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I'm having Fallout 4 flashbacks

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You can loot that sledgehammer from those eyeballs.

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Gorn is awesome, actually gained muscle definition playing this. Made a 50cm gash in the wall, and knocked my monitor into the floor. 10/10 would destroy my stuff again.

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My arms were sore after the first few days of playing

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This is the game I was playing when I punched my ceiling fan down. Great game!

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The game is Gorn on the HTC Vive

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Works for Oculus too

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People need to know the dangers of this fucking game... If you are considering playing GORN, you need to know... YOUR PLAY SPACE IS TOO FUCKING SMALL! YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ROOM.

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I’ve played a bit of Gorn on my friend’s Vive, and if you mess with enemy head size there’s a pretty common glitch where each one has a second, tinier head inside of the first one.

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So they finally brought for honor to Nintendo switch

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Mmmmm, juicy tomatoes :)

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man that looks fun.

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That pit is a goddamn blood bath.

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it just looks boring, every time I see a video/gif its the same thing, same enemy

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It’s would be boring if it was a keyboard/mouse game. Being able to choose different weapons and kill them yourself, in a multitude of ways, makes it one of the most entertaining small games I’ve played. Yeah, the enemies look the same, but they have varying amounts of armour, they have diff. Weapons, diff. Numbers etc. It can get quite hard if you pick the wrong weapons to bring.

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The henchmen are sort of all the same... they come out with different armor sets and weapons... Some of them with Bows. You have to block their arrows with a shield or you die fast.

The boss fights are fun... the Badgers had me against the walls trying to dodge those bastards.

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