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4 girls take on a rat that has invaded their house

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2.2k points·1 month ago

From the rats perspective, no, no, no, yes, no

461 points·1 month ago

no, no, no, YES, noouuuuucch

Wilhelm scream

This needs to be edited into the gif. It would be hilarious.

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Once it’s been heard, it can not be unheard.

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Team rocket's blasting off agaaaaiii*

She shoots she scores!!!!!

Poor rat, that was like a 18 hit combo.

They did better job than one boy and cat. Reminds me if this

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1.0k points·1 month ago

I like how the rat was like “I’ll take my luck with the brooms and mops and stairs... I ain’t going back out there”

Then got slapshotted

Yeah, that rat had no idea Sydney Crosby was waiting down at the bottom of the steps.

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The unexpected slapshot at the bottom of the stairs was the best

I was like where's the fourth girl, then boom, right out the door

Am I missing something? There seems to be only 3 people here

bathroom, 2 in the hall, and the 4th is attached to the broom at the end

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Someone had to be filming it

Rats you're right

Toilet, mop, broom, camera

25 points·1 month ago

Toilet, mop, camera, broom FTFY

Toilet, mop, camera, BOOM. FTFY

Oh shit i thought the rat just jumped on its own but that was a broom knocking it out of the park!

3 at the top of the stairs and one around the corner at the bottom of the stairs swatting the rat out with a broom or whatever it was.

One in the washroom, one on top of the stairs, one at the bottom of the stairs and one behind the camera

Who do you think is filming this? Cameron fucking Crowe?

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IIRC, "fourth girl" is a dude.

12 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Thank God for this knowledge the video wouldn't of made any sense otherwise. /S

Edit. Didn't know capital S meant serious. Hahaha

God forbid people be accurate.

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That sarcasm indicator is only necessary sometimes

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Classic one-timer.

Coach always says to get in front of the net!

Stick. Errrrrr broom on the ice!

Keeper never saw it coming

4 points·1 month ago

Gryffindor wins!

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Clap rats, ponytails under hats, fuckin wheel snipe and celly girls fuck

Is this like a rap song for millennials?

It's copypasta from r/hockey regarding up-and-coming star Patrick Laine:

Yeah, fuck off buddy we absolutely need more Laine clips. Fuckin every time this kid steps on the ice someone scores. kids fuckin dirt nasty man. Does fuckin ovi have 12 goals this season I dont fuckin think so bud. I'm fuckin tellin ya Patrik "golden flow" Laine is pottin 50 in '17 fuckin callin it right now. Clap bombs, fuck moms, wheel, snipe, and fuckin celly boys fuck

The rat was headed straight into the house, too.

The person at the bottom is a dude

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Found the field hockey player

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Better offense than the Anaheim Ducks :(

Those girls are the sharks then..


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I think their bigger problem was defense

Bathroom girl over to the hallway girl, hallway girl 2 gets her mop in there and dumps it down the stairs, Broom girl gets the bounce and with the one timer......goal!!!!!! Girls up 1 over the rat!

The above comment is so underrated

Broom girl with a bomb out the door with the OT winner

Must be the lacrosse team

Nah more like Field Hockey

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A lot better than the guy and his cat

Oh my God I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long time

I laughed until I drooled. At the end, when he closes the door on the cat.... I’m wheezing, omg

But the cat was like fuck that and fought his way through the door hahaa

Same here. It was fabulous

That was some cartoon shit

The cat with the little Scooby Doo run when it's trying to get out the door.

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Wow that was incredible! You could tell from his early body language that he was not at all comfortable poking that rat with a stick. And then his terror also terrified the cat and now suddenly there is an orange cat flying through the air and literally climbing walls!

Haha I'm imagining trying to convince my cat to hunt actual prey with me screaming and flailing in a tiny, low-grip room. Awesome.

I started laughing before I even clicked the link because I already guessed what it is but shit's still funny

the cat getting stuck in the door with his back legs still running is the best part

Fucking lag

That cat was hilarious!

Lemme help you with this mouse problem... HOLY SHIT NO, FUCKING RAT IT'S HUGE! OPEN THE DOOR, OPEN THE DOOR!! LET'S GET OUT OF HERE! [gets squished by the door] ARGH, OPEN IT, OPEN IT!

I love this video. The high pitched panicked screaming always gets me.

.. How can people be this scared of a rat?? Lol!


You've clearly not watched 2 fast 2 furious...

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Jerry wins!

F L A W L E S S     V I C T O R Y

A good laugh is all I need this morning, thanks!

Jesus Christ, I'm crying with laughter, thanks for that!!

holy fuck im dying

That is how you execute good humor

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Def better with sound. The shrieks are right where I imagined them.

That sound when the rat bounces down the stairs

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Better with sound!

If you like screaming

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He'll be back in about 10 minutes.

It's actually 3 girls and a guy. When this was first posted they couldn't believe it went viral and did a little ama in the comments

I'd love to see the original post if you can dig it up

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This was awesome! I usually kill the rat with a golfstick but this made me realize how fucking barbaric it is when you can simply drive them out with much less effort.

Except your rat won't come back.


And won't breed other rats.

It's about sending a message.

Everything burns!

Or cook ratatouille

Yeah but IF his rat comes back, he’s in a hell of a lot more trouble.


You guys don’t have angry zombie rats?

Golf stick?

Golf stick.

Ohhhhh, you mean club!

ummm it's called a golf cue

Golfball bat?

No, it's definitely a golf mallet.

It's called a golf lance... hello!?

That's the one you use near the hole in the fuzzy green floor.

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158 points·1 month ago


Please stop using your spouse/sibling/child/roommate's golf clubs for this and use something cheaper like a broom.

61 points·1 month ago

but how am I going to improve my drive?!?

Focus, Jerry!

Square your shoulders, take a deep breath!

whispers I love you

4 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

"What the fuck is going on?"

Weird seeing references to Rick and Morty.

I thought reddit decided to hate that show.

There’s people who like rick and morty so much that it’s annoying. And there’s people who hate rick and morty fans so much it’s annoying. I try to be neither.

Havent watched it in a while. I think it's funny though. I believe there was a misrepresentation of how much people love or hate Rick and Morty to maximize meme potential. Like damn it's not crack, you can just like it.

Now watch this drive.

It's all in the hips

rip Chubs

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You mean a dirt brush?

Clean stick

They can use my 3 iron cause I can't use mine for anything productive.

I feel that pain. Also can't use a 3 hybrid, so it's either lay up or half swing a wood. It doesn't matter which one I choose, I'm skulling the iron or shanking the wood and taking a walk through the trees either way.

It's like the hybrid manufacturers are mocking me. "Easier to strike clean!" "Larger sweet spot!" "More forgiving!"

5 hybrid is my 2nd shot on a bad drive off a par 5 every time. I've come to terms with it. It is a great club, I want to say my loft is on the lower end iirc.

Many years ago I was renovating a home with a dirt basement. I came into the gutted kitchen one day, the room we were currently working on, and saw a rat climbing out of the cat food bag as it scurried into the basement through a crack in the exposed subflooring, I assume its point of ingress. I simply replaced the cat food with rat poison, careful to keep the cat away, and replenished the supply until it didn't diminish. Then I knew I'd killed that rat and any others who might be feeding in my kitchen. I also kept the cat food high up in a cupboard from then on.

I did that too but it was my wife's pizza, not cat food. So anyway, yeah. Worked out ok. I do kind of miss her sometimes, to tell the truth.

But now you've got the whole pizza for yourself.

My concern with rat poison would be one (or several) dying in a heating vent or something.

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Comment deleted1 month ago

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But surely you can't use four people all by yourself, so golf club it is.

Night vision goggles, a pellet gun, and a shit load of patience

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Got "Noped".


Now the rat will multiply 10 fold if it hasn't already and they can do this everyday. Probably like a dozen baby rats in the closet.

From someone with pet rats, this is the truth. Did you know it takes rats less than a second to mate? They are baby machines!

Less than a second pffft rookie numbers

They could have just get a cat.

Not allowed in student housing.. this was at a local school in Pittsburgh

But then the rat isn't allowed either D:

Someone should tell the rat.

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Spend a few minutes shooing a rat out the door or take care of a cat for 20 years. Hmm...

Then you get a coyote.

Then what do you do about the coyote?

Gain its trust, mate with its women. Soon you will learn to coexist in peace.

Get a wolf, obviously.

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Outcomes for my cat:

12% kill it.

28% look at it and ignore it.

60% run away from it full speed.

My cat doesn't cat really well

But how much of pure concentrated power of will?

What ever happened to fort minor?

I think the right question is, "Fort Minor, where'd you go?"

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Not sure that would have worked out as good

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19 points·1 month ago

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip?

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Awesome teamwork!

I would not be doing this without shoes on

The last girl should play hockey

That one timer at the foot of the stairs would have made Crosby proud.

Nah it wasn't out of mid air

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The original snapshat story would be so funny

I feel bad for the rat :(

If the fall makes you worry for it, rats can actually fall from up to 50 feet and be relatively unscathed. They are truly very durable animals, and fucking hard to get rid of it.

Psalms are sweaty

My Leviticus is itchy.

This guy drops rats

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A few moments of terror and confusion and he gets to live another day.

You must also work at ASDA.

He probably just ran back into the house the same way he got in before.

2 points·1 month ago

"I'm totally in to you babe, wanna invite me in for a minute?"

They convey diseases so don't feel bad

So do people.

If that video was of four girls kicking a human trespasser out of their home in the same style I would enjoy the video very much.

That is pretty much the plot of Home Alone except it was 1 boy.

2 guys 1 boy

I also don't feel bad when people are shoo'd out of my house.

People don’t sneak into your pantry and eat snacks when they’re not supposed to. I’m looking at you Steve.

People also don’t poop and pee all over your kitchen. It’s the urine that carries disease.

They don't mean to :(

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I've got pet rats and I can assure you that the worst thing to happen to this rat was it was shit scared but it will not be at all injured

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I could hear their screams!

The fourth girl is taking video

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Nice one-timer at the end

Great pass too. Right in her wheel house.

Didn’t count the girls and thought the rat exploded at the bottom of the stairs

Looks like the islanders just found their starting line up!

He will be back, be ready

Think it was carlow

Well done ladies!

"United we stand"

Where’s the 4th girl?

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And everyone told Jessica that sticking with field hockey was a dead-end

These filthy rodents are still coming for your souls. Never to let go. Never to let go.

I have one of these and it takes out about 3-4 of these critters a month. no need to stand on a chair to do it too. Just wake up a couple of times a night and empty the trap.

The good ol pit pat get rid of the rat

Note to self : Don't invite rats to next rave , bastards want to establish residency

Sniped and celly’d that furry bastard right out the door

Wow, those little guys are resilient. Rat wasn’t even phased!

u/Plague is not amused.

I was terrified more of her standing on the toilet. Toilets aren't meant to take a lot of pressure at that angle, and can break... And porcelain breaks jagged as fuck.

I learned about it on a Reddit post a long time ago where in foreigners used to squatting try to do so on toilets and end up breaking them and in the hospital.

That one timer though.

2 points·1 month ago·edited 1 month ago

Full on Rube Goldberg approach, cool.

Unfortunately, if the rat has actually established itself in the house it'll come right back in. You have to take rats and mice a surprising distance (several km) from a house to prevent them from returning.

I wound up reading about rat and mouse navigate and return to pint of origin in grad school for a winter mouse tracking project I worked on.

Plot twist... they bought that pet from Petco

Could someone x-post to r/Flyers

The Rube Goldberg for pest removal

Goooooaaaaaaallll!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Caps advance to the next round!!!

The last Sweeper is a hero

The Toronto Maple Leafs should draft the girl at the bottom of the stairs.

hell of a one-timer

Anybody else feel this is kinda fucked up?

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