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Servals are effin' awesome!

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Some other cute cat species:

The sand cat of the Sahara and Arabian desert.

The black-footed cat of the Kalahari desert.

Geoffrey's cat of the Pampas grasslands in Argentina.

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Caracals are beautiful too!

For more cuteness you can't go wrong with the manul

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"manul" the Jack Black of cats

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He's just big boned. Give him a break.

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manul seems like the grumpy old lady in some video game that only helps me in my quest because I annoyed her enough.

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why does Geoffrey get his own gd cat?

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Don't forget the kodkod cat

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Geoffrey here. We have our own giraffe as well. We also have a butler. Suck it up, buttercup.

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All 3 of these are smaller than house cats BTW. Servals on the other hand are larger than house cats.

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And Henry's Cat.

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Like in the UK cartoon show? I haven't seen that in ages!

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Geoffrey's cat looks like he doesn't want to be in a picture

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Damn, thought it was an ocelot... I'll take my archer quote and leave then

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No, those are far too smelly to ever be let indoors.

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There are serval reasons to love them!

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I met a bobcat once, and the owner said if I don't bump my head into his, it would kill me.

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Until they pee on everything and eat your other pets.

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They also shouldn't be kept as pets.

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Isnt this a Savannah?

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How my brain works: "Unusual pet rubbing its head on owner? Perfectly normal. But why does she have a poster for Sprite on her bedroom wall?"

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Maybe we're being advertised to

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Cue the /r/hailcorprate reference.

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I didn't even notice the poster, but somehow I needed a sprite right after I initially watched this... You're a genius.

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Trying to get that sponsorship.

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Does anybody know a sprite rep?

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It's the cat's room and he really enjoys being refreshed and having his thirst quenched.

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I met a bobcat once, and the owner said if I don't bump my head into his, it would kill me.

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Maybe she stole it in her hooligan days.

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Given that it's at waist-height, I would wager it's less for art purposes and more likely the name of whatever is in the cage directly below it.

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Just because.

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Viral advertising?

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Yes you! You fox eared asshole!

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He remembers me!

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Does anyone know why animals press there head against you in a show of affection?

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I know for cat species at least, they have glands on parts of their body for putting their scent on you for identification and whatnot

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I feel they also do it out of love but no evidence

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They're marking their territory. Whether it's love or not, you are theirs now.

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I actually tell my cats when they do the, "Yes, I am yours, now."

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Most all cats, including domestic cats have scent glands in their cheeks for marking purposes.

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I believe its to make you immediately recognizable as "safe". So your house will have locations that they've rubbed their face on, and the scent will make them feel safe there.

I believe there is a spray you can buy from the vet, for if your cat is having trouble adjusting to a new home.

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There is, it's called Feliway, but there are conflicting reports as to it's efficacy.

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My vet offered it to me, but I never followed through. Can confirm I remember it being called Feliway.

Edit: This is an odd comment to downvote. The vet thought maybe my cat got a UTI from being too scared to go to the room with the litterbox, i knew that wasnt the case.

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TIL my dog is part cat.

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For cats, they are scent-marking you.

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Because they are generally not “huggers”.

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It’s kind of a farewell. Since they are about to bite your throat and rip out your jugular.

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Fun fact about servals:

Highest jumping cat in the world.

They pounce on their pray with this jump and have a staggering 98% kill rate on the first jump.

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This sounds like a Pokedex entry.

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She looks like she owns more than one of those.

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Get him a cat toy or something, it's like meowschwitz in there.

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I think it's a she.

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My cat head butts like no other, especially my bearded chin, but sometimes he'll bite my neck lightly as if to give me a warning. If this cat did that I'd just shit my pants

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"You fox-eared asshole!"

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Why does Reddit like to keep wild animals as pets?

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Because people like to fantasize having pets like these, and all they know about them is what they see in these 2-second snippits where they actually behave like a normal pet.

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Looks like an F1 male Savannah cat, they are a domestic breed and the males can weigh up to 40lbs. To be fair though, it is 75% serval.

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They must love Sprite

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Came here to find this. That's all I could think while watching this

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What type of cat is it?

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The Serval

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Could also be a Savannah, which is pretty much just a serval bred with a domestic.

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I bet that apartment smells like the Ninth Ring of Hell.

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Can you imagine the size of the litter box?

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You mean the kitchen?

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it's a pretty hard hit really

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Servals may be misshapen compared to most cats, but that scent-marking is still cat behaviour.

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If you're legitimately thinking about getting a serval or other 'exotic' cat, please do your research and see why they aren't pets.

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Good kitty

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My dog headbutts me like this when I come home and as we are settling down to sleep each night.

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I want one of these sooooo bad

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Trust me, you don't. They are wild animals and seeing them in 2 second long GIFs doesn't show how much of a chore it is to care for them and deal with their wild instincts they still have (ex: pissing on everything).

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Yeah would never be able to afford one anyway haha. To buy one or the maintenance I'm sure they require. Still beautiful animals and I can dream right?

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Yeah, it can be fun to think about, but the animal is very likely not going to be as well off as it would be if it was in the wild. Oftentimes the breeders you'd buy from are in it for the money first and for the welfare of the animal second. Even if I could take care of it, I wouldn't want to support illegal breeding.

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I like how stretches upward like a giraffe.

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That lady has a HUGE pussy.

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Thank you for not disappointing me - I was so waiting for this 😂

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Nice Sprite poster lady

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For you

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A cat the size of a dog! What an awesome kitty.

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Looks like a cheetah and antelope mixed with just a little giraffe.

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Can I has one pls?

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Holy shit! You guys! Look at his little spots! Look at his tufted ears!

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What a weird looking greyhound

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Urban Dictionary says it's a gay man who feels superior to others based on their race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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Well yeah, thousands of years of use don’t discourage us. I think the difference is that a chemical process occurs in bees, also it doesn’t come out of their asshole.

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Pam needs a hair cut.

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ugh, such a beautiful cat.

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Joseph begat Moses, Moses begat Pedro, Pedro begat Juan, Juan begat Steve, Steve begat Mary...

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Cat you make coffee with its shit?

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Are you guessing or have you tried?

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That was the Civet. Fun fact- if what I've read is true, the digestion didn't cause the flavor. The only reason that people think Civet coffee tasted better was because civets would only eat the beans that were at the right stage (ie, ripe, not rotten or fermenting).

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Doesn’t that suck though? At least with truffle pigs they can get to the truffles before the pig eats them.

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Not that I would ever try civet coffee, but for some reason honey seems okay.

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Refering to how bees make honey?