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The concept is nice; the cinematography, though, is amazing!

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It made me think of Black Mirror

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Definitely love black mirror. This gif contains none of the cynicism though. I’m all for social media

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You sick, sick man.

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Monkey needs a hug ):

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The coolest in the jungle.

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I just think he hasn't seen enough black mirror yet to give social media the benefit of the doubt :P

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, he commented on one of the biggest social medias.

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Read about what China is doing with their soon-to-be-mandatory government sponsored good citizen points and you'll find some cynicism you didn't know you had

Edit: If you haven't, watch this video.

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    You have been docked one star for a community outburst and or disruption, please note; this is a temporary measure, and your score will be restored provided no other incidents occur.

    Please note you are now on double damage during that time. Please avoid all negative feedback.

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    I mean, thank you...or rather, my apologies to the Supreme Leader.

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    The real question is at how many deducted stars does a drone come to take out for "walk" for disrupting society with your bad behavior? Or maybe in the future they can just hack your neural net and overclock you "CPU".

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    Good luck renting a car now, loser!

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    Oh boy! How many Good Citizen Points do I need for some tendies?

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    There's an episode of The Orville that's kind of like that. They visit a planet where people are judged based on a score they obtain through their actions and other people's voting. If someone does something reprehensible, it can end up on the net, where millions can suddenly "downvote" them until they reach a score where they are essentially put on trial by public opinion, and if they are judged to be unapologetic, they're basically lobotomized.

    It's actually one of my least favorite episodes because it feels so lazily written and characters act ridiculous just to move the plot along, so to hear that something similar is being set up in China just makes me sad.

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    The Black Mirror episode Nosedive is exactly this except other people have control over your score instead of the government. Both terrify me but one is actually a reality.

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    You’re gonna get back on the large Instagram accounts, I remember your pool party was posted by I think Hypebeast? I forget who exactly but great job!

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    yeah my notifications were literally like this gif last time i got on a few big instagram accounts. It was about 100 likes a second.

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    Could you share this in a video format with a close up of the phone so I could use the intoLive app to make this a Live Wallpaper for my lock screen?

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    Look at this guy. I bet he's only, like, a 3.82.

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    Can anyone explain why, for the past month or so, Black Mirror has been trending on Reddit? I have been on Reddit for quite some time and never have seen Black Mirror mentioned that often. What is going on?!

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    Season 4 recently premiered. More and more people have been getting into it.

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    Lots of marketing for it as well, season 1,2,3 got no posters in my city, season 4 has loads all around.

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    Is it any good?

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    It’s such a good show! All the episodes play on a different idea but it’s all based around technology controlling us. It’s amazing and easy to pick up anywhere.

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    yeah I was waiting for something dark to happen

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    I thought of a modern take on a scene from Fight Club.

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    For anyone asking heres some phone backgrounds...


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    are you able to get this gif as screen background?

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    On android you can do live wallpapers. So yes if you have an android.

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    Do you have a non-apple version? I'd love to use it on my S6 but its got an apple logo on the battery and next to the "taptic engine"

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    You can also make it a Live Photo from the gif, so also yes if you are on iOS

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    Really nice work. Do you have one but with an Android interior? I'd LOVE it as background.

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    Do you think it would be possible to render and share just the iPhone itself so this could be use for a live wallpaper on the lock screen?

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    Op is the Kubrick of gifs.

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    This is awesome! Love the airlock-ish dumping at the end

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    It was refreshing. 😌

    I’d also rather see this than the usual swipe down from the top of my screen and clicking on all of the X’s over and over again.

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    you can hold down any X and hit clear all notifications

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    Holy. Shit. THANK YOU!

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    i do it for the people, you’re welcome haha

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    Just tried it.

    I came.

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    I'm assuming you have an Apple device. Android doesn't have this problem. bleep bloop

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    As you can see from the thread, this FEATURE is no longer a problem. It’s a side effect of having “too many options” sometimes.


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    This is really, really sweet, brilliant job!

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    I'd love a background image like that

    Edit: for a note 3

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    Depending on the phone you have, you can get a static image of a tear down from ifixit.org

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    Yeah, even if it was subtle like the live backgrounds are now that'd be cool.

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    I neeed this as a live wallpaper 😬

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    Not only that it would be cool if it added up all your social media messages and adjusted accordingly.

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    Well I might as well just stick with the screenshot then. Nobody talks to me ='(

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    Im gonna look into making one. I never made a live wallpaper before but I have made games so same software, just different approach. I'm not gonna use the 3D depth though, that would just waste someones battery.

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    U could fake it with accelerometer data rather than using face tracking for minimal battery loss

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    Can't help but think how you would do this on a real life phone now... Presumably you'd want an auto-stereoscopic screen and track the user's eyes to render it correctly.

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    Yeah I guess so. With the newer iPhones ability to scan your face it wouldn’t be that out of the question to track eye movement would it? I have no idea.

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    i saw an app back in 2011 that could accomplish eye tracking for this very use and it was flawless back then so it should have no problem now

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    I doubt it.

    It might be possible to track someone’s eyes with the camera, but the new FaceID only scans a 3D mapping of your face. The issue with using the camera however is that it would have a very shallow angle of tracking, as the user would quickly go out of the view of the camera with too much movement.

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    Couldn't you combine it with the accelerometer to 'predict' the phone's position in relation to the users face though? This way you could define a starting position and use the camera while possible, but then have some level of control to orient the screen as the phone is moved around in the environment. Obviously this would only really work while the user is holding the phone, but I think it would be a more likely scenario that a user would move the phone around than their head.

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    Accelerometer would only track the phone's movement, not the face. Plus dead reckoning is very error prone. A high resolution fisheye lens would be required on the front of the phone with a huge resolution to be able to recognize eyes and pupil position even through the fisheye distortion.

    Not really feasible without crazy hardware that'd made the phone thick and give it a huge bezel.

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    Accelerometer would only track the phone's movement, not the face

    The operative word was "combine." Combine the accelerometer and face tracking bullshit for turning people into dogs on the iPhone X. Yes, that seems like it work work as good or almost as good as the head tracking thing that the guy invented with the wii motes tracking the emitter on his head. (which basically became how the new headsets track location) I"m sure there would be some artifacts when the algorithm has to guess about some stuff, but the video chat app stuff looks pretty smooth, so maybe not enough to really detract from the experience.

    There are already holographic games like Labyrinth that use the acceleratometer and assume you're looking straight into the phone that work really well, however, the weirdness is going to be for other people who can see the phone but only one set of eyes can properly be tracked at once and there's only one display to show one perspective.

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    Is everyone forgetting that the phone doesn’t just unlock when it sees your face, but there’s an option so it’ll only unlock when you actually look at it? Is that not eye tracking? Or am I missing something?

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    It is, but probably not advanced to the point where it knows what portion of the screen you're looking at. Even if it did, that sort of eye tracking would be useful for a cursor, but not figuring out the position of your face relative to the phone past a narrow angle.

    It might be able to do a similar version of this, but it would be a very small amount before you're out of view.

    Don't forget, eye tracking let's it calculate what you're looking at. We want to calculate the position of the person's eyes in relation to the phone which is a different concept.

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    The NSA really does care after all. Thanks for the informative response!

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    On the gif OP posted, the camera (face) moves far outside of where the camera would see. Plus for accurate generation of the 3D graphics, the tracking would need to be high speed and super accurate. Not the same as unlocking with your face.

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    The New 3DS can do that - it tracks the player's eyes in order to adjust the 3D effect on the screen. Not quite to the extreme angle as your animation, though.

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    If you rendered just the internal stuff full-frame without the clock overlay, it would make a damn fine Live Photo lock screen, which would animate when you put your finger on it. :)

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    I did this using SteamVR tracking. I don't see why the controller couldn't be replaced by your face with some face-tracking software and do effectively the same thing.


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    Very cool. I did something similar once a couple years ago while tracking my face with a webcam, but that was a bit glitchy. (Can't find the video I recorded of it unfortunately.)

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    Took me a min to figure out what was happening but dang, that is cool! Great job

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    You could probably use the gyro.

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    I'm pretty sure that's how iOS does their background movement now.

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    haha calling in the amazon fire phone lmao

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    Bring back the Amazon fire phone! We want /u/offshootuk's dream to come alive!

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    it already kinda does this since iOS 7, the background moves making the items look sorta 3D and floating

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    The New Nintendo 3DS does a decent job of this. Only problem with those screens is how low resolution they are.

    [–]TwIxToR_TiTaN 3 points4 points  (4 children)

    In the mean time you could use the phone's gyro and have the same effect but only when you rotate the phone.

    [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 56 points57 points  (2 children)

    Had to re-upload twice as streamble was crap and then used wrong gfycat link. Hopefully works alright this time.

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    It's great

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    How could I download this as a live wallpaper for the X?

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    can we get the wallpaper? without the text? I'd love to have it on my phone. Make it look like the inside of the phone. Awesome.

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      @couldyoupleasejustpost in #announcements

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      Look at you with your friends and what not.

      I'll have you know I get phone calls! They maybe trying to get money out of me, but they always ask "How are you" so they must care!

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      I would never want this many notifications irl. But I really like how much depth you had for the lockscreen. Had to repeat

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      Wow, I remember seeing these individual frames on SheepIt going through my rendering server! This turned out amazing!

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      thanks! I think i rendered it at least 6 times.

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      If my notifications were like this, my phone would be empty, because i would eat them.

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      Nice! Any tutorial on how you did it? Specifically the simulated weight on the notifications

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      Use the molecular add on for blender. It’s fairly simple and does most of the work for you. There are a couple of good YouTube tutorials if you search molecular blender tutorial

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      anyone got a mirror for the addon? site is down.

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      You should post this on r/Jailbreak I bet it can be done.

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      Wait did you create the entire video including the phone, charger, table etc? The video on screen alone is very well done but the entire shot is so well done. Excellent excellent excellent job man.

      [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 12 points13 points  (1 child)

      All done in blender

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      damn, thought it was AR. nicely done.

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      This is excellent, really great job.

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      didnt know what sub im on, that freaked me out! Looks great!

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      r/jailbreak can we pulll this off

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      Would there be a way to have a wallpaper out of this? I know it wouldn't have the depth illusion but even just as a flat image it may look cool.

      EDIT: It does seem possible actually. Check this out

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      How about an animated version?

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      Pretty cool, but I can imagine your battery won't last very long with a constant 3d render in the background.

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      This is one of the few really jaw dropping blender creations i have seen. This looks awesome!!

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      But where do they go? WHERE DO THE NOTIFICATIONS GO!?

      [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 2 points3 points  (0 children)

      never quite figured it out.

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      now i want my lock screen to look like the insides of my phone

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      Love it! This would be awesome as a Live Photo for iOS an background image.

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      I would definitely like to have the phone part as a live wallpaper!

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      Pretty sure you will see a scene much like this on tv soon. Then a reddit post saying “Verizon stole my short animation and here’s the proof”.

      [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 16 points17 points  (3 children)

      Be nice if they just ask me to make one instead.

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      Can we get a static version of the background?

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      Would be nice wouldn’t it.

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      That is great. Now do this on iphone x.

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      Alright so I’m a tad high and just browsing and actually got stuck watching this for about 10 minutes. Thank you. It looks really nice

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      A lock screen no phone's battery will ever make possible.

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      Is there any way to do this currently, not with the notifications but the fake depth? Make it look like you could reach through?

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      I want a screensaver like this actually

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      This is really good man. I honestly didn't know that r/blender had the capacity for this amount of upvotes.

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      Oh wow this looks awesome can't wait for this to be a app.

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      I like the addition of the one google plus +1

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      i want to eat

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      Great job on this. What was the render times, sampling and resolution on this? And did you use de-noising?

      [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 2 points3 points  (1 child)

      rendered using sheep-it. 1080x1080, 350 samples.

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      Wow, really well done! Interesting concept.

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      This looks like a lot of Happy pills

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      This could be a home screen saver, tilts as you tilt

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      what episode of black mirror is this

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      The way the light turns red just before the flush is a nice touch.

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      Where is this wallpaper

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      No way this is real, Full bars on Vodaphone Pfft.

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      I wanna eat the notifications.

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        Don't worry. Even without an account they know who you are and what you like.

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        Awesome !

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        This is just amazing. Excellent work!

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        And I thought I was original

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        I build and repair iPhones and iPods, internals could use some work. Other than that this is pretty darn cool.

        [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 5 points6 points  (1 child)

        Yeah modelling the inside was getting really tedious and I didn’t think the payoff was worth it so just tried to get something similar which looked cool but definitely isn’t accurate.

        [–]CARVER-D12 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Looks close enough to me. Thumbs up.

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        Looks fantastic, good work!

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        Damn this is satisfying as phuck

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        Are you using a particle system for the little icons? If you are, how are you making them bounce off and interact with each other? Molecular script?

        [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

        Yeah just molecular add on

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        I wish my phone did that, but with sour skittles.

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        Can we have the video without any text (maybe a credit in small text)? Would make an awesome Live Photo for the X.

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        If we could add our own interactive backgrounds I would be so cool to have this one

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        This.. is this actually a nice wallpaper

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        I love the idea of having a wallpaper of the insides of your phone

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        Wow, really great!

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        Please tell me I can make this an animated wallpaper?

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        Hi where can I find it with better quality and sound

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        Is this a live wall paper or something

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        Scott, you didn't transport them into space, did you?

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        That is god damn cool

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        My dumbass was praying this was actually on a real phone. Ugh it's sooo coooooll

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        Is there a way to get a wallpaper of this?

        [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 3 points4 points  (2 children)

        only static at the moment. https://imgur.com/a/jEped

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        I can hear the "KTUNG" at the end

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        Man, seeing the notifications filling up was actually making me feel overwhelmed, and seeing them get dumped down was really satisfying. Awesome job.

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        that's pretty cool dude! Would make an awesome wallpaper if you could just look about inside your phone like this

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        Ooh we got mr. Popular over here!

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        When this popped up on my feed I read the sub as Grindr, so I was a bit confused for a moment... This is particularly odd, given I work in 3D and am a straight woman.

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        The lighting quality is the thing that impresses me the most. Can you talk a little about that and what color correction (filmic?) you used?

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        Used filmic. Then colour corrected in photoshop and lightroom. Honestly this one was pretty easy to do. Usually i spend a lot more time trying to get the colours right. It makes all the difference.

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        All of this, fodder, just fodder.

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        Great animation!

        How did you create the 'notification count' animation? Seems like a simple thing but it's cool.

        [–]offshootukContest winner: 2017 June[S] 4 points5 points  (0 children)

        Theres an add on which does it for you. https://github.com/leomoon-studios/blender-text-counter

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        It's really cool... Although I would say, the screen on a phone is a flat plane, and shouldn't show any depth as you move around it, more warping.

        That said - I couldn't make this, and I didn't just want to say good job without anything constructive.

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        Mind fucked

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        Wish I was this popular...

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        Very neat.

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        Man, I wish I got that many upvotes