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Silphroad Pokemon Atlas, Seattle

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Original Poster6 points · 3 months ago

For those of you stuck on the ghost Pokemon task because of the fighting event, I used this map to identify a Duskull nest at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island. I went out there on my bike and was able to catch 10 Duskulls in about half an hour. Well worth the time. Also, the park is really pretty.

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First time at the subreddit looking specifically for this. Thank you very much!

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Nest rotation happens in 15 minutes, so help keep the map useful and up-to-date by reporting your local nests!

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I forgot that's today.

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there's not a local map that's not the nest atlas?

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Local map of what? has legacy gym and pokestop locations.

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a reliable local nest atlas or chat or forum or whatever works, as opposed to the silph road hopeless, pointless one.

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Eh, there's a nest reports channel in the Discord for this subreddit (linked from sidebar) and it's generally more active than the TSR atlas for the area, but I wouldn't necessarily say that the TSR atlas is hopeless or pointless.

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crowd source without reward just don't work. maybe for large nests of relevant mons, can be useful. sometimes and in specific area. personally every time I needed a nest, asking in chat was way faster [problem right now is that the seattle community is out of discord thanks to the infamous scam]. look at the atlas right now and tell me what I'm supposed to do with that, in my area. there are three nest confirmed, and two are wrong.

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The problem is less with "no reward" and more with chicken-egg problem. Wikipedia is updated without reward. Credit for contribution is often incentive enough for people to do a thing, though I suppose TSR could do better about pure numerical incentive (# of nests reported per user). An updated atlas encourages more people to use it and more people to update it. The atlas was most active when it was first introduced, because that was when the most people knew about it and used it.

If anything, scanners are to blame for Seattle's atlas being sorely neglected, because people came to rely on scanners entirely and everyone stopped reporting to the atlas. Now that scanners are gone, everyone is acting like the atlas is useless as an alternative, when many have made good use of it in the past.

As for what you're supposed to do with the atlas now, or ever: update it. If nests are wrong, report them as such. Report accurate nests, encourage others to use it as well.

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I was talking of reward in terms of experience. you use a lot wikipedia, you give back time in proportion. you don't need the nest atlas enough. and the user base is spread all around the world. we are gonna try with a local map where you can share quests too, that could be interesting...

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I don't see why the nest atlas can't be a viable option locally though -- it defaults to your local area anyway, and there's nothing stopping the local community from rallying around it (which they did before scanners became widespread?). Even if you don't use the atlas often, reporting takes minimum effort, imo, and again, encouraging activity there causes more people to use it, more people to report on it, so when you do need the atlas, it will hopefully be up-to-date.

My dex is complete enough right now that I don't really need the nest atlas, but there are several big nests near me and I'll report on them when I can. Community is always give and take -- you can't complain about the community doing nothing for you if you yourself also don't participate or contribute?

A lot of local neighbourhood Discords (notable, the Magnolia/QA and Downtown ones) have a channel for quest reporting, as well as Ditto sightings. I think these are better for chats, rather than a map, since reports are useful for a much shorter amount of time.

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it's not that it can't. but it's easier to promote a local product, because you can talk specifically to a group of players, with specific needs. to advertise it globally it's a hell of a task. i'm thinking to nests as a resource for special searches [omanyte and kabuto were found in the network traffic as possible quest-involved] and community day, my dex is fine as well. i get your point, but i'm disillusioned about what can effectively put a large number of people at work.

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I still don't think there's much of a hurdle to promote the atlas on a local level -- only TSR itself is promoting it on a global level because they're a global-level community. It's up to locals to promote locally, and if not enough people are using the atlas, it's because no one's promoting locally, that's on us, not TSR. That's why I think a pinned topic on this sub is always relevant. It's increasing visibility on a local level, etc. There are plenty of people who still don't know about the atlas, and that also feeds into its lack of use.

I get being disillusioned though. I've been somewhat disappointed in Seattle's lack of general community organisation myself. It seems like few people are actually interested in the potential community aspect and mostly want to leverage resources for themselves and personal gains -- which is fair enough, but it definitely leaves us lacking in resources and camaraderie that other communities have.

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