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Awww he's so cute, shame about his 100 brothers and sisters tho :(

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Don't worry, they're in a better place now.

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Fuck that is so cute

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I'd buy a TV from this dog.

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Abel turns me into a babbeling mess. My god that is a cute dog!

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....to melt hearts :)

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Where's Cain?

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Came here to say this

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He's so cute!

I was just curious if you are knowledgeable about dalmatians? When the movies came out, there were thousands of dalmatian puppies sent to the pound because they absolutely did not act the way they were in the movies.

Most dalmatians do not like kids. However, if your kids are taught to be respectful of the dog (no grabbing, pinching, falling on, pulling on) then the dog will be fine.

Most dalmatians have very poor impulse control. This could include growling, nipping, eating things they aren't supposed to. This can also include playing fetch for hours and hours and is a great "kid sport". Teach kids to not take the ball from the dogs mouth, and teach the dog the ball is dropped before it gets thrown.

Dalmatians are easy-ish to train. They are not very smart dogs, but they will get basic commands and will love all of their owners equally. They take the pack mentality very seriously.

Dalmatians are extremely high energy. Daily runs and bike rides or ball throwing sessions are a must.

Dalmatians are great. Every single person you meet will ask (or not ask) to pet them, so train socially as soon as possible!

I had one when I was a kid, and my neighbor had three.

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So glad I’m not the only one thinking this!! This is great info. They’re very cute but not the best family dogs.

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Am I my doggo's keeper?

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I rescued a wonderful black Chow-Chow named Abel. He was the best dog (I say this about all of them). R.I.P. 1997-2012 I wish you and your Abel many healthy, wonderful years together.

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Does he have an insta? This is prob the cutest Dalmatian pup I’ve ever seen and I want to follow if you have one!

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One cute beast

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Oh. My. Goodness.

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I love him

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He’s gorgeous!!

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He is ABEL to melt my heart

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Where is Cain?

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Oi don't go stealing my name

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Canine Abel

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I love him 😍🤗

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But where is his stone coffin?? And the shadow blades?