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Posted by[Steele Creek]4 months ago

Charlotte out of running for Amazon's second headquarters

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I’m shocked putting a hashtag on the busses didn’t work!

[Steele Creek]Original Poster28 points·4 months ago

I thought that would've sealed the deal.

Hey now - I'm sure a consultant got paid good money to think of that!

Eh, that's cheaper than subsidizing amazon.

Randomly met the consultant that came up with the hashtag... at a free legal consultation where he was trying to figure out how to hold the city accountable for the good money he was promised but never paid.

Huntersville2 points·4 months ago

Being in standstill traffic on 485, taking 1h25 min to travel what takes 25 minutes during non-rush hour traffic, and seeing those damn billboard about bringing Amazon here was laughably unbelievable.

I don't really mind Charlotte not making the cut. Charlotte is growing plenty fast right now without Amazon, and I don't think this will change the city's trajectory. Seeing that Raleigh and Nashville made the cut is sort of telling, however. I think that shows that Charlotte is lagging in this region (at least that is the current perception) when it comes to attracting young tech talent.

[Steele Creek]Original Poster33 points·4 months ago

The current infrastructure here is already busting so adding 50K + families it would've been overwhelming for the city.

[Mountain Island]31 points·4 months ago

Heck, the city can't support anymore toilets in south end now!

Wait, what is going on in South End?

[Mountain Island]43 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

They don't have the infrastructure needed to build all of the projects on the horizon.

The city is falling all over its self to sellout to corporations, but can't build the needed infrastructure nearly fast enough to keep up with demand right now.

This is all of America. America has a huuuggeee infrastructure problem. There’s some pretty great documentaries out there on the subject

University3 points·4 months ago

I feel like between all 3 cities, where we really lag behind is very good universities. If Amazon is going to come in and hire “50,000” people (which I’ll believe that when I see it), most will probably be cheap and fresh-out-of-college. They can’t afford to relocate anywhere near that number, so having places that are churning them out on a yearly basis is important to a successful HQ2.

2 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

While I agree Fuck UNC Charlotte, the UNC system is still the best public university system in the US. Charlotte is well within feeding range for UNC and State

Go Pack.

3 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

You know that all public universities in NC are part of the UNC system right? ECU, NC state, App.. all are UNC schools.

University7 points·4 months ago

Wow, I’m always fascinated by the “holier-than-thou” attitude NC State fans have when their school is not much better than UNC Charlotte, App, or ECU.

Because NCSU has admission standards.

UNCC has no admission standards, but I believe the quality of education is very similar. Im in the same program as my buddy at State and there is very little he has covered that I haven’t. Not to mention we’ve had far more hands on projects

University-1 points·4 months ago

If that’s what you need to tell yourself, then sure.

18 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

Kind of interesting that 1/4 of the finalists represent 2 areas. You have Montgomery County, MD, DC, and NoVa. Then you have Newark, NJ and NYC.

It's easy to say "well, Charlotte really has problems x, y, and z." But are housing prices not a massive issue in places like DC or NYC? Infrastructure not busting at the seams in places like Austin? None of these places are perfect.

Definitely a bit bummed. Hopefully Charlotte will do something to be known as something other than a financial hub - which seems to be slowly getting chipped away as is.

Amazon doesn’t care about housing prices. That’s for the residents to figure out.

Quail Hollow3 points·4 months ago

Amazon is a business, so at least on paper in the short term, it makes sense for them to go with whomever offers them the best incentives. Charlotte had a generous package without being ankles behind head like the New Jersey offering is.

But you are correct, for the people who will relocate specifically for this sort of job, would I rather live in Newark or in Raleigh/Charlotte or even Columbus, OH? Do you even need to ask? Amazon knows the people will want the work, but at what cost?

Will be interesting to see where it ends up. I'm not too terribly upset that Charlotte didn't make the cut.

-8 points·4 months ago(1 child)

And the gerrymandering, and HB1, and a locked minimum wage, and abandoned Google Fiber.

I think this a good juncture to slow down and really reflect on what Charlotte is as a city and what we want it to be. I saw a lot of my peers get really fired up about HQ2 without much thought or comparison. I was definitely excited by the prospect, but never thought it could happen. Seeing other southern cities on the list like Raleigh, Nashville, and Atlanta makes it abundantly clear that we lack the cultural and workforce chops to compete for the “hottest” tech businesses. However, we continue to be a great cultural fit for banks, storage facilities, drunk-golf, and Applebees.

University12 points·4 months ago

My thought through this whole thing has been: “Look, I would love Charlotte to get it, but it will probably be Atlanta.”

Also, your last sentence is probably the truest thing ever written on this subreddit. Except for “Charlotte is the Applebee’s of cities.”

Sheesh, the Applebee's of cities? I didn't think it was that bad here.

University1 point·3 months ago

Hey, at least we’re not Chili’s (Raleigh).

Raleigh is known for filthy politicians and Nashville is known for bad music.

Atlanta's going to get it because it's a 'big city', even though atlanta is a cesspit.

Great News

[Mountain Island]10 points·4 months ago

Yay! Great news!

Comment deleted4 months ago(6 children)

Hasn't NJ already pledged like $2 billion in incentives?

Quail Hollow6 points·4 months ago

New York state: hold my beer!

At least it'll be for Amazon, not something stupid like a stadium.

Well they already subsidized the new Falcons stadium to the tune of $700 million

Hotel/motel tax baby

Forgive me if I don't shed a tear for Fulton and Cobb county

We gotta improve our “Cultural Edginess”. Let’s get on that.

Uptown2 points·4 months ago

no Amazombies in CLT?

That's not entirely bad considering the sweatshop work culture Amazon has

-1 points·4 months ago·edited 4 months ago

You know Amazon has 2 fulfillment centers here, don't you. Where the real sweatshop work happens.

This is a corporate HQ, where lots of shrimpy nerds who couldn't hope to keep up with prime quotas would be having meetings to increase that quota.

Guess you haven't read what it's like to work at Amazon corporate.

There's a reason why they call them Amazombies in Seattle

Because everyone from Seattle is a zombie

Great news and all but if Atlanta gets it, I’m not sure if I will cry.

This is so very sad. It would have made Charlotte a world class city

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