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I vaguely remember a scene in the Simpsons when Russia was at the UN and hit a button and their name plate rotated to Soviet Union and they declared that it had all been a trick.

I feel like Russia is actually doing that now.

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“The Soviet Union? I thought you guys broke up!”


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Ex-KGB intelligence officer & Dictator Putin has always wanted to return to the Soviet Union glory days (he's been in power since 99 either as PM or President)

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Soviet Britain my comrades

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Putin might be many things, but a socialist he is not.

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But the Soviet Union wasn't really about socialism. It was about centralized control of everything. And that's what Putin wants back and pretty much has now.

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Depends what point in Soviet history you're jumping off from, but first of all you need to remember what a 'soviet' actually is, and then understand the hierarchical soviet structures leading right up to the supreme soviet

If you want to position Putin in this, then he's nearer to Tsarism, with oligarchs having replaced the soviets

Edit - actually, Putin would probably have more in common with what Lenin would call a 'social chauvinist'

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But the Soviet Union wasn't really about socialism. It was about centralized control of everything. And that's what Putin wants back and pretty much has now.


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You're confusing socialism with communism. The USSR was communist.

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The USSR was socialist, but it was a different kind of socialism than the one we know today.

Socialism under the USSR describes a state under strict rule by the government, where everyone is distributed their basic needs (apartment, food, etc.). Nobody owns anything, and supposedly everyone shares the fruits of their labor. Communism was the end goal, where the government would eventually disappear and the workers would rule in a classless society. This, of course, never happened because the system went corrupt and eventually collapsed.

It’s important to remember though that there is NOT just one form of socialism/communism. Different versions were used across the globe, and were very different from the USSR. Yugoslavia, China, and Vietnam all had different versions of their government and economy, all based on their own interpretations of communist theories.

Modern socialism, sometimes referred to as democratic socialism is not communism. It describes a state based in capitalism, but is instead defined by high taxes on the wealthy, welfare, and government institutions such as free healthcare, education (including college),and more. So it’s kinda similar, but also kinda not. This kind of socialism is more similar to places like the Nordic countries and Ireland rather than the USSR.

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It’s depressing how few people seem to understand this

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"Communism is when the government does shit lol"

- Karl Marx, the Communist Mannifesto (1848)

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What is it you and /u/MustardLordOfDeath think you understand? If you think that Nordic countries are in any way Socialist you are confused. Politicians from those countries are even on record as asking Bernie Sanders to stop calling them socialist, because they are not socialist, they are capitalist.

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The USSR was a socialist state under the control of a communist party.

The USSR implemented a type of Authoritarian Socialism that's called Marxist-Leninism, which supports a slow transition between capitalism and communism guided by a powerful one party state that's supposed to gradually hand control over to the workers.

Socialists and Communists and other folk on the far-left are very sectarian and usually disagree with the USSR's belisfs.

One huge debate between the Libertarian Left and Authoritarian Left is whether or not the USSR really had even acheived Socialism.

Socialism and Communism are two different things. It's kind of like how all jaccuzis are hot tubs but not all hot tubs are jaccuzis.

All Communists are Socialists, but not all Socialists are Communists.

Communism is a classless, stateless and typically a moneyless society. Communism is less of a way of running a government, and more of a goal for one to pursue.

Socialism is a very broad term that's been co-opted by people to mean "whenever the government does anything." This causes a lot of confusion when people first hear about the libertarian left and left-wing anarchism.

Socialism is what Socialists see as the economic system that will follow once Capitalism collapses. Socialism is when the workers, rather than bosses/corporate have control over their own workplace.

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Was it even communist, though? Totalitarian command economy perhaps..

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No it is actually you that confuses things. Communism is a stateless, classless and moneyless society.

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The USSR was communist

lol - no, it wasn't.

USSR - Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

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To say Russia was to blame for Brexit is such a cheap deflection tactic. I'm sure they had some impact but it was absolutely not entirely because of Putin there were many more important factors.

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Russian disinformation campaigns definitely helped Brexit.

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Helped, but the underlying resentment was already there. Years and years of the government blaming every bad thing on the EU had done far more damage than Russia ever managed.

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Yeah, same here in the US honestly. The dominoes were all set up, all Putin had to do was give the first one a tap.

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It was mainly due to immigration issues, which Russia intentionally flamed in Syria, especially by running a propaganda campaign to convince American conservatives that the moderates were actually extremists, depriving them of support.

The reason Russia was able to get such an advantage is because they knew everyone would be too arrogant to admit it was possible.

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Maybe people in the future will think of Brexit and remember to vote.

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Yeah, people should vote! I mean, I won’t because what difference does my single vote make... but everyone else, you guys really fucked things up for me! /s

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I feel the same way about the us 2016 election. Russia did some work there too, but blaming them is deflection. We don’t want to admit that our fellow countrymen voted in trump. We don’t want to admit that he could even get nominated. And we certainly don’t want to admit that the other party couldn’t nominate somebody good enough to beat him.

Idk about Britain, but we would be better off treating trump as a symptom of a larger problem rather than the problem itself.

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Nicely stated.

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They funded the Brexit campaign.

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Exactly. There are plenty of good reasons for Brexit which have to do with the long term health and nature of the European Union, and have absolutely nothing to do with Russia.

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I thought Trump and Brexit was the under/middle class giving the finger to the elites/%1..hehe it was jsut big bad Russia all along.

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Brexit was a win for the elites. Just different elites.

The middle class lost again.

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This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 88%. (I'm a bot)

In the two years since the vote to leave the European Union, Britain has gone from being a pace-setter among the world's big economies to falling into the slow lane.

Before the referendum of June 2016, the British economy had been one of the fastest-growing industrial economies for years.

Benoit Rochet, the deputy chief of the port of Calais, the French town across the Channel from Britain, complained to a parliamentary committee this month that "We know there is Brexit but we don't know exactly what Brexit means."

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Time for the UK to pull its pants down for multinational corporations... bye bye labour standards...

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Vacation, notice periods, all going :(

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The UK had them before the EU...

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Different time, different economy. We had more industry back then and more options. Post brexit if things keep looking the way they are so far, we’re going to be desperate for investment and trade.

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Just wait and see what happens when the exit actually takes place.

I worked for a decade in the electronic manufacturing industry, i saw so many GB factories being shut down, and that was pre Brexit, at least they had the position of being such a huge economic transaction hub & such a large service industry, what do they expect to happen once Brexit comes into effect ?

What's funny is most of the industry hit worst by this will be in pro Brexit areas.

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Stupid people win stupid prizes. Congratulations, conservatives.

Fucking morons.

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Breaking news: Backwards move moves country backwards

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It says the property market has cooled, wouldn't that be a good thing for all the youngsters trying to get their first home?

(I'm not trying to be sarcastic just making a point)

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Banks won't lend them the money during a downturn.

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Yeah, same problem during the housing crash in the states. I know a lot of younger people waiting for a crash to buy a house, but don't realize how hard it would be to keep an income or qualify for a loan .

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My cousin and gf in UK both have a job, and they could afford a caravan......

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Can't buy a house when you're broke.

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Yeah, property markets being on fire only helps people who already have property or tons of free cash to buy in. Here in Seattle we're trying everything to slow it down a little bit. Hilarious they are painting this as a bad thing.

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Oh no if only someone had warned us

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Why not just have a new referendum?

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Why though? They had a referendum and exit side won. They made their stupid choice.

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The retail industry was hit hard, with high-profile companies like >Toys R Us and Maplin going bust, and supermarket chain Marks and Spencer planning deep cuts.

Attributing this to Brexit is kind of laughable when Brexit has nothing to do with those things. Retail has just had a tough time adapting to changes in retail like the internet and new business practices. Also when you pay your workers peanuts, is it any surprise that those peanuts don't roll back into the company?

Toys R Us's problems, stem from its US operations being a US company and all.

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Says in the article retail spending has slowed - certainly not the only problem facing retailers but brexit isn't helping

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That and the value of the pound has dropped against both the dollar and the euro. Our money is worth less so the companies have less of a profit margin when buying tat from abroad.

heck, Poundland went bust in the last few days!

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Exactly! Just saying brexit can't be excluded from this

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Totally - I'm agreeing fully with you and the point you were making to the parent poster :)

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What a civil interaction!

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Gotta love reddit - when it's good, it's good =)

-and it probably doesn't hurt that we agree, too ;)

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excellent article

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A nation that decides through an election what they want to do is a good thing. I don't need to hear why they made a mistake doing it every other day for years. Why is it that every time a large group goes to the polls and makes a decision that doesn't reflect what they(corporate media) wanted them(voters) to think they cry foul? And then we all have to go through years of negative news trying to control the perception of how things worked out. If it wasn't for all the negative news articles about brexit most people would think it hasn't changed anything.