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Love bump!

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Someone fused Bambi and a cat together, and it's even more adorable.

Spotted Deercats are the new designer pet for 2018

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So hot.

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Can you put that with my order for a house hippo, and a petite lap giraffe? plznthx

Is that what it is. Not a cat guy but this cat is awesome.

Maybe its a serval. So many look so similar so im not sure

Yeah I was thinking it was a Serval too...Always wanted one. I had a savannah, which is a mix between a serval and a domestic cat & she was sweet as ever

Just looked it up, they go for around $15-20k to get a serval kitten as a pet.

Oh shit. I can get trucks and guns for that.

Pretty sure you are correct - upvote for you.



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Lana, he remembers me!

you fox eared asshole!

It does look like a deer. That's what my wife said anyways when I showed her. Before I even knew... thinking (She probably already read the comments, methinks.) That bond looks strong. True love bump. Not to bluff bump.

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I don't remember if it was a Savannah or a serval, but there was a story of a lady that lost her cat for a matter of days. This man was outside doing whatever and spotted a large cat by his pool, this scared the man. He was going to call the police but the cat saw him, ran over and started rubbing up on his legs and he realized that it must be someone's pet. Lady and cat were reunited.

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It was a savannah cat, there was a short documentary on it.

Thank you for the background story. Even more precious.

: )

It's called "bunting."

Thanks for that. I can now tell my Dane we're bunting. She'll be so impressed I learned something animal.

Major brownie points incoming! Mention it in front of her grandmother and the family will love you!


Cat says: “Call it whatever the fuck you want, I don’t care.”

Lemmie try it out:


Nothing, I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in you Reddit!

as a consolation prize /r/rearpussy

I call these head bunkies actually

Awwww! This is absolutely a sign of absolute love, acceptance and affection. That must hurt though! My kitten does this and she's tiny but you certainly feel it.


I'm convinced that cat is in the wrong aspect ratio.

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The woman thought she looked fat in the video, so she stretched the whole thing vertically? I believe it.

Edit: Is it not obvious that this is a joke?


Ouch the down votes. Clearly I should have added the winky face. Cuz it was a joke.

I didn't think it was a good joke but I hate seeing downvoting like that.

Fair enough! Good thing I don't take this up/down voting seriously... at all! Lol!


“Lana.... Lana.... Lana!!!.... What?!..... He remembers me!!”

" least get him a stuffed animal....something. It's like Meowschwitz in there."


You Fox-eared Asshole!

23 points · 6 months ago

More like buyer's remorse...


He's crepuscular!

Danger Zone!

My cat does that. My cat is not half Bambi though.

Same, she's straight headbutt my wife before and made an audible "Thump!". Little too much love lol

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That's how mine wakes me up in the morning. No snooze button on a cat.

Nothing says love quite like a concussion.

Donkey Punching is so romantic.


African serval

Full serval.


I love it! I have a fat, grumpy siamese that insists on head butting with all possible force. Also he likes slamming his shoulders to the ground in an attempt to roll and get you to pet him. No joke, you can hear the thud on hardwood from across the room.

Our Maine coon flops too! Its so loud and it knocks a chirp/purr out of him, but it's how he demands pets. Such weird animals we have.

lol. Just recently - in the midst of a tremendous back scratching - he starts licking the floor out of the side of his mouth. Only started recently, derpy as anything! Must be a good place to scratch!

My girl will lick anything in front of her face when you hit the scratch spot on her back. Lots of cats have this, it's super adorable.


Interesting- my Siamese does the same thing, and I had chalked it up to her probably having a mental disability or being as dumb as a bag of rocks (she is). Wonder if it’s particular to the breed!

Our Siameses smash their little coconuts into things often. It's very loud. I'm surprised they don't have brain damage.

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That's one tall cat.

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Why would this be downvoted? That’s the tallest house cat I’ve ever seen! He’s beautiful!!

That is no housecat.

It’s def a cat I want in my house! Haha

It’s a serval. They have much longer limbs than other cats (though still feline in behaviour)

Knew what it was, WANT ONE... “bots” seems to be likely. Thanks!

Tall cat parade! Tall cat parade! Tall cat parade!


That's an atomic head bonk.

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Brought to you by Sprite.

That's all I could focus on.. it is refreshing and crisp I suppose.

Pam, from the office, got a cat!

Don't own big cats as pets. They aren't domesticated, they are tame. Huge difference. Don't. Own. Big cats. As. Pets.

I'm a vet. Listen to this person and stop downvoting them. Keeping these as pets is a bad idea.

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Servals are not big cats.

Also, domestication is NOT an acceptable criteria for what makes a good pet, because by that logic, most commonly accepted pets (like budgies, finches, gerbils, dwarf hamsters, and almost every common aquarium fish) are terrible pets. None of these are domesticated either, just tame.

And you can have domesticated animals that are not tame, just as you can have tame animals that are not domesticated. Domestication is something entirely separate from taming, rather than being “one step further ahead” as people seem to think.

It’s practicality that makes an animal a suitable pet or not, and while that does completely exclude big cats (and any primate species, bats, and large herbivorous mammals) from the “good pet” list, small cats are IMHO borderline. Not THAT practical as pets (for reasons other than domestication), but a serval might be excusable.


Servals aren’t big cats, and they’re pretty tame.

Im also a vet like /u/cloud_watcher/s and I disagree. Many other species aren't domesticated and make great pets. It's also ok to begin the domestication process for animals.

Like which animals?

Leopard geckos, budgies, fish (excluding goldfish and koi), finches (excluding canaries and Bengalese finches), chinchillas, gerbils, bearded dragons...

budgies, finches, gerbils, dwarf hamsters, and almost every common aquarium fish)

Taking the list from /u/Iamnotburgerking because too lazy to google on my own, and the football game is starting

But that’s a type of domestic cat that has a larger build.

Comment deleted6 months ago

Most dogs are larger than servals.

Comment deleted6 months ago
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I’m sure it’s not always the case, but if I have a Serval, you best believe I’m gona show that mother fucker off every chance I get. Walks, car rides, straight up fur coats and diamond studded leash just strutting around in public.

I see what the cat did there, rub scent gland on human, human owned by cat. It's the law.

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It is known.

fox-eared asshole

My Saint Bernard does this!! No one told him he's big and he likes to show his love by giving us a little brain damage.

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Wut is dis


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Are they just big housecats or are they small big cats?edit: I think the word I was looking for was wildcat

17 points · 6 months ago


Instead of size, domesticated is more useful. There are smaller wild cats that were never domesticated, like the Jungle cat. Servals along with all medium sized cats, Lynx, Caracals etc, have never been domesticated either.

Cats in general weren't domesticated though. Not on purpose and not by people.

Under a certain set of variables most animals can be companions to humans. Just look at the hyenas in Harar!

Cats were self-domesticated. They weren’t selectively bred until they became domesticated. They haven’t had their wild behaviours removed.

Cats domesticated us.

We just kinda found eachother useful and appreciate the affection too.

"What the fuck, you let that thing sleep in your house?"

"It eats our meat scraps and keeps the place rat free!"

"....oh shit, I could use one of those then."

can be companions to humans.

can be companions to other species.

Neither. They are small wild cats.

Comment deleted6 months ago

“Big cat” refers either to

  • the Panthera genus

  • Panthera with the exception of snow leopards (because they can’t roar, even though they are the closest cousins of tigers)

  • Panthera plus its sister genus Neofelis

  • Panthera, Neofelis, and two small cats that get huge (puma and cheetah)

Servals aren’t considered big cats under any definition.

Comment deleted6 months ago

It's ok I asked the question weird and you gave me an acceptable answer.

My friend told me a story years ago about working in a 24-hour convenience store and having a drunk guy come in with a cheetah on a rope. I'm pretty sure it was actually one of these. Kind of ruins the story.

This is called bunting.

Is that Babou?

I want a Savannah so bad but they're so expensive.

sabaru Chen!

Wjat race is that cat?



Thank you


It's like the spine is built for shock absorption specially for the purpose of head butting.

This face feels so tender!

She's on her last legs purrr

When my little sister was really young, she didn't known what kissing was so she'd show affection by bonking her head against my dad's head

New species: head bumpasaurus 30 percent deer 30 percent cat 30 percent leopard 30 percent math prodigy

How come she has a huge kitten that looks really dangerous, but her arms seem fine, and meanwhile everyone I know look like they've passed through a wood chipper two days after adopting a kitten?

Most people don't know how to care for cats, honestly.

I think I've been scratched about five times in two years years and all of them were my fault.

Might be in my head, but the cat I adopted as an adult seems to AVOID scratching me. Like he knows. I remember getting tore up as a young kid though.

Cats can how to not scratch you. They can have accidents, usually when scared, and they can get mad and scratch you, but regular cat scratches shouldn't be happening unless your cat is clumsy/never learned or a jerk.

my cat is a jerk.

1 point · 6 months ago

My cat is a jerk. He’ll nudge my hand with his nose for pets, then when I pet him in a nice, gentle way, he’ll turn around and scratch/bite my arm. I had him since he was a kitten and he’s always done that. It puzzles me because we never abused him or have him any reason to be aggressive. We joke that they must have drugged him at the shelter, because he was so sweet when we picked him out!

Because servals are rodent and bird specialists.

I like seeing these cats on here but I hate seeing them treated like pets.

Is that an ocelot?

longe cate

Can anyone from r/Warframe tell me what breed of Kavat this is and where I can get one?

what breed of cat is that

Is that an Ocelot? ITS BABOO

That cat is so pretty and graceful holy shit

I have mixed emotions when cats do this. It’s cute, but, at the same time, annoying.

My tiny tuxedo bonks me and can knock me off balance. This one is 4 levels up

Comment deleted6 months ago

Servals are dangerous predators not pets. Just because something is beautiful and even cute at times doesn't mean you should keep it in your home as a pet. These guys belong in the wild. We as humans should do everything possible to protect Keystone species like servals to make sure their wild home stays that way.

4 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Servals are not dangerous to adult humans (though dangerous to small children). They don’t hunt anything larger than themselves.

Also by your logic budgies should not be pets. Budgies are no more domesticated than a serval is.

Finally, servals are not threatened by the pet trade (all in the trade known are born in captivity and there haven’t been cases of them being trafficked in from Africa). In fact they are not threatened at all.

There are an abundance of issues with owning servals. Servals cannot be held in shelters, they are big, expensive, and very mean to strangers because they them as a threat to themselves and their territory. Unwanted servals will simply be euthanized. If a serval got loose, it could kill a small child. Servals also need raw meat and an extremely large amount of exercise. The only way someone could provide those is if they owned a large plot of land to let the serval roam, or had the time to walk the serval for over an hour a day. The cost of food for a proper serval diet would require a significant amount of disposable income, so typically owners would have to have money but also a lot of free time and those usually don’t come hand in hand. This animal is not like a housecat which you can leave at home for an entire weekend and it will be okay. They’re destructive. They WILL mark their territory so everything you own will get peed on. They usually can only have one owner or they will be too aggressive. They are also extremely heavy (40-50lbs) and will knock over furniture and climb on everything. Declawing servals can make them more aggressive. They will eat everything. Most of the time they do not take to litter boxes.

All in all, owning these things is a terrible idea and wild animals shouldn’t be brought into the home just because they look “cool”.

Unwanted servals will simply be euthanized.

That’s a problem with pet ownership in general, not just servals.

If a serval got loose, it could kill a small child.

So could a dog (and don’t tell me dogs are safe because they’re domesticated: even taking the number of dogs and servals into account, the former species is a lot more likely to injure or kill someone)

Also, if child small enough to be killed by a serval is in contact with any animal without adequate supervision, that’s a problem in itself.

an extremely large amount of exercise. The only way someone could provide those is if they owned a large plot of land to let the serval roam, or had the time to walk the serval for over an hour a day

Source? Servals aren’t migratory animals or animals that routinely travel long distances.

The cost of food for a proper serval diet would require a significant amount of disposable income

Fair point.

This animal is not like a housecat which you can leave at home for an entire weekend and it will be okay.

Plenty of animals (that people see no issue with keeping as pets) do even worse when left alone for that length of time. (See: basically any type of commonly accepted pet bird)

They are also extremely heavy (40-50lbs)

Servals weigh 30 pounds at most. Granted that’s still much larger than a house cat.

They WILL mark their territory so everything you own will get peed on

Fair point.

will knock over furniture and climb on everything.

House cats already do that.

Declawing servals can make them more aggressive.

Declawing any sort of cat is inhumane to start with, so why is this even a factor?

I’m not going to waste my time trying to convince someone (who clearly just wants to be “right”) on why keeping a wild animal in inhumane.

-8 points · 6 months ago(15 children)

Dogs were, servals are. These are really domesticated and get pretty wild when they get older. Somebody used to bring one in to our vet clinic for a while until she had to get rid of it when it attacked the mail man.

Sounds like that owner wasn't caring for her animal properly. It's also worth noting that dogs have been known to attack mailmen.

These are wild, not domesticated animals. You can raise one perfectly from a baby, that does not make it domesticated. People don't have any business having them. It's a recipe for disaster.

5 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

It's worth looking up the Russian foxes program to see how domestication is strongly tied to genetics.

The program basically bred and separated more wild vs more docile foxes. Lo and behold after several generations of selection, the more docile foxes started to exhibit traits found in domesticated animals. Mainly neonatal traits, ie traits of children that persist into adulthood.

Upbringing has a definite bearing but it won't completely override instinct. That takes a lot of time, even with intentional, controlled breeding to root out the aggressive instincts.

Domestication is not an acceptable criteria for suitability as a pet.

By your logic keeping any sort of pet fish besides goldfish, or a budgie, is a recipe for disaster. Same with gerbils. None of these are any more domesticated than a serval is.

Also, domesticated animals still attack people.

7 more replies

Domestication doesn't happen in a few generations, domesticated house cats and dogs have become that way over thousands of years, and even still some cats and dogs can be and are very aggressive. So to take a current wild cat of all things, and have it live with you even if bred in captivity it doesn't remove the wild nature within them.

People still regularly die to dogs. They're just too ingrained in our culture to consider regulating them more severely.

Part of the issue is lifestyle of the animal. A cat is an ambush predator that prefers to hide. So an upset cat generally does as much damage as it needs to do to get away and no more.

Dogs on the other hand are pack hunters that chase down prey and persist until it is dead.

It also helps cats that most of them are too small to pose a serious threat to an adult, whereas some dogs can overpower a grown man.

2 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Why is this ignored? It's a valid point. Domestic =/= tame or safe.

If you're more interested in the personality than size/look then f5 savannahs and below are fine. Both my f7 do this, they'll also lie on you and nuzzle your neck. One of them is basically my shadow whilst the other is more independent. The bigger one also likes to open drawers and get cutlery out and drop it on the floor when she's hungry!

Comment deleted6 months ago
1 point · 6 months ago


I heard you're welcome to come to the US. They are legal here. Lol

Pam needs a hair cut.

I think your cat is part gazelle

Is that ocelot piss I smell?


It never gets old!! 😍

Comment deleted6 months ago

People who own leopard geckos, budgies, fish and gerbils are definitely stupid. /s

0 points · 6 months ago

Servals are creatures with plenty of love to share.

I'm friends w a woman who breeds servals, they're so sweet and snugly! I want one but even w the discount she'd offer me is too much money :( plus they'd need a special diet but man, gorgeous cats

beautiful - I wish you two well

A perfectly executed coco butt.

That's not a love bump, that's a face mooche!

That Sprite banner.

That's not a bump, that's a doof.

Upvote for her awesome curls!

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