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twist awp ace vs 5POWER

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mousesports Fan46 points·29 days ago

Very reminiscent of shox vs VP but 5POWER actually had utility to flush twist out in this case

100 Thieves Fan9 points·29 days ago

I mean can you really expect much from a tier 4 asia mix

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan2 points·29 days ago

Literally my first thought was shox vs VP when I saw this

Shoxie's was much faster tho and his last was a noscope, this play was great but it IMO it doesnt compare to that of Shox's

100 Thieves Fan27 points·29 days ago

Glad we got to see hampus reload instead of the 3rd kill

I was thinking the same, we need to get more quality coverage of how the pros reload.

100 Thieves Fan0 points·29 days ago

tbh better then how they reload in MM. peek while reloading awp

12 points·29 days ago·edited 29 days ago

Still Don't get why he's still on botsent. He deserves a better team.

Team EnVyUs Fan11 points·29 days ago

"deserved" is an interesting word to use when talking about a man that had a great deal of offers from NiP and turned them all down

SK Gaming Fan1 point·28 days ago

He deserves to rot in godsent because that is what HE wants.

-8 points·29 days ago(11 children)

Yeah he should be in either fnatic or nip. But I think he did not want to join nip for whatever reason. (except for being nip twist lol)

100 Thieves Fan6 points·29 days ago

He just wanted to play with friends or something back then. In a Recent interview I read now he wants to look at other options. Probably should've taken the opportunities that were availiable to him when he had the chance...

fnatic 100%, Nip already has draken and although he still miss some easy shots he still performs well within nip

Team Liquid Fan9 points·29 days ago

JW certainly isn't playing bad to get replaced, there just isn't room on any good swedish teams right now. NiP & Fnatic are looking pretty solid lately.

AVANGAR Fan2 points·29 days ago

even for international teams. it's not like mouz needs another hybrid awp specialist. maybe optic lmao

-6 points·29 days ago(0 children)
100 Thieves Fan3 points·29 days ago

Twist deserves more chances in tier 1 IMO. Not even a fanboy and not overrating him just think at this point he has way more potential than JW (I know they are the same age)

GODSENT Fan0 points·29 days ago

he don't. he way overrated. also jw has proved it in t1 unlike twist who had his fair amount of chances in t1.

with jw and flusha, godsent reached major with just 1 chance.twist has many more chances and not doing anything in t3 to prove his worthiness into t1. even brollan who is just 15 has same impact as twist in godsent and he has way more potential. also jw is younger than twist and have a higher peak and potental than twist

100 Thieves Fan4 points·29 days ago

"twist had his fair amount of chacnes in t1" He had been on shit or dead teams in the last couple years and he didnt even perform poorly. On a better team he has the potential to do better. It was usually other people who were the problem not him.

JW is past his prime, he will never be the player he once was. I don't know what "potential" you are talking about from JW, we know what his level is, yes it is insanely high but his prospects right now are very low. Meanwhile twist is motivated and has never had a chance on a likeminded team in the last couple years.

GODSENT Fan1 point·29 days ago

jw was also on dead teams for more than a year.only now they came back up. also he was the best player on that dead team which had olof,krimz,flusha and dennis last year.

twist performance is not that much impressive in t3.just like any regular player out there.being 4th best player in fnatic atm is better than being best or second best player in godsent.

look at twist's ratingsin lan last year. the moment he reaches a decent t2 event,he shits the bed.

100 Thieves Fan1 point·29 days ago

He had a positive rating against 3 out of the 4 maps he played there, and again, it was in a shit team. Ropz and Oskar were going OFF in that qualifier and his only negative map was against them so I dont think 4 BO1s actually show his skill level, but okay. Pronax was awful at that event and was a big part of why they choked against Immortals, and we've seen what Kng and Hen1 can do at majors right?

Also if you want to cherrypick I can do that to.

Only bad rating is Eleague S2 where everyone except Krimz was shit. Did good at Atlanta.

Fnatic Fanatic3 points·29 days ago


Fnatic Fanatic1 point·29 days ago


Cloud9 Fan5 points·29 days ago

Is 5POWER pronounced "five power" or "spower"? Cause I'm calling them "spower" from now on

"I have an idea guys. Lets all try to kill the awper one at a time!"

Natus Vincere Fan1 point·29 days ago

Live Twitch Clip (Clip + Chat) on Streamable

Credit to / ThunderMediaTV for the content.

Bot to preserve unique live stream experience forever by rendering chat as part of the mirror video. | ^feedback

Virtus.Pro Fan1 point·29 days ago
Astralis Fan1 point·29 days ago

Who is better, twist or Twistzz?

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan1 point·29 days ago

Van Dulken ofc

mousesports Fan2 points·29 days ago

thats a dutch name tho

Ninjas in Pyjamas Fan1 point·29 days ago

twistzz' vader is indo vgm, vandaar nederlandse achternaam

Godsent Fan1 point·29 days ago


I'm just waiting for the day fnatic replaces him with JW.

JW is already on fnatic tho

100 Thieves Fan0 points·29 days ago

he meant fnatic replaces jw with him.

BIG Fan-1 points·29 days ago

Nice observing, i always wanted to know how hampus throws his smoke to support twist at sandbags, so fucking interesting...

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