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Remember me Bambi? When I killed your mother, I talked JUST LIKE THIIIIS

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Flashbacks man.

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Could be worse, could have been Tim Curry.

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The voice of Pennywise mixed with Doom. That'd be fucking interesting lol

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Actually if I was forced to pick anyone else worthy to play Doom Tim Curry would be on the short list.

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Well he did audition for the role and Zemeckis thought he was too scary to play the role.

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It was me Bambi - the author of all your pain.

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Doom would also have a suitcase of 12 small animated kangaroos that act as a jury, by having their joeys pop out of their pouches, each with letters, when put together would spell YOU ARE GUILTY.

Holy crap, that would have been great. Kangaroos who either ruled GUILTY or faced the DIP.

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A Kangaroo Court!

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On behalf of all mobile users:

Fuck you.

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Got it first time. Wow.

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I'm sorry you have such tiny fingers.

How do you cope?

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I hear being President helps.

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Why do people do that?

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Oh go post an annoying wikipedia link that I have to remove the 'm' from, you mobile jerk!

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First time on Mobile bitches!

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Good point.

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Even without killing Bambi's mother he was still one of the creepiest bad guys of all time.

Bonus TIL: The tough-talking, LA noir, detective who stars in the movie, Bob Hoskins, was a Brit who just plain nailed the accent. RIP

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Bob Hoskins was an amazing actor. My favorite roll of his was Smee from Hook. I loved how he parodied Robin William's Good Morning Vietnam with "GOOD MOOOOOORNIN' NEVERLAND!"

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And he played smee in the sci-fi channel version of peter pan too! It was great.

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Apparently he had to take a break from acting for a while after this movie. He had be trying to imagine the animated characters acting along with him during his scenes to such an extent that for months afterwards he would hold conversations with them - to the point that his doctors told him to take a break from acting.

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Bob Hoskins is a childhood legend. He was also Smee in Hook and Mario Mario in the amazingly awful Super Mario Bros. movie.

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Don't forget his roll as a central service heating and repair agent in Terry Gilliam's Brazil.

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Don't forget his role as a London crime boss in the Long Good Friday

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Don't forget his role in the BT adverts

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Don't forget his role in who framed roger rabbit

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Bob Hoskins is a childhood legend. He was also Smee in Hook and Mario Mario in the amazingly awful Super Mario Bros. movie.

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The mafia? I shit 'em!

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He was also a crime boss in Danny the Dog, I think it was called Unleashed in the US, with Jet Li.

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Please reformat your post into the correct structure

Don't forget his role as a crime boss in Danny the Dog, I think it was called Unleashed in the US, with Jet Li.

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Don't forget my role in "Apparently I missed that obvious pattern cause I'm an idiot".

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Yeah, he was the best art of that movie, for me

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Didn't one of the Marios hurt their hand and had to get a cast during filming? They were also so fed up with it they drank during work

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WFRR is also unique for having WB and Disney characters side by side with the stipulation that they get equal screen time, among other things.

Those two companies had a lot of say in the final cut.

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The piano duel between Donald and Daffy is one of my favourite things

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I'd say Disney probably had more to say in the final cut though, they did fund, film and release the thing.

"Touchstone Pictures is an American film distribution label of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Previously, Touchstone operated as an active film production banner of Walt Disney Studios, owned by The Walt Disney Company. Established on February 15, 1984 by then-Disney CEO Ron W. Miller as Touchstone Films, it typically releases films targeted to adult audiences with more mature themes and darker tones than those released under the Disney name. Touchstone Pictures merely serves as a brand and not a distinct business operation, and has never existed as a separate company, unlike Miramax, which Disney purchased in 1993"

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit is a 1988 American live-action/animated fantasy film directed by Robert Zemeckis, produced by Frank Marshall and Robert Watts and written by Jeffrey Price and Peter S. Seaman. It was released on June 22, 1988 by Touchstone Pictures, a division of The Walt Disney Company"

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It's the only time Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny were in the same picture. They were side by side in the same scene to be even.

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I'm ready for the Disney extended universe. I always suspected that Dopey's heart was the "pig's heart" the hunter had in Snow White, and now that's more believable than ever.

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You should check out Once Upon A Time. Disney really explored that universe

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They totally changed a lot of the stories, though.

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They wanted to show George Lucas they could also edit their established lore so he would sell then Star Wars

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That they did. I would never expect any of it to spin off, but it was fun

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I love how insane and convoluted Once Upon a Time s

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Is this a common theory? I’ve tried googling it but found nothing but I’m way intrigued right now.

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I think that would have defeated the purpose of Bambi. Having an evil toon kill Bambi’s mother is a cop out. Man did it. We’re responsible. We’re supposed to feel that guilt.

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I'll take responsibility for the guilt if Dumbo takes responsibility for my alcoholism

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RIP shoe

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YES - Somtimes this sub absolutely deliverys.

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Yeah that's a crazy fact that I've actually never heard of

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About a movie I adore, no less! These are the things I hope to find when I come here.

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I think this is the second Roger Rabbit fact this week. I'm living.

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Did they want to send a generation into sobbing fits? Jesus I'm pretty sure Bambi's Mom is only 2nd to Mufasa on the "How hard did Disney make you cry" scale.

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Nah, those kids would have given a standing ovation for Eddie Valiant killing the dude who shot Bambi's mom.

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Littlefoot's mom, man

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Please get up

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OMG my face is leaking.

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Great movie! But not originally Disney :(

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That’s a Don Bluth film distributed by Universal and produced by Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

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Have you never seen Up or Toy Story 3?

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I do remember a r post where the son cut the film off at the conveyor belt scene for his mother as a prank

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Dumbo's mom in a cage though...

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Honestly that's nothing compared to how damn dark the novel this movie was based on is.

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TIL Roger Rabbit is based on a novel

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What book is that?

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It's called "who censored roger rabbit"

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I'm assuming that he's referring to Roger Rabbit, but I've heard that the original Bambi is darker, too.

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Yeah, Roger Rabbit. It's nothing like the film in tone or even plot. It's bleak, dark and cynical

Funnily enough iirc the author said he likes the film more.

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I’m reading the book right now, I honestly like the film a lot more.

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It's more somber, though I wouldn't call it dark. It's a philosophical allegory more than a real story about a baby deer, though.

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You mean Roger rabbit or bambi?

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Roger Rabbit.

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I thought you meant that. Didn't know there was a book. Interesting.

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Who Censored Roger Rabbit?

It um has the same characters, kinda. The plot has things in common to each other, one or two? It is lot darker of a book

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Yeah i figured it probably would be darker. The books usually are right? Ha ha wonder why I got downvoted for asking which book... Hmmm

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Wasn't aware there was a novel. Gonna have to check that out.

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Be forewarned, the film takes, shall we say, significant liberties. And it's one of those cases where the author of the book believes the film is better

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I would almost call it an in name only adaption but the name isn't even the same

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I don't know why they didn't, the movie was already pretty dark

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Because it says hunting is evil rather than a way of life.

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I mean, based on the rest of the movie, I don't think they were worried about sending the wrong messages. They had a baby smoking cigars, drinking and slapping asses

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Very true

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Common acts for the times the animations took place in. Ethical Hunting has never been evil

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It was in Bambi

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It was the hunter who was responsible for the forest burning because of his irresponsible handling of the camp fire. And they seemed to be shooting everything in sight, without regard. They didn't strike me as the most ethical of hunters.

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From wildlife's point of view. But that was part of the reason they never really showed the hunter or made more than a passing reference to him-- his role wasn't meant to be criminalized. The idea is that Bambi's mother's death is sad, but is honestly just part of life.

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Based on what I remember of watching the storyboard sessions on the newest release. They made a choice of never actually showing humans (just shadows and outlines) because the whole story is plotted from the view of the animals as they go through the seasons.

Humans are menace, a danger, a presence, that is never given a face because is not any one human person that is the villain but humans as a specie (Men as they are constantly refer to in the movie). So I would figure making Doom the killer takes away from the original tone and message of the movie Bambi.

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I remember mostly Jessica Rabbit....then I remember...

“Noids don’t have sex with Doodles, it’s the oldest law in Cool World.”

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the more i think about how much roger rabbit scared the shit out of me as a kid (the eyes bulging into swords, the shoe being murdered, the steamroller part), the more i realize jessica rabbit influenced my love of tall, curvy red heads.

that, or i'm just an average male.

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I missed the detail that the Valiant brothers came from a clown family, which is why it was so sad that Ed forgot the importance of making people laugh AND how he could bust out a vaudeville routine randomly to save the day.

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I knew that guy was a monster, but I still felt bad about the way he died, it was kind of brutal.

But you know what? For killing Bambi's mom: fuck him.

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I've read Who Censored Roger Rabbit. I've always wondered how they got from the book to the movie. I'll spare typing all the details for now, and say only that the only commonalities between the book and the movie are the character's names. Everything else was changed.

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Here's a video on it if someone is interested: https://youtube.com/watch?&v=UAYqK15hlbI

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So the movie -> book relationship is reverse Dragnet? "the story you are about to see is true. Everything except the names have been changed, to protect the innocent."

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This TIL means it's time for a reboot

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They'll never secure the cross-brand permissions again.

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The will when Disney owns all of the characters.

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Good decision. I've no wish to relive that trauma.

Would have had to come with a very literal "trigger warning"!

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It took me years to notice this about Doom, but there was a huge, yet subtle hint that Doom was a Toon before it was actually revealed. When he was telling the heroes about his plan to build a "freeway", rather than walk around the balls scattered on the floor, like any sensible person, he attempts to walk over them, and very nearly slips over. As a Toon masquerading as a human, he has to fight his true nature, which is basically he compulsion to do ridiculous things, plus, being almost indestructible, he doesn't have the same respect for danger and pain that an actual human being would.

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When the live-action Beauty & The Beast was released, Disney basically "confirmed" that Gaston was the hunter that killed Bambi's Mum.

When you see the shot of the forest and castle at the start of the film (this was also confirmed), then later in Gaston's Tavern, a Does' head can be seen hanging on the wall.

Of course take this with a grain of salt if you wish but I wouldn't put it past Gaston to do that!