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So goldilocks broke into 3 gay men's apartment. Family guy got it part right

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They were actually 3 male bears living together

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I'm confused as to why 3 bachelor's living together means everyone thinks they're gay... Not ragging. Just don't get it.

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It used to be a joke/stereotype that "confirmed" bachelors living together were gay. Being openly gay wasnt too cool to people, but rooming up with a guy was fine, and if neither of you ever seemed to be dating it could just be bad luck.

So basically it was just an old smokescreen that people always reference for a dumb joke/stereotype.

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I thought the premise was that a gruff hairier homosexual make was generally referred to as a bear

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I honestly didn't know that. TIL.

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Yeah, it's called having a roommate. Guys even slept in the same bed together like 150 years ago, probably to save space and it wasn't seen as taboo back then. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only Redditor who, you know, goes outside. I'm gay myself and didn't even make the gay connection until I saw the joke in the comments.

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Because a hairy gay man is called a bear and a confirmed bachelor was slang for gay.

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Wouldn’t 2 men living together be gayest? If they’re into gang banging each other, surely there would be more than 3?

3 men living together cannot be gay. It probably even ‘cures’ homosexuality.

I need to sell this to some Christian cure camps

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If they were rotund, hairy, gay bachelors, then they still would have been three bears.

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So, Will and Grace?

edit: Yes, I'm a fan

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Dunno. Only saw like one episode of that back in its original run. Probably more The Odd Couple.

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Lol like lyh

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I'm pretty sure the bears also mauled her to death. That's kinda the thing about old fairy tales: they always end badly.


The old woman starts, runs away, breaks her neck and goes to the hospital.

Close enough.

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The original tale tells of a badly-behaved old woman who enters the forest home of three bachelor bears whilst they are away.

So not bachelor humans, which some might have assumed.

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Goldilocks sometimes also went by Aunt May.

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"Someones been sleeping in my bed" has a whole new meaning. Was she fucking all of them at the same time or did they pass her around unknowingly?

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The bachelors are actually 3 single bears living together.

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So that's why they're called Three Bears.

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FYI this is the origin of the term "Bears" to describe large, hairy gay men!

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Huh. Interesting.

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That was a joke;)

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It's still plausible. Let's propagate it as truth.

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It's still plausible. Let's propagate it as truth.

You've got a successful career in the media ahead of you pal.

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Certainly adds a different meaning to her comments of “Too big... Too small... Just right”.

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you goldilocks

you break chair

you eata spaghet

go home to your house

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i saw that porno