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TIL of Bothies. Small shelters, maintained by users and volunteers, for people to stay in on their treks in the mountains.

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Came here for this, was not disappointed!

What they are called elsewhere

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Stayed in some of these with friends doing backcountry skiing in Alaska. Ended up meeting lots of cool folks doing the same. It was a great time and I would highly recommend it.

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If I was physically able to do a hiking hunt I would stay in one, unfortunately I'm pretty broken so I can't go deep enough into the wilderness to get to one

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What's ailing you?

Chronic knee, back, and shoulder pain caused by football, cancer, and underage labor respectively (although football probably contributed too)

You busted, stay home and read. You earned it.

Yeah for real, I will exert much less effort through my entire life than you have only up till now.

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You sound a lot like me, minus the cancer. I can't speak to your problems, but I can tell you about how I've dealt with mine. I have degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, and a messed up knee from a torn PCL. The only thing that has continuously helped deal with the chronic pain from those issues has been a regular exercise regimen.

See your doctor and see if he'll sign off on it. Staying active is really good medicine for chronic pain. Best of luck to you!

How do you know if it's a shared one and not a private hut you'd risk getting shot at trying to enter?

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When I went, I was with friends from the area. They were part of a local group that helped maintain them, so that's how we knew. I suppose if you find yourself in the wilderness and find a hut, approach with caution!

We (at the top-left corner of the bottom-left corner of Canada) call our local one the secret cabin.

It’s fairly difficult to access, near impossible to find on one’s own without prior knowledge, but I can walk there from my house and back in a day.

It’s at least 50 years old, and the view from the ‘patio’ is breathtaking. It’s one of my favourite nature spots in the world.

PM me if you see me in the logbook!

Naturally the British use their own term, and it's delightfully more playful than "wilderness hut".

It's a Scottish word, probably derived from the Gaelic word bothan, meaning hut.

New Zealand has about 1000 of these, but we call them huts.

I just watched the movie, “The Hunt for the Wilderpeople” and they stay in huts when they’re out in the bush. I was confused at what they were at first!

Bibbulmun track in South-West Western Australia also has such shacks.

In case anyone is wondering, it's pronounced 'baw-thees' not 'bo-thees'



I stayed in a fair number of them up in the Scottish Highlands last spring

That sounds like an amazing trip

Oh, Howard!


I think we've really cracked it this time!

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A lot of cottagers in Canada I've met keep the key by the door in the winter. Reason explained to me is snow mobilers and hunters will look for places to stay, either for convenience or emergency, and if you don't leave the key they'll likely break in anyway and if they have to break in they'll probably treat your place like shit and destroy it but if the key is there they'll probably take care of it as a thank you.

I've stayed in one of those before. They're quite nice, but holy tits the rats were not afraid of people.

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I remember when I first learned of bothies, I came across this chilling story. Be safe.

I’m all proud I knew this.

(I had looked it up after hearing the line “ under the eaves of the bothy...” in “Yon Two Crows” by Mark Knopfler).

That's how they're used today, but the term "bothy" originated when these buildings were used as temporary shelters for farm workers.

Here's a description of the "bothy system" from 1843.

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I learned of bothies on Claire Balding's Ramblings podcast recently ( - my original plan for this year was to go wild camping but now I really want to try a Bothie trail.

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We used to use the near by one to get messed up drunk in :-)

Do not attempt this in the US if you don't know the area and aren't absolutely certain it's a publicly accessible abode. That's how you get shot in some places. (just a warning, I'm nit going to shoot you, but backcountry folk generally want their privacy if they live out isolated like that, and especially in the rural South, self defense shootings wouldn't be unusual.)

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That's not exactly what he's talking about.

These fall under "absolutely certain it's a publicly accessible abode" cause they're marked. I've done a bit of the AT.

That seems a bit over-the-top.

Like... not even tell somebody to leave, just up’n shoot’em?

Yeahhh, some people are crazy.

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Still doesn't explain those random sets of stairs you find.

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We have them in the US

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