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The way the ball moved looks like a hack that I believe lets you control the ball. I think this is from a video that was basically a comedy with the guy always getting a strike in an unexpected way.

I tried to find the video to link to it, but I was unable to find it.

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If you don't strike I'm going through your phone

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From: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hP9LmoCzkL0

edit:same people who made "chinese", they play a hack that allows you to control the ball

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That was surprisingly funny for how stupid it was. Everything's funnier with a bunch of guys in the background laughing at it, I guess.

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When you suck, but you p2w.

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Game! Wii Sports

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A true classic, almost a flawless game

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It really was fantastic, especially amazing because of how simple it was.

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Thinking your reupload video on youtube won't get striked because the original author didn't, but you get a strike anyways

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That end game meta.

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Ive done something similiar in real life by luck i guess (since i can't replicate it ) altough i got 8 down and split afterwards

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d a letter.

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Me: oh i'm going to miss Knuckles: if you strike, i wil sho you de wae me:

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Imagine winning by like ten pins but right when the game's about to end this happens to the other player

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Wii Pro confirmed ;D

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I've actually done this in a real game of bowling, by putting too much spin onto the ball.

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Because Physics are for weak people.