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RIP sucks to have bought divi around the beta launch... 30% Loss if you try to get out today.

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Did you read the whitepaper?

I think this project might help with crypto adoption especially for less tech savvy people.

Mainnet is coming out in less than a month, so if you dont want to take the loss maybe you should consider waiting to see the mainnet and Divi smart wallet.

You will be able to stake if you have atleast 100 Divx and run a MasterNode if you have over 1000 Divx.

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Yeah, I dig the project and even tried to get on the Beta. For some reason I thought it was US-friendly. I'm not jumping ship, but it was pretty disappointing to find out about.

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Glad to hear that you like this project!

I understand your point, this is not a good news for any US investor. However, US stance on ICO market is not very friendly so this is a necessity if we do not want to risk violating any US laws.

As I said before, I would rather have an inconvenient token swap for US investors than Cease and Desist from the SEC.

You can be a network participant or masternode operator if you are from US, so I would say Divi project is US friendly.

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Wondering when Trump will make America great again :-)

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There are multiple options for US holders...I recommend checking out telegram for the discussion there over the last couple of days. Anyone jumping the gun and making rash decisions to sell their DIVX right now is making a mistake imo and will end up having to buy Divi back at a premium later on.

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What are the options?

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Some options that I can talk about here are: both divx and divi will be listed on bleutrade for at least 3 months, so it should be rather easy to sell divx and buy divi as prices will be pretty close due to arbitrage players. and as I said earlier, there are several options, some members mentioned different options over on telegram, you are welcome to ask there.

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Good and bad. A lot of the USA DIVI holders might just say bye bye :/

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That is not true. There are several options for US holders. I suggest you read comments from xujr400 in this post, or ask on telegram if you want to know more.

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I hope the USA holders are taking these options and not simply selling. This is a great project.

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I agree. It would be a shame for someone from US that has been holding for months, excited about running their masternode, to sell now, especially if it is not necessary.

Project fundamentals are still the same, and I actually think this is a good step. Some US investors might get scared and even shaken out, but we have to make sure everything since the very beggining is legally compliant and leave no loose ends for the authorities.

I would rather have some US investors upset about coin swap than Cease and Desist from the SEC.

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Sounds great. Best thing is divx doesn't expire so no rush for us to actually convert our tokens.