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Parts of London halt as Tom Cruise sprints over Thames River

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They are still filming, with release only half a year away? The silver lining is this means there must be a lot of practical effects, so the post production is shorter.

yeah, i feel like this movie has been filming for like 14 months.

Remember they took a break for a while after Cruise's injury.

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also Cruise's injuries

Still principal photography. They restarted, after Cruise's injury, in September and only stopped for Christmas.

Makes me think that Cavill could have gotten away with shaving that stache for JL reshoots.

Cavill said he did his reshoots in the few days between MI going from Paris to New Zealand in early June, so it was too late by the time Cruise injured himself in August.

The last one was also directed by McQuarrie and I believe it was pushed forward several months on the release calendar becuse he had the movie ready early and the studio had an open date. Seems like he is able to do a pretty quick turn around, which is impressive for these types of films.

They also moved it to avoid competing with Star Wars

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This is nothing. Look up the production of Spielberg’s War of the Worlds. I’m still amazed by that one.

Time from location scouts doing their thing to final cut was 10 months.

Cruise got hurt, they’re still trying to make original deadline

A lot of practical effects and some of the VFX is likely being worked on concurrently with the shoot.

Previs baby!! I recall all the vfx work was done at break neck pace because Spielberg New what he wanted on set, then they went to it.

Unlikely to be much previs on M:I. Historically their scripts are a little too... loose for that. De-rig and green-screen on the early shots are most likely.

But I think you were supposed to be replying to another comment anyway. :)

Oops, yeah I thought someone mentioned war of the worlds, that's what I was commenting to. What I get for multitasking. Cheers.

A lot of stuff is done concurrently and often the post work is started before filming.
Also anything like this may have just been something they couldn't film earlier, possibly due to Cruises injury and so they're doing it when they can to slot it in.

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I remember when he was filming Ghost Protocol in Dubai, he was hanging off the Burj Khalifa with a helicopter flying around him, I was sat in my office watching it all, it was cool to watch.

you work in an office with a clear view of the burj khalifa? I want your job

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Ahh the grass is never greener mate, this was a few years ago, now living in the Netherlands, which is pretty cool too!

What do you do, if I may ask? Sounds like a pretty cool life.

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I was a PA then and a housewife now :D

Personal assistant? Physician Assistant? Former seems more likely

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Yeah sorry I was a Personal Assistant.

Or sand yellower.

I don't like sand.

I don't like Prequel Memes. They're coarse and irritating and get posted everywhere.

It's treason then.

Faa that would’ve been crazy

My friend was living in Dubai for few months back then and said that they had closed the upper parts of the building for the entire day for the shoot. This was fall of 2010 and the building had just opened that year to public so the owners felt that featuring in a blockbuster movie of the world's biggest superstar would definitely increase it's popularity.

Highly doubt Tom Cruise is the worlds biggest superstar

You really doubt that?

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Why didn't you take a picture with your phone?

28 points · 6 months ago

I did, but it was back in 2010, and I’ve been thru prob 3 laptops since then and its on one of them. I wasn’t allowed to post pics of it on social media as I worked for the company that owned the Burj Khalifa. So I can’t even go to fb to find a post.

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What kind of job did you work? Sounds like you get to travel a lot which is cool

I was a [personal assistant] then and a housewife now :D

- from another comment

Thanks :)

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I don’t understand the reference... I was just sat in my office, in a building next door.. :)

“Building next door.”

Great reference bruh

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"Thames River"

Got that arseways mate.

I say this as a British person who has never lived further than about 10 miles from the Thames or one of its tributaries, but...

I'd still say that the Thames River (or at least Thames river) is perfectly adequate. It's more American English, but if you are going old school, you should probably refer to it as River of Thames as was the preferred way to title a river ("River of [X]") up to some time in the 1800s, as far as I can tell.

If you're keeping it old-school, you should go the whole hog!

Does any other movie series have a higher batting average?

44 points · 6 months ago

The Airbud Cinematic Universe?

Best buds budwatch

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Did you seriously just say that the fast and the furious series is better than the mission impossible series?!?!?!?!?!

But only about half the Fast and Furious movies are good.

You've got to seriously look at your life if your putting the James Bond series behind fast and the fucking furious... Unless you're 14, then that could make sense.

It was just an example. Some would say the Star Wars film series are all great - but I’ll be honest when I say I was disappointed with the last bond film.

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You can't catch me, gay thoughts!

I laughed.


Came here looking for this.

So Tom Cruise can walk on water. Maybe there's something to this Scientology stuff after all.

There's a reason he never ages...

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All praise Xenu

He actually has only now started to age, ever since The Mummy.

So, curse of mummy>blessing of Xenu?

That insurance policy payout for Cruise's injury must have been enormous if they've got enough budget to extend principal photography for 5+ months.

I watched an interview with Alec Baldwin, who had a minor role in the last movie. They flew him to London and North Africa three times to reshoot the way he enters a room. Those guys don't mess around with the details.

Giving David Fincher a run for his money in the unnecessary takes department!

I'm actually not surprised they did that, M:I is Paramount's second biggest, on-going, franchise so they're not leaving anything to chance.
I rolled my eyes a bit at the DC fans whining about mustache-gate. Of course they wouldn't let him shave, Paramount aren't going to let anything interfere with their version of cape-shit.

He's not even filming. That's just his regular day.

Time to shut down London for my morning run.

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I love that man and his dedication to the art of film.

We NEED him as the last antagonist for John Wick 3.

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Oh hell yes, after his performance in collateral I would gladly watch another Tom Cruise villain role

Stunt master V Stunt master (Jackie Chan also in the same tier)

Chan went fucking hard in The Foreigner. Full death-wish. I want to see him have a career resurgence.

One of his best performances. Very emotional. He could jump in Expendables 4 haha

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Damn I never knew I wanted that until now.

He wouldn’t look intimidating at all next to Reeves considering Keanu has half a foot in height on him. That would also likely cause the fight scenes to be edited to nonsense.

Cavill is the same height as Reeves, so it'll be interesting to see if they'll actually have Cruise and him fight (or how they work around the height difference) seeing as he's rumored to be the baddy in M:I6.

It isn’t hard to get around, the problem would come from maintaining the wide angles and longer shots present in the first two John Wick films, which are a large contributor to those scenes standing out. A good point of reference is Hardy vs. Bale in The Dark Knight Rises; Bale is much taller than Hardy, so making Bane intimidating when they were fighting required a lot of camera trickery. It doesn’t help that Nolan’s weakest element as a director is shooting hand to hand sequences, either. If Cavill is the bad guy of MI6, then him being huge compared to Cruise would be great, but I don’t know if Cruise’s ego would allow it to be shown on screen, since he’s notoriously sensitive about his height.

I don’t know if Cruise’s ego would allow it to be shown on screen, since he’s notoriously sensitive about his height.

Yeah, that's what I was alluding to. If it happens in MI6 then having him in a John Wick movie is a possibility as it would imply he's finally over it - I'll admit I was surprised they hired Cavill at all considering Cruise's reported sensitivity so maybe he already is.
The fight choreography is something I'm sure he can learn to do, or they can adapt something to his style.

Well they did make a joke about his height in the last film, so there's that.

Size doesn't matter... As long as you have the right technique.

Cruise has little man syndrome, so I imagine he would care quite a bit. It has more to do with filming; the John Wick films have really excellent action scenes because of the filming techniques, not just the choreography. The camera is pulled back and Reeves is capable of doing extended fight scenes in camera, something very few Hollywood actors can do. That probably includes Cruise, who doesn't have any long take fight scenes I can think of off the top of my head, despite his reputation for over the top stunts. I'd be worried that adding Cruise to the mix would potentially undercut any action he was involved in, especially of the hand to hand variety.

that would be too fucking awesome

So excited for this film!

What percentage of his films involve at least one scene (not a short cut) of him sprinting? It's like it's in his rider - I want $20 million, my own trailer with AC, and at least one sprinting scene.

I really hope Henry Cavill is secretly the villain.

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"The star is known for performing his own stunts". Always great marketing point.

What now...

As is the tradition after all.

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"You'll never catch me, gay thoughts!" - Tom Cruise (privately)

fastest movie star of all time

Someone will need to update this video after release.

Was waiting for this. For sure needs to be at the top lol

I was lucky enough to witness this. I was on a tour of the Southbank this morning and saw a helicopter flying next to the bridge to film an action sequence. 10 minutes later and I’m on my phone seeing Tom Cruise in the news for filming Mission Impossible 6. Truly a wild coincidence. He must’ve done the take at least 3 times, as well as some actors playing construction workers for the movie.

was this "sprinting" scene before or after his "obligatory motorcycle" riding scene

"River Thames"

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Wtf? You seriously thought 2 and 3 were memorable? 2 was plain awful and 3 was only watchable because of Phillip Hoffman.

4 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Definitely. They all have something unique about them due to their distinguishable directors and directing styles. MI 2 was great imo because John Woo’s over the top drama and action, slo-mo, swooping camera angles etc. Interesting plot.

MI 3 had JJ Abrams flair all over it and is my favorite Mission Impossible film to date. Not to mention Philip Seymour Hoffman’s incredible villain. Ghost Protocol was pretty good as well, though not as good as 2&3. My problem with Rogue Nation was that it felt like copy paste of Ghost Protocol in tone and directorial style, even though they have different directors. Because of that, it just didnt stand out to me at all. The main villain was also the weakest of all the films.

So true. 3 was in general not great, but holy shit the opening interrogation scene is... something else. Very, very good. Great loss.

2 is just, terrible.

It really is. Everyone loves the beach scene but even for MI it's too over the top

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The last one was quality though, so it's one neverending series I'm very happy to see continue.

And the one before. Honestly, I enjoyed the last 2 more then the first 3.

The last one was my favorite

The number you're looking for is six. Six films including this one. Not a big number when considering Marvel's run, or eleven theatrical Star Wars movies or 25 James Bond instalments. Just the six.

-1 points · 6 months ago

gotcha...i think 3 was the last one i saw iirc

That was a good one. Philip Seymour Hoffman's Owen Davies is a pretty badass villain.

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