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'Not an equal': Tulsa man recounts 'surreal' experience of DUI-drug arrest, with blood test later finding no intoxicants

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However, James was en route to a hospital for a blood draw after a Tulsa County sheriff’s deputy determined the real estate investor had failed a field sobriety test.

Ah yes the oh-so reliably-totally-not-subjective-in-anyway field sobriety tests..

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Cops really do like to pretend that they are capable of conducting impartial and objective field sobriety tests. And unfortunately most all of the simple-minded believe in this perceived "expertise" in conducting these tests. Officers are used to going into court and giving their "expert opinions" and having them accepted hook, line and sinker.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows that officer testimony is worth less than used toilet paper.

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And that is why they do a blood test.

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They use the field sobriety test in order to get the blood test, the field test isn't considered a 'search', where as a blood draw most certainly is.

So, you do the field test, which you will fail ofc, and then you'll be arrested for DUI and THEN they will gather actual evidence.

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There was a guy not too long ago that had the same thing happen. In order to continue prosecuting him, they claimed he was intoxicated from drinking too much coffee.

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That DA is a control freak piece of shit who clearly believes she has a divine right to rule over other people. Someone needs to tell the bitch that government exists to serve the people not to force them to comply with made up bullshit rules. Her whole attitude is about making government larger and more powerful with ever increasing contol over our lives.

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He was "over obeying"?

So now even when you do the shit that cops order you to do like show proof of insurance and keep your hands in plain sight the cops find it as an indication that you under the influence of drugs?

Just what in the fuck is a person supposed to do? If you don't follow their instructions exactly they can fucking shoot you. If you do exactly what they order in a deliberate manner so that there is no confusion they say that you are "over obeying" and arrest you.

Just what in the fuck will make these brutal cocksuckers happy?

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When they can go around demanding our papers? When they can walk into any house at 3AM with out any warrants? When we all have to bow down and worship them? When they can openly kill someone and leave them laying in the street and no one says a word about it?

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"Just obey the law and you have no reason to fear the police."

...except for the fact that police can arrest you even if you have done nothing illegal...

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