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Dave Chappelle was afraid of demeaning behavior? He's a comedian. By definition comedians are demeaning.

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With him playing the character i think he would have been right.

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Not sure I believe this. Dave Chappelle was 19 at the time. Mykelti Williamson was 36.

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The character in the film isn't 36.

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No, but I believe he's supposed to be around Tom Hanks's age, rather than Tom Hanks's son's age.

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Tom hanks played a character spanning from college in 1963 to 1982. When his character entered the army he was 22 or 23 years old. Seeing how they entered the army at the same time one can assume Bubba was around the same age.

I just looked up his age online and he was 23 or 24 depending on when he entered the army. I'm sorry but 19 is a lot closer to 23/24 then 36 is. Plus, the story is a fact stated by multiple people from Dave himself to people that worked on the movie.

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So he was only 1/2 right.

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0/2 right

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I guess that tanked his career. While the actor who played Bubba is now a big star

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So like everything else seems to be with Dave this was a race issue. He thought it was demeaning to play a dumb black guy in a movie. It's a fucking movie part.