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Arm Wrestling Robot game in Norway

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They had these in the states as well. Haven't seen one since I was a kid though(~20 years ago).

I member.

Are you from the north?

I'm from the North and yes we remember.

From New Mexico USA. The arcade at the old water park we used to have had one of these.

The north remembers.

I remember one being at Six Flags New England. Might have been called Riverside Park back then.

They had one at the Dave and Busters in Atlanta, GA like 20 years ago.

Used to work there... it was also the Great Escape for a couple of years.

Member Chewbacca

Member the 80's

Oooh I member!

We’re gonna kill you, member?

Member Hoth? I member.

There was one in Ocean City, MD. As of summer 2013. Been there since I was younger. Prolly still is.

I found one in ocean city this past summer. It’s still there!

Huh, do you remember which arcade it was in?

The Funcade on 9th street. It's next to a Sunsations and the Americana hotel/Hammerheads bar.

Actually I think It was playland. The one next to sportland. The two arcades on the boardwalk that are near the rides and ripleys believe it or not. Im sure because ive played a TON of in the groove 2 and it was in the same arcade. Funcade had in the groove 1.

Sure was! MD represent!

Matched a similar boxing game as well.

They had one at a rest stop off 95 in southern Maine back in the 90s, never saw it again after the one time though.

Came in to say the same thing. 90s at the mall arcades.

At least one or two in Wildwood, NJ in the boardwalk arcades there.

my cousins and i used to team up and beat the one in Wildwood. the final boss was no match for a 10 year old + 9 + 7 combined. i remember it being outside the arcade by the korr bros.

2 points · 5 months ago

On the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ there's an arcade that had nothing but old arcade games. They have this. Along with tons of shit I never saw before and dozens of pinball games too.

They had these in the states as well. Haven't seen one since I was a kid though(~20 years ago).

Canada, too, but I haven't seen one in a very long time.

Me and some cousins of mine found one a few years ago in some little corner store in northern Ontario. Put it to max difficulty and triple-teamed it.

Same here, last sighted in Hampton Beach, NH about 20 years ago.

Yeah there is one at Kings Island in Ohio

I still know of one that's up and running.

There's one in ATL too.

didn't they get rid of them because someone dislocated their elbow?

Still got them in Kentucky in some movie theaters and bowling alleys

Am I the only one that was waiting for his arm to break?

79 points · 5 months ago

I know I was. I am never arm wrestling again after seeing that shit.

I got the live show once and can still hear the loud snapping sound.

Never arm wrestling again.

Like ripping a turkey wing out of its socket on Thanksgiving.

Comment deleted5 months ago(1 child)

It's only an insult if you think you're superwoman.


36 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

There's one in East Lansing, Michigan. Little classic arcade with tons of nostalgic, old school games, as well as higher tech, some straight from Japan games. One of the new additions is a giant two player competitive Tetris game with joysticks that are two other three feet tall. Edit: forgot to mention the Tetris machine is entirely in Japanese too.

Aw hellz yeah, what's the place called? I've GOT to go there for my birthday.

9 points · 5 months ago

I’d bet anything it’s Pinball Pete’s.

It is indeed pinball pete's

There's one in Ann Arbor too.

Pinball Pete The Invincible.

Pinball Pete's :)

3 points · 5 months ago

What's the name of the arcade? I used to live in Haslett right next door.

Pinball Pete's.

Go green.

Go white. That's my Alma mater actually

Lefties are at a disadvantage.

Not if they have a gun

Plot twist

Even more so while playing this game.

IIRC, the robots hand spins accordingly

Not this one, but other models have a rubber type glove that creepily switches its joints.

The robot's face looks like he's shooting his load

I can't decide if that is a terrible idea or a million dollar idea for a video game. All you have to do is change the arm.

Or ball a fist, I guess. Wait...

5 points · 5 months ago

They have one of these machines at Galloping Ghost Arcade (in Illinois).

I used to go to this theme park that had one called the gold saucer, but then I got falsely accused of killing a whole bunch of soldiers and sent to a desert prison

Insert next disc please

we have one of these in the movie theater in my home town. always had to use two hands to beat the highest levels

don't turn your chest away when you're arm wrestling

OP, where in Norway? I didnt know we had arcades here

OP Won't respond, it's from 6 years ago.

Then I do declare OP to be a karma whore

That's No way, not Norway.


There's on of these at kings island in ohio- near cincinatti

But they have these in the US too. I've seen a few in Jersey.

Yeppp. I'm from NJ and have seen many throughout the years.

They used to have one of these at an amusement park in Wisconsin I went to. Fun times.

Pretty sure there’s one in Seaside Oregon

I remember these from when I was a kid, I was always scared the robot arm would go to fast or to hard and snap my arm

Dorkys in Tacoma Washington had one a few years back last I went. Not sure still though.

Saw one of these at California's Great America

is that place as run down as i've heard it is? last i went was about 15 years ago, it was fantastic back then.

I feel like it really has. Ever since Paramount went away.

I live in Oklahoma we have a big event center like Chucky Cheese called Main Event that has one of these.

They have one at six flags over georgia

I've always wanted to see armwrestling champions try one of these games.

I crushed one in San Diego on the boardwalk, I reckon they could rip it's arm off.

2 points · 5 months ago

Played one this summer in Six Flags, in Georgia. Did better than this guy :) I wonder if the force is adjustable.

When I was a teen two of my friends and I couldn't beat the entire game. Mad props to that guy

Wow remember that when i used to be 15 or 16, never been able to beat the second guy

I remember playing this in Toronto when Yonge Street still had arcades.

Man I really miss arcades, blue air, shady people and all.

We have one of these in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. I used to beat the robot and the hidden boss every time I went to the arcade when I was a kid.

They had these in the states in a lot of arcades. Man that takes me back. I always cheated.

Bruh they have one at the works 2 streets away from me

Imagine how painful this is going to be when robots take over the world

Thats been out for years i remember as a kid trying this nearly 30 years ago!

I remember playing these as a kid. I would use both my hands because we were just a bunch of weaklings messing around. One time my cousin and I both pushed the arms.

My local arcade had one until last year

I prefer starting position.

"Please please tell me I'm not in /instant_regret...oh phew /gaming you scared me!"

They have one of these at the local barcade

I've played these many times in the us. What's the big deal?

Game is Arm Champs II

That game is almost over the top.

I remember these as a kid! My brother an i always cheated. One would stand by the arm and pull. The other would push or play normally. I dont thinl we ever beat the highest level

I was expecting to see something interesting as these weren't uncommon in arcades in the states when I was a kid.

I use to see these all over in the dirty Jersey shore....

Video URL: "" - am I the only one trying to figure out how castrating Bobcats will make it more tasty? Could the testosterone make the flesh more bitter?

I watched a YouTube video years and years ago where two men were arm wrestling. There was a pop and an instant, "call an ambulance". I haven't been able to witness arm wrestling sense. Since this was with a robot, I thought it'd be safe and thankfully, it was. But I did anticipate something bad.

And then that one asshole gets pizza greese all over it

The arcade where I live has one

theres one at the golf club near my house

That's it, I'm going to Norway.

Another reason Norway isn’t one of those shithole countries! /s

So what they have one of these in a local malls game room in Massachusetts

I'm really curious to see the internal workings of this. Does it really get harder each level by attaching more weight/resistance.

Also, wouldn't it be pretty easy to cheat? Just have your buds there, helping to push and pull it.

6 points · 5 months ago

Well duh you could cheat but the reason people play it is for fun

Yeah it adds more resistance. They had one at a seaside resort I used to go to as a kid about 15years ago and yes you can cheat my friend and I had it on hard setting and were trying to beat it another kid saw us struggling and joined in as well. It definitely had a fair amount of resistance because instead of the arm going down the whole machine started rolling away (it was at the front of the arcade) it rolled a good distance still it snagged a bit of kerb and we managed to get the arm down, high fives all round then we all wandered off leaving the machine a good 10 metres away from where it had started.

I memba dis game. I also memba me and my 12 year old friends all helping to beat this guy.

Got one at Dorkys in Tacoma, Washington next to the punching machine. Guy in the video didn't even have the robot on the highest level psshhh.

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