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Those options... :|

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Agreed. No way this game comes to console anytime soon. It's not anywhere close to ready for that.

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Post your own!

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I've seen some quality low tier shitposts, but this one takes the cake.

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Personally I think they are going to have QOL updates in waves of heroes groups that will encourage people to play someone from that group.

i.e. Avengers QOL update (especially Iron Man and Hulk),+50% xp or some other buff if you play an Avengers hero.

Followed by Xmen QOL update (Wolverine, Magneto, Storm, etc) or Guardians of the Galaxy (Star Lord for the love of god) update.

The groups will have their own storyline as well so when you start say an Xmen hero your starting story will be a unique one instead of the standard raft.

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Personally I think they are going to have QOL updates in waves of heroes groups that will encourage people to play someone from that group.

The thing that makes me mad about this is that when their new tuning philosophy started, THIS is what they were doing(not just Avengers or Xmen though). They were doing large groups of heroes with some small, and some large, tuning updates. Because they asked the community what they wanted: slow, detailed updates for one hero at a time, or smaller, quicker tuning for a large group of heroes at a time. They did the smaller, quicker tuning for about a month or 2 and then the QoL's pretty much dropped off the face of the earth...unless you're Jean.

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Asros just mentioned something about "faster/better" QOLs, if it's that, it's super dissapointing. They were going to come anyways, so... nothing "super big" about it other than new tech to make faster stuff. I mean, it's great, but it's not game changing nor it will introduce a ton of new players and money into the game.

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maybe they're starting to do power based qols, just like with the travel powers. for example, next every hero with a 40% dmg increase vs bosses and elites skill will get that changed, spirit heroes will have their ressource changed from spirit to something else, every hero with a cc-breaker power will get that adjusted etc.

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actually, I'm hoping it's exactly that, and I think it will be game changing.

I think they've been working on the backend, so they can make more blanket changes, rather than having to tweak every hero individually. So, rather than having to wait forever for the character you love to get buffed, they'll be able to make changes faster.

and I think that will be gamechanging (and moneymaking) because I know I'd be playing different heroes if they were all equally viable. or even close (I'm looking at you, Mr F). How many newbie posts to we see saying 'I picked x because I love their comics but they don't really seem to do enough damage/aren't survivable/etc, who should I play instead'? How many of those players leave the game sooner than they would have otherwise because the hero they love isn't viable?

anyway, as an altoholic, I'm looking forward to being able to bounce around between more viable characters.

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We can only hope. I honestly can't imagine how they are going to implement this without breaking everything so... well, that's why they work there.

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Clearly a visual update for Wolverine, the one thing we've all been asking for ;)

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i want an update on BP

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it will be better medkits. so sad that is their great thing coming up...

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They're finally going to finish all the half implemented stuff in the game

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Obviously Ghost Rider Trail of Tears costume.

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Whatever the next big thing is, it'll be released sometime next year. This year was supposed to be quality > quantity. Almost 9 months in, and it hasn't happened yet. I don't see them releasing the remaining 4 heroes before the New Year without them being rushed.

I really hope the big changes aren't just new events and are some new content that we can take in at our leisure.

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This year has been disappointing...I rather the hero a month format at least there was something to do other then farm the same events over and over. wonder if we'll even get a new raid this year...hell red axis is now a year over due was supposed to be last fall, guess that died when Doomsaw and Amutha (sp) left but yet they keep teasing these "BIG" things...what has really happened this year?

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If you ask on the forums they will tell you that a lot has been done this year. Unfortunately the "alot" of what they have done is mostly a small affair. The new terminals are nice, and I welcome that, but the game seriously needs some endgame content. They seem way to focused on the new player experience at the moment and I'm not convinced they are keeping many new players. The playerbase spikes up every now and then, but watching it go from 1500 average players on steam everyday to 4-5k average everyday because of the Anniversary event then back down to 1500 leads me to believe those were returning players. Once the anniversary was over I know I quit playing again because there's just not much to do unless all those bonuses are running. I'm at 9k+ omegas and I just don't care to farm the same stuff at the current reward for those last 1000.

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Galactus raid

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Yeah, every time Asros posts something about it, he says something like, "huge", "very big", or "great big things coming". I'm probably seeing too much into that, but the first thought that pops into my head is "Galactus!"

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She's great and all, but one Dink is enough :) We dont need two or more of them filling the frontpage dev tracker with thin-skinned and vaguely victimizationalized responses to criticisms every time a new costume or VU comes out, and passive-aggressive vows that she's just never going to post anything on the forums ever again.

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It likely won't have anything to do with fixing endgame, that's for sure. If it's a console release then I'm probably done playing as they don't have the resources for that and fixing the game as it exists.

Everything Asros has been publicly excited for has been a major disappointment and poor use of limited resources

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Voted other.

Gonna be the Devil's Advocate. The end of the game.

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So Daredevil as final boss?

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the infinity gem point system that has been on the dats for over a year? the "not-raid" featuring boss fights with Supergiant, a dual fight with Proxima/Corvus and Thanos himself that has been in the dats for over a year as well? The savage land zone that was teased almost a year ago?

All of the above? None? Maybe it's a remove helmet option lol

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thanos raid part one plain and simple (avengers infinity war pt 1) or apoc raid

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It will be something disappointing, I guarantee it.

Something inconsequential like visual update of story villains, bullshit like that.