people may not give this one a chance because we just got a very success Jungle Book movie, and this one might not be as appealing because its not a 'Disney" movie.

are you daft? in my above 2 comments, where did i write "issue"? smh why would i care if studio movies succeed or bomb?

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