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"We offer unlimited vacation days"

How does this even work?

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I'm guessing unlimited unpaid vacation days.

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Probably works well in the US, where workers often don't take their statutory holidays, never mind additional ones. You can take them, but do so and you'll be out the door.

You'd be surprised at the kind of companies who try to just transpose their US contracts directly into Ireland and have to be told about the kind of basic workers rights that we have here.

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No shortage of censors 'round here, lads.

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Have they a European presence? I always assumed they were running everything out of the US, because they didn't seem like they were trying to be compliant with EU data privacy stuff.

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Probably big enough now to get started with large scale tax avoidance, and where better to get set up for that.

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They'd have to be making a profit first.

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If you had a link it's deserted you

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Cheers...I should apply for this for the craic

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Link works for me. The ad is right at the bottom of the page.

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Probably because I'm on mobile then, it just keeps looping around to the op post

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Uggh, filthy casual. I built a high end gaming rig so I can see my memes in ultra high definition VR.

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Bet that's nice

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Yep. Ultra rare pepes blasted straight through my eye holes into my brain - 10/10.