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The world's most popular sport, folks...

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158 points · 28 days ago

I love how the fans seriously look like they believe what just happen

451 points · 28 days ago

When a player gets 'injured' they should automatically be removed from the game for their health and safety. We wouldn't want an injury to become aggravated by them continuing to play. After a full physical exam, including a MRI, they can play in the next game.

Maybe if there was real consequences for this play acting bullshit players would not do it so much.

They have already started putting in punishments for diving now and retroactive punishments to dissuade against it. VAR is also helping cut down against it.

that being said, some players do go down very easily but those metal studs can really do some damage to your feet/legs so following over can be a bit natural.

What's VAR?

Video assistant referee


Vicious attack rabbits

Good god, soccer has gotten more dangerous than I thought.

You're less likely to fake it if you get attacked by a rabbit when you get caught.

Volt-Amp Reactive.

Sitting in an electrical apprenticeship class... that was great

2 points · 27 days ago


120 points · 28 days ago

Nah, just allow for replays and give players who fake it a red card.

31 points · 28 days ago

But but but I need more time for commercials while the officials figure out what happened...

Plus, I’ll have to find another sport to call the players a bunch of pussies

Soccer is the best about commercials though. I don’t soccer but it does commercials better than any other sport

Why don't they allow the refs to look at replays?

Calling another player for injuring you? I don't watch football but sit them out for the next play, and have someone review the footage.

I guess I could see someone arguing that you can't tell if it's legitimate 100% of the time but...come on.

18 points · 28 days ago

Each of them is clearly about to pass on(so sad), it is a tragedy but we must put the pair of them out of their misery, it is only humane.
If it is proved they are faking, then we just have to put them out of our misery.

2 points · 27 days ago

If the medical staff comes out on the field, they do have to walk off and either play with 10 men until the ref allows him back on or substitute him out. Otherwise the game keeps going if there's no actual foul. In this case there were 2 fouls so the game stops anyway. They also went to VAR to review it so it wouldn't change anything in this case

it's part of the fucking game at this point and it's absurd.

at the same time if having a small injury got you taken out then the other team would try to hurt you so you would be out till maybe the end even if you wanted to play

Lol geat real

Don't just take them out of the game. Make the rules state that every time they're taken out of the game because they've been "hurt" like this, they don't get paid for it. Seems fair.

And thus was born the Olympic sport of synchronized diving

Don’t these idiots know there are cameras all over?

111 points · 28 days ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe in football, everything is judged on what the ref sees. There are no 'lets go back to the tape' for ANY calls.

you're right, though maybe they recently allowed the use of replays for contested goals and other exceptional stuff, but i don't follow football so idk really

You are correct, they introduced the video replays for certain situations in some leagues and competitions.

You're right, but more leagues are starting to use VAR (Video Assistant Referee) MLS being one of them, Zlatan Ibrahimović (the big dude) actually got a red card after this incident because the ref used VAR.

So it's not implemented in all football leagues, but a lot of them have gotten it this year, I think the WC will use them, and next year more leagues will have them.

5 points · 27 days ago

Did he get booked for hitting the other player, or for the flop?

I believe it would be for hitting the player, if he had just dived and not hit him I think it would be a yellow

4 points · 28 days ago · edited 27 days ago

I happened to be watching this game live. The ref reviewed the video evidence, and the guy who did the hit got a red card, and the other guy got a yellow.

It was an MLS game between the Montreal Impact and the LA Galaxy. The guy who did the hitting is Zlatan Ibrahimović. It's always funny to see a superstar rolling around in fake agony. I would watch a lot more soccer if the players didn't behave like little girls.

why did the other guy get yellow?

I forget. It might have been embellishment.

That's dumb.

Well he is wrong because the player from Montreal in blue got a yellow card for spiking Zlatans foot and Zlatan (tall) got ejected for hitting him.

This is all based on video review. Hence the ref drawing a TV with his fingers **

**Edit: nvm clip is cropped from earlier post., point still stands though

Yes. But they also have reputations to maintain.

You're wrong

In the game, until recently you are right but video replays are being bought into the game now. Also, hitting someone in the back of the head could easily result in punishment after the fact in the form of fines and suspensions though.

111 points · 28 days ago

I believe r/soccer already exists.

-5 points · 27 days ago(More than 9 children)

I'm sure he means r/soccer . Soccer, you know, the sport full of fake bitch ass pro players.

9 points · 27 days ago

They're not fake bitch ass pro players, dude... they're just bitch ass pro players. They're definitely real.

-10 points · 27 days ago(0 children)

Says the guy who comments about the NBA, lol. Get salty bruh.

-14 points · 27 days ago(0 children)

You call him a loser, yet you went through his post history to insult a random Internet stranger about a hobby they enjoy. Who's the loser again? Probably you.

-12 points · 27 days ago(0 children)
3 points · 28 days ago

Really wish this one was a thing.

2 points · 28 days ago

Good bot

Are you sure about that? Because I am 99.99997% sure that Fuckanator is not a bot.

I am a Neural Network being trained to detect spammers | Summon me with !isbot <username> | ^Optout | Original ^GitHub

Bitch, I might be.

4 points · 28 days ago

Actual good bot

!isbot -SpamFighter-

29 points · 28 days ago

To be fair, getting your toes stepped on by soccer cleats hurts lf.

After watching it again it looks like he steps on the inside of his big toe and looks like you can see it "catch". Possibly a nasty crush/pinch on the side of toe. Probably hurt like hell, but I also think he realized after slapping him off he better dive or it wont go in his favor.

I didn’t even see that. I thought he got slapped for the booty grope.

nah, that's just courtesy

Yeah, a stud right on the centre of your toe or foot is so sore. It's like stepping on Lego for the top of your foot.

6 points · 28 days ago

The ear slap could have actually hurt. I'll give him that.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the guy wearing the red shoes. I actually really like this guy.

Here he's being really cool to a kid

Zlatan being Zlatan

I don't have a problem with soccer but this is exactly why I can't take them seriously. I hate when the game is being interrupted for this BS

17 points · 28 days ago

I don't get why people always say this when the same thing happens in basketball. In both games the players have to dive if they've been fouled and want it to be punished.

3 points · 28 days ago

I wish they would bring in embellishment as a foul.

I can only speak for myself but I can't take basketball or soccer seriously. 90% of the game is them just running back and forth and then they choose to cancel the action with a BS penalty.

Someone hitting the ground in American football is actually a part of the game and can't be exploited as easily, if at all. In most situations the player's best move is to try their hardest, not cancel the play in hopes of getting a penalty. Personally, this makes football more watchable because the play getting cancelled is actually a part of the game.

Also you only have to have a total pensum of like 350 seconds of attention span because that's how long the game takes.

Then that is also bullshit. It doesn't change the fact that it's also a stupid part of football.

The reason I don’t watch this cool sport is that it’s ruined by diving...cheating.

Shits me to tears to see a player writing around on the ground as though his life is ending and 30 seconds later he’s up and about and running around again.

I’m an Australian and I follow AFL religiously but occasionally I’ll watch soccer and I’m pretty sure that Aussie soccer has an ethos of not diving.

Why doesn’t FIFA intro a red card system for diving incidents? It would stop it overnight! A referee would quickly view the incident and tell the on-field red what has happened. Easy!

No more cheating penalties, fouls etc. that just ruin a great game.

What a bunch of shitty people. This is the main reason why I can’t watch this sport. Faking injury to this extent should be a red card offence.

I believe Zlatan did get a red card for this.

Id slap some guy to touching my ass too

3 points · 27 days ago


I just dont like people touching me in general

Zlatan needs to rest for a little while

Theres a guy with a dark blue shirt and glasses just loosing his shit seeing that go down.

I know, it's a "brutal" sport that foofball.

I actually enjoy watching women's soccer, mostly because there's none of this shit.

There's only one person being a cunt in the video. Every sport has its assholes.

According to you, not in women's soccer

You're a moron.

Appropriate response when you've been proven wrong, good for you!

Actually, it's an appropriate response to one who has entirely missed the point.

-2 points · 27 days ago

The WWE of sports

-5 points · 27 days ago(0 children)
-19 points · 28 days ago(10 children)

With pads on incase the babies hurt you.

-13 points · 27 days ago(0 children)

Play rugby then. No pads and the game doesn't stop every 5 seconds

Yeah your most popular sport involves wrapping the players up in an insane amount of padding. Really macho.

On behalf of all other Americans, I apologize for this asshole acting like he’s all macho

Yall get so butt hurt over your little pussy sport makes me laugh!!! Your insults are retarded and so is your hugby, cause a bunch of guys hugging each other shouldnt require pads!

Fellas I believe this is satire

In Merica you make sure not to play anything where other people might beat you, you fragile egoed little bitch

Ahhh u mad bro? Your little baby footie sport embarrassing you? So butt hurt, u need some ointment for your diaper?

OwO what's this

nuzzles bulge

Soccer in NFL for the physicality, MLB for the suspense and anticipation and WWE for the theatrics.

-11 points · 27 days ago(0 children)
Comment deleted28 days ago(0 children)

Yup. Let’s ban zlatan forever. Real good idea pal. Fuck off with that shit

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