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Wrong subreddit in my opinion.

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Cue Yakkity Sax. This is redic

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This article keeps resurfacing on this sub reddit. Seems like it’s being promoted and adtificially manipulated.

/r/technology seems to be a shell of its former self back in Snowden leaks time and prior

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Of course it is. Look at the previous few months. Post upon post of misinformed people talking about NN, but they all ignored the surveillance vote a few days ago. This is a sub primarily for FUD and tech illiteracy now :(

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This article keeps getting reposted for some reason.

More to the point, as far as I am concerned its FUD. They have offered no evidence of any wrong doing on kasperskys' part, bar accusations through various media outlets. This company has done nothing apart from being Russian, so of course they must be evil!!

Never mind that the only "credible source" they had for this supposed hack was an NSA contractor running malware he shouldn't have had on his PC, and Israel, who's information came about when they were illegally intruding into Kasperskys' systems themselves :/

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Serial reposter bot strikes again.